Episode 16 - Quality over Quantity
Property Talk from Louise's Lounge
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Property Talk from Louise's Lounge
Episode 16 - Quality over Quantity
May 19, 2022 Episode 16
Louise Heatley

Exclusive Links Podcast- Property Talk from Louise’s Lounge is all about keeping our audience in touch with current topics, sharing relevant and accurate information and introducing interesting guests and industry professionals.  Today we bring to you Episode 16 of our Podcast “Quality over Quantity.” Host Louise Heatley is joined by Adam Hassan, Quality Control and Compliance Manager at Property Finder and our very own, Exclusive Links Dubailand Branch Manager, Chris Valentine.  Property Finder is an industry leader, innovator, trendsetter and a crossroads where all journeys start and meet. . Adam is responsible for a team whose primary objective is to make sure the content on the site allows for the best possible user experience. Throughout this journey, Property Finder has always sought to align with all government initiatives along with being trailblazers for new products and features such as Verified Listings, Verified Agents and the introduction of Trakheesi permit validation.  

  • So what does qualify as a quality listing?  Adam shares what his team is looking for to ensure the best customer experience is available on the Property Finder platform.  
  • Is the Dubai property industry ready for more exclusivity in the marketplace?   Hear the discussions between Adam and Chris on exclusivity versus a multi-listing service.  
  • What is a verified listing?  How does a verified listing enhance a user search for a property but also act as a key indicator for the industry and for agents looking to manage their time more effectively and cut out the littering of property? 
  • Louise loves the increased confidence she is seeing in the market.  Tune in and hear what role Property Finder is playing in this as they continue to collaborate with the DLD to enhance a customer’s property experience. 
  • Hear how Chris uses the platform to support his customer’s choice and how the enhancements being made by Property Finder add to the appeal when searching for a property.    

Thank you Adam for your time today - not only for representing Property Finder but for the work you and your team do in cleaning up the industry and delivering more quality over quantity.  

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