Episode 25 - Long Term V Short Term
Property Talk from Louise's Lounge
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Property Talk from Louise's Lounge
Episode 25 - Long Term V Short Term
Mar 27, 2023 Episode 25
Louise Heatley

Exclusive Links Podcast,  Property Talk from Louise’s Lounge, is all about keeping our audience in touch with current topics, sharing relevant and accurate information and introducing interesting guests and industry professionals. 

Exclusive Links has maintained its position as a leading property management company helping owners with long term rental services now since 2005 and last year we made the conscious decision to open a new division under the company umbrella – Exclusive Links Vacation Homes.  This was not only to respond to the increasing number of tourists choosing Dubai as their destination but also to provide our managed owners with an alternative income source and profitable way to manage their rental income and property. 

Today we go live with Episode 25 of our Podcast  “Long Term V Short Term” where Louise welcomes two of her senior managers to answer some questions on the pros and cons of both long term and short term rentals.  Sarah Watmore has 27 years in the property industry both in the UK and Dubai where she has spent the last 11 years with Exclusive Links as one of our Property Managers. Sarah is joined by Anjouli Suryakumar – who this time last year was brought into the company to set up and spearhead our Short Term holiday homes division  - Exclusive Links Vacations Homes.  Anjouli joined the company with 5 years in the Dubai short term and hospitality industry and with a background as a qualified chef.  Both of these ladies bring to the table many qualities including attention to detail, discipline and strong work ethics. 

  • Are you looking to make an income from your investment property in Dubai? Listen as the ladies talk through both long and short term options that Exclusive Links provide under one umbrella. 
  • Did you know that Dubai was voted in the top 10 cities on Airbnb for the highest revenue in the year 2021? How is Exclusive Links Vacation Homes setting the new standards in the industry? 
  • Are owners looking for assured income or higher income? Whilst both ladies look after owners and their properties - a lot lies with ‘happy’ tenants and guests. 
  • When preparing short term projections, Anjoulie like to remain conservative but she is confident to offer owners at least 15-20% higher income over a year when choosing short term. She shares one case study which provided the owner with 50% higher income! 
  • Sarah and Anjouli chat about the comparable products and what offers more flexibility and control to property owners - long or short term? 
  • Louise asks the ladies to explain the differences in owner’s legal responsibilities and what are the legal requirements of Exclusive Links as the management company.   

Thank you Sarah and Anjouli for your time today and for sharing your experience on the differences between Long Term and Short Term rental solutions.   

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