Episode 17 - Clarification on Real Estate Laws & Regulations
Property Talk from Louise's Lounge
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Property Talk from Louise's Lounge
Episode 17 - Clarification on Real Estate Laws & Regulations
Jun 20, 2022 Episode 17
Louise Heatley

Exclusive Links Podcast- Property Talk from Louise’s Lounge is all about keeping our audience in touch with current topics, sharing relevant and accurate information and introducing interesting guests and industry professionals.  Today we bring to you Episode 17 of our Podcast “Clarification on Real Estate Laws & Regulations.”  Host Louise Heatley is joined by Arash Zad, Founder and Lawyer at Zad Law Firm.  Arash is from a diverse background and holds great fluency in English, Arabic, and Farsi and provides tailored services in an array of multiple fields with a primary focus on real estate law. 

  • Did you know that as a landlord you can now request an on-site independent rental valuation of your property as an alternative measure to the Rental Price Index and to claim potential rental increases from your tenants?   
  • Legal Notices can now be served also through the email address that is registered against a property as well as through the Notary Public and registered physical address of the property. What does Arash recommend when sending legal notices?   
  • When buying off plan in Dubai what are some of the things you should be watching out for when signing your Sale & Purchase agreement?  And what steps can be taken in the case of discrepancies at the time of delivery?  
  • Arash clarifies the purpose and use of the electronic Sale and Purchase Agreement or ‘Form F’ used in a resale transaction which is from the Dubai REST APP.  Did you know this is not mandatory and was initiated to protect the broker as much as the buyer and seller in the transaction?  
  • “Don’t be greedy and make sure any agreements you sign are bulletproof.  Be cautious, vigilant and do your due diligence.” all sound advice from Arash. 
  • Arash clarifies the transfer of an eviction notice from a seller to a buyer and why the purpose of the eviction must be the same between seller and buyer if the same notice is to be passed to the new property owner.    

Thank you Arash for your time today and for setting us straight with some clarification on the laws that affect Tenants, Landlords, Buyers and Sellers.   

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