Software Quality Today
Case for Quality, with Cisco Vicenty
Case for Quality, with Cisco Vicenty 24:38 Building Effective Project Management Teams, with Steve Curry 53:52 A Critical Look at Computer Software Assurance (CSA): Is it Really a Thing? 1:12:17 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Life Sciences, with Eric Staib 42:25 Strategic and Risk-Based Testing, with Ajay Pandey 49:06 Breaking Down SAP Testing and More, with Micro Focus Expert, Don Jackson 1:13:21 Raising the Software Quality Bar at the Coffee Bar, with Ken Shitamoto 22:51 CSA and CSV from a Beach in SD, with Sagax Team CEO, Rohit Tyagi 34:18 A Wrap-Up from the ISPE Annual Meeting & Expo, with Dori Gonzalez-Acevedo and Jason Secola 21:52 A Culture of Change in IT and Beyond, with Lydia Castillas 55:00 Building it Up, with Tx3 Co-Founder, Eric Toburen 33:40 "A New Better" in Biotech with Mike Fannon 1:01:29 Get to Know the Host: Dori Gonzalez-Acevedo 49:11 Navigate Testing Software as a Medical Device: Ed Hein 43:50 Our CEO Makes the Show: Jason Tepfenhardt 42:20 Moving the Needle: CSV and SDLC Modernization in Life Sciences 1:54:42