#161 - Conrad Anker | Heart Attack, Meru, Lunag Ri, Diversity In Climbing, Mentorship

March 14, 2022 Hans Kristian Smedsrød, Conrad Anker
#161 - Conrad Anker | Heart Attack, Meru, Lunag Ri, Diversity In Climbing, Mentorship
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[The interview starts eleven minutes in]

Conrad Anker (59) visited Norway for a couple of weeks to climb ice and spread some wisdom. On his way back to his home in Bozeman, Montana, he stopped by the NEDA studio in Oslo for a couple of hours.

Conrad is a climber, adventurer, author, storyteller, wilderness first responder, father, husband, and a man of wise words. He has opened new routes in Antarctica, Patagonia, Karakoram, Himalaya and Alaska for the last 40 years. In 1999 he found George Mallory's body on Mt. Everest, which had been laying there since 1924 when the Brits made the first real attemt to climb Everest. He has been in tons of climbing films, more noticably Meru, Lunag Ri 2nd Attempt, and Torn, which tells the heartbreaking story of how he lost his best friend and climbing partner, Alex Lowe, in an avalance on Shishmapangma in 1999 and how he fell in love and married Jenny, Lowe's widow, and adopted their kids. 

This dude has lived life to the fullest and continues to do so. This is incredible conversation with an incredible human being.

Live presentation and Q&A
In the evening Conrad held a presentation in front of a live audience at Sportsnett CC Vest in Oslo. You can watch the whole event here.
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