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Lovin' Life in Lodi w/Eliza Hess!

October 30, 2023 Mike Stone Episode 46
The TallMikeWine Podcast
Lovin' Life in Lodi w/Eliza Hess!
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Show Notes

Mike hits the road and heads east to Lodi California, not the *most* well known wine region, but there *is* lots of wine there. A chat with Eliza Hess from Lucas Winery about the 2023 vintage, what Lodi does best, how a farm girl from Illinois ended up out west and (wait for it) the TUBA! A few nice Lucas wines are tasted, too.

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Wines discussed this episode:
2018 Lucas Chardonnay, Lodi
2019 Lucas Pinot Noir, Lodi
2018 Lucas Zinfandel, ZinStar Vineyard, Lodi

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