Stories and Strategies for Women

Voice Actor - Is This YOUR Career Pivot?

February 23, 2023 Claudine Wolk Season 3 Episode 64
Stories and Strategies for Women
Voice Actor - Is This YOUR Career Pivot?
Show Notes

Join me and voice actor Marissa Lanchak, my voice acting coach from Voice Coaches, chat about how I landed in a voice acting class and how I ended up narrating the audiobook version of my book, It Gets Easier! and Other Lies We Tell New Mothers...  The interview is an excerpt from Voice Coaches Radio Podcast, which Marissa, a very talented voice actor, hosts for Voice Coaches

I took Voice Coaches Introductory Voice Over Workshop online through my local township.  The workshop was $30 and included information about the career of voice acting and the Voice Coaches Class plus an evaluation of my voice to ascertain if voice acting was a possibility for me.  I then took the full course, recorded my demo, and landed the job of narration of my book with Harper Collins. 

Marissa and I chat about marketing - marketing yourself.  She shares her story of how she networked - actual person to person networking -  over years  to land enough jobs to develop her voice acting career.  These marketing tips can be applied to ANY career or business goal.  Plus, Marissa is simply fun to listen to - she has a great voice - yes, I am jealous.

If you are considering voice acting, the voice coaches workshop we chat about can be found at the link and with promo code "WOLK" you will get 50% off the workshop - that's $15 to get information about a possible life-changing career.  Mention "WOLK" as well if you decide, like I did, to take the full course. (Note: I AM an affiliate)

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