Middle School Walk & Talk
Kids are in Beta
Kids are in Beta 25:32 Ask Three Times 23:30 Resilience is Teachable with Special Guest Michele Borba 23:55 One Trusted Adult with special guest Brooklyn Raney 20:58 How are kids feeling right now? Let's ask them! 28:34 "It's Chemistry, Not Character!" with special guest Ned Johnson 28:05 Forward Is a Pace: Normalizing the Challenges of this School Year 28:09 Cultivating a Culture of Belonging with Phillip Marcus 26:02 The Extended Mind with Annie Murphy Paul 20:11 OMG We Made It!! 26:52 Transitioning into Summer and the Iceberg Exercise 24:42 Supporting Students Struggling Socially 27:14 How long is too long for adolescents to begin transitioning back to in-person school? 19:38 Let's Talk About Race 20:50 The Addiction Inoculation with Special Guest Jessica Lahey 30:15 The Most Dangerous Part of the Climb is the Descent: Pacing and Recovery as the Vaccine Rolls Out 24:21 Addressing the Violence at the U.S. Capitol with Students 22:09 Addressing Students' FOMO and Social Isolation during COVID Disruption 21:55 Talking with Students About the Election 18:22