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Back to Walla Walla!! (part 1)

November 21, 2022 Mike Stone Episode 34
The TallMikeWine Podcast
Back to Walla Walla!! (part 1)
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Show Notes

Mike packed up the mic and went on vacation again to Walla Walla Washington. Lots of driving, then lots of wine, wine, and more wine. And conversation with the Winos of Walla Walla. It would seem people move there to pursue their Wine Dreams, and actually achieve them! You may decide to pack your bags after listening to this episode.
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Wineries Visited in Part One:
Mark Ryan
Time & Direction

Restaurants visited:
Roam, Bend Oregon
Brasserie 4, Walla Walla
Hattaway's on Alder, Walla Walla 

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