The Agile Within

Humble Planning with Maarten Dalmijn

January 27, 2023 Greg and Mark Season 2 Episode 30
The Agile Within
Humble Planning with Maarten Dalmijn
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Show Notes

Humility! It's not a defined value of Scrum or Agile, but it's an important behavior to exhibit if you want to be successful in Agile. As a matter of fact, if you don't stay humble you may fall into the trap of thinking that you know more than you think you do. This is especially true when planning a piece of development work. In this episode, we talk with none other than Maarten Dalmijn about the struggles of planning. Maarten takes us on a fascinating journey of how this one behavior can wreak havoc on your ability to succeed. In addition, he explains the difference between anaconda and hummingbird planning. 

So come be more, and discover the Agile Within behavior of humility.

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