Stories and Strategies for Women

Kelly Hopton-Jones - Author, Influencer

May 03, 2023 Claudine Wolk Season 3 Episode 70
Stories and Strategies for Women
Kelly Hopton-Jones - Author, Influencer
Show Notes

Author and Influencer, Kelly Hopkins-Jones, is our guest this week.  We chat about her popular Instagram site, @hillside-farmhouse, her book, Someday - a love letter to parents experiencing infertility, her publishing experience, and her baby daughter.

Kelly reveals how she went from advance practice nurse to Instagram influencer.  Her Instagram site, @hillside-farmhouse, has over 13,800 followers.  Kelly explains how she started to post pictures of her farmhouse remodel in Bucks County and then added posts that paralleled what was going on in her life. 

She features fabulous pictures and video on her Instagram about her home renovations (two homes), her struggle with infertility, her fabulous product finds and her baby daughter, as well as products for baby and mom!  She offers her advice on how YOU could do the same on your social media:

Consistency, Flexibility, and Connection are key.

Kelly's heartfelt journey to new motherhood through unexplained fertility is shared. She describes the role that writing and publishing her book, Someday, played in that journey.

You can find Kelly's book, Someday, at the link.  

Thanks for listening. You can find me at @claudinewolk on Instagram -   I need to catch up to Kelly's followers. As if...

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