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Adam Roberts - The Amateur Gourmet

June 09, 2022 Mike Stone Episode 30
The TallMikeWine Podcast
Adam Roberts - The Amateur Gourmet
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Show Notes

Adam started off as a food blogger while finishing up Law School in the early 2000s. Then he worked for Food Network! Then he wrote a cookbook (he has another one coming out)! Now his blog is a twice weekly email, AND he has a Podcast! On this episode we find out WHY he was in law school to begin with; why his podcast changed names a few months back; how he seemingly eats amazing meals all the time but stays much in this episode. No wonder Mike spent the better part of a year trying to get Adam on the podcast! It's a great episode.

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Wines discussed this episode:
2021 St. Reginald Parish Pinot Gris "The Marigny" Direct Press Sur Lie, Willamette Valley
2017 Hightower Cabernet Franc, Red Willow Vineyard, Yakima Valley

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