The Practical Employment Law Podcast

Labor & Employment Law Update - Week of 9/13/21

September 16, 2021 Mark Chumley Episode 20
The Practical Employment Law Podcast
Labor & Employment Law Update - Week of 9/13/21
Show Notes

In this new podcast episode, recent cases and news from the world of Labor & Employment Law will be discussed, including:

New OSHA Vaccine Mandate Rule – On September 9, the President announced that he is directing OSHA to issue an emergency rule requiring employers with more than 100 employees to require employees to be vaccinated or tested for COVID weekly.  At this point, no rule has been issued and there are more questions than answers but several observations are worth considering.

Arbitration in California – In U.S. Chamber of Commerce v. Bonta, the Ninth Circuit overturned a lower court’s decision that a state law (A.B. 15), which prohibits employers from requiring employees to waive certain rights as a condition of employment, was in conflict with the Federal Arbitration Act.  This is significant because it means that employers in California cannot require employees to consent to arbitration as a condition of employment. 

Work From Home Arrangements – The EEOC has filed a federal lawsuit in Georgia over an employer’s denial of an accommodation request by an employee to work from home two days per week.  Work from home arrangements tend to be favored by the EEOC as accommodations and employers need to approach the issue with great care.

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