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Are You Caught In A TRAP?

October 06, 2022 Mark Chumley Episode 35
The Practical Employment Law Podcast
Are You Caught In A TRAP?
Show Notes

Training repayment agreement provisions (TRAPs) are a hot topic lately.  These agreements, which may be stand alone or included in a broader employment agreement,  require employees who have completed an employer provided training program to reimburse the employer for some or all of the cost of the training if they leave within a certain timeframe.  The agreements are unpopular with employees and have become somewhat controversial but courts have often enforced them against departing employees.  Are they right for your business - here are a few considerations before you set a TRAP: 

1.  Does your business have a need for TRAPs?

2.  Beware of unintended consequences such as difficulty recruiting and retaining employees;

3.  You will probably have to go to court to enforce a TRAP and you may be counter sued;

4.  Make sure the TRAP reflects reality;

5.  Get professional help with TRAPs.
Listen in to find out  how your business can avoid problems with TRAPs.

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