The Practical Employment Law Podcast

Labor & Employment Law Update - Week of 4/26/21

April 27, 2021 Mark Chumley Episode 11
The Practical Employment Law Podcast
Labor & Employment Law Update - Week of 4/26/21
Show Notes

In this new podcast episode, recent cases and news from the world of Labor & Employment Law will be discussed, including:

  • Age discrimination - in Seiple v. Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, an employee brought an age discrimination claim and the court focused on inconsistencies between the employer’s position and the record evidence.  
  • Retaliation - in Scalia v. F.W. Webb Co., an employer was accused of retaliation for sending emails to employees asking about their participation in a Department of Labor investigation.
  • New DOL Guidance on Pandemic Related Issues - On April 26, 2021, the DOL launched its Essential Workers, Essential Protections Initiative to educate workers and employers about wage and hour laws.  Among the resources are FAQs about pandemic related scenarios.  You can find them here :
  • Age discrimination - in Huber v. Fox Valley Park District, the court considered an age discrimination claim where the employee’s performance had been characterized with words like stale and stagnant.
  • Race discrimination - In Ibrahim v. Alliance for Sustainable Energy, LLC, a Muslim employee was terminated for unprofessional interactions with female employees but a white employee was not terminated after engaging in similar conduct.

Listen in to find out what happened with these issues and how your business can avoid problems.

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