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The Obligatory Holiday Party Episode

December 15, 2022 Mark Chumley Episode 38
The Practical Employment Law Podcast
The Obligatory Holiday Party Episode
Show Notes

It’s the holidays and employment lawyers everywhere issue their annual advice about holiday parties.  Here are 9 thoughts for employers considering a holiday party for their employees:  

 1.  Alcohol is a consistent source of problems at holiday parties.  Employers should consider foregoing alcohol or taking steps to control consumption. 

2.  Transportation home for employees is something employers who decide to serve alcohol must consider.

3.  Communication prior to the party is a good idea – let everyone know that the rules and policies apply at the party. 

4.  Managers are on duty at the party – just because it is a party, managers cannot ignore their responsibilities, particularly if they see something inappropriate happening.

5.  Wage and hour issues – if non-exempt employees are required to attend the party, they must be paid.

6.  The plus one – if employees are allowed to bring a guest, the approach needs to be uniform and avoid possible claims of discrimination.

7.  Religion – in general, keep it secular.

8.  Secret Santa – a literal minefield.

9.  Skip it – it is the “bah humbug” approach but from an employment law standpoint, it has a lot to recommend it.

 Listen in to find out how your business can avoid problems with holiday parties.

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