Jamie Clubb's Podcast

Aftermath Part I

April 13, 2018 Jamie Clubb Season 1 Episode 4
Jamie Clubb's Podcast
Aftermath Part I
Show Notes

The first of a two-part episode. Jamie Clubb describes a dark episode in criminal history that exemplifies the infamous "Double-Tap" and examines it through the lens of popular awareness theories. This episode should prompt thoughts on a much neglected area of combative training.

This episode's references:

  1. Jamie Clubb's Clubb Chimera Website
  2. Clubb Chimera Facebook Page
  3.  Clubb Chimera Twitter Page
  4.  "Watch My Back" by Geoff Thompson
  5.  "Monsters of Weimar" including "The Sadist" by Karl Berg (1932) and "A Study in Sadism" by George Godwin (1937)
  6. "Patterns of Conflict" presentation by John R. Boyd
  7.  Leigh Simms Website