The Natural Health Influencer Podcast

Ep 1: Everything You Need to Know About Vista’s Ambassador Program with Trent Nellis and Karen Hong

October 22, 2020 Vista Global Media Collective Season 1 Episode 1
The Natural Health Influencer Podcast
Ep 1: Everything You Need to Know About Vista’s Ambassador Program with Trent Nellis and Karen Hong
Show Notes

Welcome to the Natural Health Influencer Podcast! Your host, Stephenie Farrell, is joined by Trent Nellis, the founder of Vista magazine and the Vista Brand Ambassador Program, and Karen Hong, a certified nutritional practitioner with 10+ years of experience in personal training and nutrition. Trent has been actively involved in the natural health industry since 1998, has witnessed the evolution of health products in Canada, and lives a nutrition-and-prevention-focused lifestyle – a value he strongly expresses through the Vista brand. Karen is a former NCAA Collegiate golfer.  She had done extensive research on healing naturally, integrating the mind, body, and soul connection, and the importance of a healthy attitude and a positive mindset. She has joined the Vista team where she designs and implements strategies to keep the brand at the cutting edge of the industry. In this episode, Stephenie, Trent, and Karen take a deep dive into Vista’s ambassador program, starting with the brand’s earliest days, what the natural health industry was like at the time, and how they have managed to bridge the gap between health and fitness. Trent talks about getting on board with influencer marketing as the social media culture began accelerating, what brands can expect from their relationships with ambassadors, and how technology and the pandemic have affected the opportunities within e-commerce. Be sure to tune in to learn more about their program and exciting plans! 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Our guests share how they got introduced to and interested in the natural health industry. 
  • Get a sense of what the natural health industry in Canada was like when Trent started Vista
  • Hear how Trent and his team wanted to bridge the then-gap between health and fitness. 
  • The positive changes that younger people and technology have brought to the field. 
  • Trent talks about his health philosophy and how it undergirds the values of the magazine. 
  • WhenVista started focusing more on their digital presence and got influencers on board. 
  • Learn about their ambassador’s program and what brands can expect from this engagement. 
  • Thoughts about the rapid shift to online shopping and the growing opportunity for influencers. 
  • How the ambassadors are involved with Vista beyond just brand endorsements.  
  • Vista’s aspirations to scale and automate their operations for a global market. 
  • Trent shares how the ambassador program and influencer marketing rekindled his passion. 

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