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Episode 5, The AWP: How To Raise 7 Kids (Featuring Rylee Applebee)
April 05, 2018 Benjamin Applebee
First of all, big thanks to Michael Paquette who you can find at for all of your recording, production, voice over and live music needs! Thanks for the original track work! Thanks to Rylee Applebee for all the audio gold advice on how to raise halfway decent kids! Application questions: -If you don’t have a family mission, vision or values “covenant” or pact or document somewhere, what are the biggest obstacles in your way and when can you schedule time to sit down free and clear and put something in writing? -Where are you biggest pain points in parenting-starts a list then narrow it down to the most essential (most painful) 3 areas where you would like to see progress and put together a task list for achieving success in those areas.
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