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Somewhere Over The Weekend....

June 24, 2022 Mike Stone
The TallMikeWine Podcast
Somewhere Over The Weekend....
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Show Notes

In between guests again, and wrapping up his own "weekend" away from the winery (his days off are currently Thursday and Friday), Mike shares the wines he drank as you head into YOUR weekend (unless you're listening on some other day - it's complicated). Also, who's getting coasters lately? The plight of mailing things to Costa Rica, a couple of new podcast recommendations and more.

For #sexybottleshot pics of the wines see Mike's Instagram. For your OWN coasters, drop and email to Mike's Gmail.

Wines discussed this episode:
2013 Sleight Of Hand Syrah "Levitation" Columbia Valley
2012 Va Piano Syrah, Lewis Vineyard, Yakima Valley

Podcasts discussed:
Red Fern Book Review
A Little Bit Culty

Joanne's Blog:

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