Middle School Walk & Talk
Emerging AI Trends for the Middle School Educator with Special Guests from the AMLE Teacher Leaders Committee
Episode Artwork Emerging AI Trends for the Middle School Educator with Special Guests from the AMLE Teacher Leaders Committee 29:35 Episode Artwork When Kids Don't Know How to Attribute Success or Failure, They Make Up Reasons with special guest Miriam Plotinsky 23:14 Episode Artwork Middle School is a Lot About Finding Yourself with Special Guests Students Laila Hayes and Gabriela Berrios Ortiz 18:44 Episode Artwork We are So Done Pivoting with Special Guest Kelly Coash-Johnson 23:19 Episode Artwork Back to Mental Health Basics with Special Guest Anitra Warrior 27:54 Episode Artwork The False Dichotomy of College or No College with Special Guest Jean Eddy 17:39 Episode Artwork The Most Brilliant Use of 60 Seconds with Special Guest Laurie Barron 25:54 Episode Artwork Learning Doesn’t Stop at the School Door with Special Guest Autumn Rivera 16:53 Episode Artwork The Misunderstood Middle with Special Guest Kevin Armstrong 16:06 Episode Artwork Leave the Gun, Take the Cannolis. Empowering Teachers to Drive Student Participation with Special Guests Bill and Persida Himmele. 24:38 Episode Artwork Middle School is a People Business with Special Guest Dr. Daryl Williams 25:50 Episode Artwork This is So Awkward - Seeing the Humanity in Puberty with Special Guests Cara Natterson & Vanessa Kroll Bennett 42:45 Episode Artwork Kids are Kids, No Matter Where They Learn 15:46 Episode Artwork A Shamed Brain Can’t Learn with Special Guest Jen Cort 21:18 Episode Artwork There are Always Going to be Haters with Special Guest Sameer Hinduja 24:07 Episode Artwork Kids on Edge 22:11 Episode Artwork What do we really believe? Supporting Ourselves and Supporting our Students with Guest Rick Wormeli 33:20 Episode Artwork You Wouldn't Teach Sharks in the Grasslands with Special Guests Cornelius Minor and Kass Minor 16:23 Episode Artwork Reimagining School Discipline with Special Guests Nathan Maynard and Dr. Belinda George 21:21 Episode Artwork Operationalizing Kindness with Special Guest Houston Kraft 15:53 Episode Artwork Why Advisory? 19:09 Episode Artwork Team Passion Project - Getting to Know the Middle School Winners of the Solve Together Contest 11:40 Episode Artwork Kids are in Beta 25:32 Episode Artwork Ask Three Times 23:30 Episode Artwork Resilience is Teachable with Special Guest Michele Borba 23:55