Stories and Strategies for Women

Your Business Can Thrive: Ciara Stockeland On Chasing Profits Not Sales

April 13, 2023 Season 3 Episode 69
Stories and Strategies for Women
Your Business Can Thrive: Ciara Stockeland On Chasing Profits Not Sales
Show Notes
Ciara Stockeland is an author, podcast host, business owner, business coach, Mom, and an Iron Man participant - not in that order!

Entrepreneurs, or anyone looking to start a new venture, write a book, or who needs to seriously evaluate their current business model will learn something valuable in this 25 minute interview!

Ciara created several start-ups and owned brick & mortar retail stores and through her trials learned the secret to a success business  - retail or not!

It's in the profits...... not the sales.

In this episode, Ciara shares how she learned the hard way to focus her business on profits. She offers some low-tech metrics to achieve actual business success instead of simply growing sales.  It is a fascinating story that could turn YOUR business or project around for the better.

Her brand new book, Inventory Genius, currently #1 on Amazon n its category, explains in clear and easy detail, the business basics of margin and profit through chart and example. Ciara has shared and used these methods to lead clients to success over and over again. 

More that the episode offers... Ciara:

*** shares the story of HOW she published her brand new book, Inventory Genius, available in audio, ebook and print on Amazon.

*** How her son was the impetus to get her message out into the hands of business owners

*** Her self-publishing process

*** Her theory on a book marketing promotion budget - ie. don't spend any money on it

*** Her Iron Man experience

You can find Ciara Stockeland at her webiste:

Her book, Inventory Genius, is on Amazon.   Her podcast The Inventory Genius Method can be found at the link or anywhere you listen to podcasts

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