Stories and Strategies for Women

You Need to Release Your Creativity Today

March 30, 2023 Claudine Wolk Season 3 Episode 68
Stories and Strategies for Women
You Need to Release Your Creativity Today
Show Notes

You Need To Release Your Creativity Today


Because if you don’t, your creativity will be lost forever.  The world will lose out on your contribution and YOU will miss out on progress toward self-actualization.

In this episode, part of a series by Claudine on Creativity, she introduces Abraham Maslow - the father of humanistic psychology and the creator the hierarchy of needs - of the concept of self-actualization. Using an excerpt from her audio books an example, Claudine shares why your creativity must be shared and why doing so will bring you to self-actualization and simply more darned healthy and happy.

Claudine's Audio book: It Gets Easier and Other Lies We Tell New Mothers
except from Chapter 13, You Complete Me? about Abraham Maslow and Self-actualization

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