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Mission Zero - Step by Step with special guest Chris Skidmore OBE

May 19, 2023 Chris Skidmore OBE Season 1 Episode 1
The BESA Podcast
Mission Zero - Step by Step with special guest Chris Skidmore OBE
Show Notes

The first episode in our Net Zero Series in collaboration with Mitsubishi Electric, we are joined by Chris Skidmore OBE, Chair of Independent Government Review on Net Zero. His ‘Mission Zero’ review, which was published in January, made 129 recommendations for delivering a prosperous UK ‘green economy’. These included speeding up decisions around low carbon heating, the role of energy efficiency in buildings, and accelerating the process for connecting renewable power generation to the country’s electricity grid.  

Chris is joined by David Frise Chief Executive, BESA, Martin Fahey – Head of Sustainability, Mitsubishi Electric and Chris Newman – Zero Carbon Design Manager, Mitsubishi Electric.

They discuss in detail:

  • How building services have adapted before and can do it again, with BESA members urged to help government understand detail
  • How the UK will be warmer and richer thanks to net zero, and will narrow the price gap between electricity and gas
  • The major barrier to net zero - our skills shortage
  • One trillion of inward investment possible this decade with 90% of global GDP focused on net zero
  • How we need to link net zero to safety agenda to drive compliance


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