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Rachel Coe; Wine-ing on Two Continents!

August 09, 2023 Mike Stone Episode 43
The TallMikeWine Podcast
Rachel Coe; Wine-ing on Two Continents!
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Show Notes

Rachel Coe joins Mike in the Vintner's Room at Nicholson Ranch. She's just returned from a trip to France to assist in the opening of Dominique Crenn's newest venture in Paris. Rachel runs the beverage programs for all Crenn Restaurant Group projects, which keeps her super busy....and she loves it! Rachel and Mike talk about her early years, tasting wines at the dinner table with her dad, heading off to Missouri for college and what she thought might have been a career as a chef. They also discuss food and wine pairings, and why it's not always great to focus SO much on them. Plus two delicious wines are swirled, sniffed and sipped. Great conversation!

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Wines discussed this episode:
2020 Chateau de la Jousseliniere Muscadet, Sevre et Maine Sur Lie
2006 Terra de Verema "Triumvirat" Priorat DOQ

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