The TallMikeWine Podcast

Taylor Derenzo - The Wine Geek Next Door.

October 25, 2022 Episode 32
The TallMikeWine Podcast
Taylor Derenzo - The Wine Geek Next Door.
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Show Notes

Mike's back in the Vintner's Room at Nicholson Ranch, chatting with Taylor Derenzo, who works in marketing at Saintsbury Winery just a few miles away. The two of them totally "geek out" on a couple of wines and also discuss the not uncommon path Taylor took to wine country from her upbringing in Massachusetts, Florida and Kentucky, the difference between "wine geeks" and "wine snobs" and they sip and chat about a couple of delicious wines. There's a lot of laughter and good info from behind the scenes at wineries too (including Mike's fascination with bat shit). Check it out!

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Wines discussed this episode:
2018 Saintsbury Pinot Noir, Donnelly Creek, Anderson Valley, Mentocino
2017 Big Head Syrah RAW, Niagara on the Lake VQA, Ontario Canada

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