Episode 14 - Celebrating International Women Living in Dubai
Property Talk from Louise's Lounge
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Property Talk from Louise's Lounge
Episode 14 - Celebrating International Women Living in Dubai
Mar 18, 2022 Episode 14
Louise Heatley

To commemorate International Women’s Day which we celebrated on 8th March - today Exclusive Links brings to you Episode 14 of our Podcast, Property Talk from Louise’s Lounge “International Women living in Dubai.” Host Louise Heatley is joined by two lovely ladies who are an inspiring celebration of strong successful women living in Dubai, Tricia Evans and Zahra Abdalla. Tricia moved to Dubai 28 years where she became the first Business Coach in the region. She self financed and single handedly raised her daughter as a working mom, has been a board and active member of Gulf for Good for the past 11 years, and is a respected contributor to the IBWG community.  She is an active adventure traveler and her next big trip is planned to the Arctic in April.  Zahra is half-Iranian and half-Sudanese and considers herself a modern-day Bedouin. She has called Dubai home for the past 17 years as she continues on her culinary journey and international travels as a cookbook author, entrepreneur and social media influencer. Zahra is an advocate for social issues including food wastage, hunger, environment, mindfulness and women’s empowerment.  

  • As a Business Coach, Tricia’s tag line is BE SUCCESSFUL ON PURPOSE  - but what is the Holstee Manifesto? And how does this sum up her attitude to life?   
  • This episode oozes energy, positive attitude, strength and the power of sisterhood.  Listen as these ladies share their lives in Dubai and how they continue to enjoy every opportunity available.     
  • Zahra explains what is meant by imposter syndrome, talks about self-awareness and the expectation game. 
  • They talk about their role models and which of their many accomplishments have been the dearest and most important.   
  • Why is safe space so important? Zahra shares pockets of her own journey when this has influenced and impacted on her life.     
  • Will Tricia find the courage to jump out of a plane on a mother-daughter skydive?    

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