Opposing Bases: Air Traffic Talk

OB69: Category III Approaches and Autoland

April 22, 2019 Season 1 Episode 69
Opposing Bases: Air Traffic Talk
OB69: Category III Approaches and Autoland
Opposing Bases: Air Traffic Talk
OB69: Category III Approaches and Autoland
Apr 22, 2019 Season 1 Episode 69
Air Traffic Talk
What is required for an aircraft to use CAT III ILS and autoland?
Show Notes

Episode 69 Show Notes

Topic of the show: Autoland in advanced aircraft! Lima Bravo sent in some great questions about “Auto Land” and our friend Captain Nick was happy to help us out! Thank you LB for sending in those great questions! Thank you, Captain Nick for your awesome audio feedback! Triad Cat III, click here for a picture of the minimums.

If anyone would like to hear Captain Nick’s weekly segment on the Airline Pilot Guy show, you can subscribe to Airline Pilot Guy podcast and/or Captain Nick’s “Plane Tales” available on your pod catcher apps, iTunes, etc. His weekly stories are about 20 minutes and the production quality and content is outstanding!

Timely Feedback: 

  1. Tango Hotel sent in a great audio question about runway separation. Thank you, TH!Link to the video discussed.
  2. November Whiskey, aka “Controller with Atrocious Settings” wrote in a response to our question about “turning the boat around”. Thank you, NW!
  3. Juliet Bravo passed through TRIAD and summarizes his experience. Thank you, Canadian JB!


  1. Bravo Hotel asked what happens now? See the article here. Thank you, BH!
  2. Patron KMH sent in some feedback. POAP and OB33. Thank you, KMH!

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