Stories and Strategies for Women

"Look For The Helpers" - Kate Brenton vs The Airport

March 21, 2023 Claudine Wolk Season 3 Episode 67
Stories and Strategies for Women
"Look For The Helpers" - Kate Brenton vs The Airport
Show Notes

"We're going to look for the kind people," said author, podcast host, inspirational speaker and coach Kate Brenton to her five-year-old son recently.  On arriving at the airport, Kate realized that their flight home had been closed even though she had checked-in hours before.

Her riveting story is more than a recounting of an annoying airline experience, it's about the human spirit, fellow human beings helping one another, the lessons we teach our kids, and how "looking for the helpful people, the kind people, is as good a piece of advice today as it was when Fred Rogers first proclaimed it on his famous show.

Speaking of looking for the kind people, Kate is one of them. Kate has a new master class that starts March 23rd titled, Sit in Your Center.   It is a practical and magical journey of alignment and empowerment for women.  More about this class can be found at Kate's Website

Use coupon code: "GATHER" for $100 off the Sit in Your Center Class. Deadline 3.23.23.

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