Episode 28 - Navigating the Property Sales Progression Maze
Property Talk from Louise's Lounge
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Property Talk from Louise's Lounge
Episode 28 - Navigating the Property Sales Progression Maze
Sep 26, 2023 Episode 28
Louise Heatley

Exclusive Links Podcast,  Property Talk from Louise’s Lounge, is all about keeping our audience in touch with current topics, sharing relevant and accurate information and introducing interesting guests and industry professionals. 

Today we go live with Episode 28 of our Podcast “Navigating the Property Sales Progression Maze” where host Louise Heatley is joined by two of her managers, Michael Cullen and Saleh Maktabi. With 13 years in the industry,  Michael has been with Exclusive Links for the past 5 years and holds a key management role within the company and is vital to the continued success of our retail property shop in the Marina. Joining Michael on the couch is the newest member of the Exclusive Links management team, Saleh Maktabi.  Saleh joined our team as Head of Sales Progression with 21 years of knowledge in conveyancing, property transactions and banking.  An expert in his field, Saleh is already making waves as a consummate professional who is appreciated by our customers and members of our team. 

  • So what are the biggest changes that have evolved in the property transfer process over the past 10 years? 
  • Hear some of what now seem archaic, processes from the past on property transfers and lost title deeds.  
  • Saleh delves into the origins of trustee offices and their immense benefits for agents and clients within the Dubai market. 
  • Louise is interested to know more about the Dubai Land Department Vault. How does this speed up the transfer process? 
  • What other services are offered at the 14 registered trustee offices throughout Dubai? 
  • Hear the trio expertly clarify Property Sales Progression and the benefits for buyers and sellers in the Dubai market.

Thank you Michael and Saleh for spending time with Louise explaining to our customers what is the role of a Sales Progressionist and how this service is a must-have when transferring property ownership in Dubai.    

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