Stories and Strategies for Women

Who Feels Unsettled? Want to Feel Better? Tap Into Your Intuition

March 09, 2022 Claudine Wolk Season 2 Episode 49
Stories and Strategies for Women
Who Feels Unsettled? Want to Feel Better? Tap Into Your Intuition
Show Notes

Welcome Your Inner Wisdom

Patricia Walsh Collins, founder and director of Earth School in Point Pleasant, PA, teaches children to welcome their inner wisdom and connect to the earth and to live from the heart.  When she explained her Earth School classes for children aged 7 to 12, the teacher program she offers and the new teen program she created, I was enthralled and declared, "Hey I want to go to a class like that!"

What is Intuition and Why Do I Want It?

In this Stories and Strategies for Women Podcast episode, Patricia shares her knowledge of intuition - what is intuition, where does it lie within us, where can it be found, and how we can heighten our awareness of it.  There is also a WHY component to energy work and that is, WHY should we seek out and practice our connection to intuition?   

Patricia says that intuition is your sixth sense, your instincts.  Why is it important to connect with intuition?  What can it do for us?  Patricia shares that there are many possible benefits to connecting with your intuition.  If we tap into our intuition she instructs, we are more aligned with our own personal truth, we re-establish a spiritual connection with ourselves and the Earth, and we acknowledge our inner wisdom.  Those all are great results, but can those benefits translate to something concrete in the lives of women?

The Benefits of Intuition  

Yes!  In Patricia's experience, connecting with your intuition can lead to increased confidence, a decrease in stress, and an increase in new ideas and creativity. The connection can help you feel motivated to make a change in your life, try something new, or simply feel better about where you are.  Re-connecting with your intuition - heightening your awareness of it and discovering where it can be found takes practice.  As Patricia has taught children to connect at her Earth School, she has agreed to teach women in a one-time workshop how to connect with their intuition.  The workshop is coming up locally on March 20, 2022, and the details are below.   

The Leading from the Heart Workshop will be held in Buckingham, PA on Sunday, March 20th (The Equinox - think: spring & renewal!)  from 2:00 pm to 4:00 at the Buckingham Meeting House. 5684 York Road (routes 202 and 263) Lahaska, Pennsylvania.  Details and registration can be found on her website  Select the "Workshops" tab and then select "Leading from the Heart Workshop" then select: "Click here to Register."   
You can also contact Patricia by shooting her an email at Patricia at

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