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Sti-podden #3 - Blazing terreng-ultra-geekdown med Hornindal Rundt-vinner Askild Vatnbakk Larsen
August 03, 2018 Hans Kristian Smedsrød

Sti-podden #3 - Blazing terreng-ultra-geekdown med Hornindal Rundt-vinner Askild Vatnbakk Larsen

August 03, 2018

Askild er tidligere elite-syklist som nå har gjort stor suksess med ultraløping. Han har nettopp gjort seg ferdig med en løperelatert master på NIH, og han vant nettopp Norges toughest mountain” race Hornindal Rundt 75km.

Vi snakket bl.a. om hva som kreves for å vinne et race som Hornindal Rundt. I tillegg ringte vi Petter Strøm som skal løpe Tromsdalstinden Skyrace på lørdag. Han har vært fotballspiller og har de siste 6mnd trent mot dette racet. ..og seff snakker vi om mye mye mye mer.

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Askild er tidligere elite-syklist som nå har gjort stor suksess med ultraløping. Han har nettopp gjort seg ferdig med en løperelatert master på NIH, og han vant nettopp Norges toughest mountain” race Hornindal Rundt 75km.

Vi snakket bl.a. om hva som kreves for å vinne et race som Hornindal Rundt. I tillegg ringte vi Petter Strøm som skal løpe Tromsdalstinden Skyrace på lørdag. Han har vært fotballspiller og har de siste 6mnd trent mot dette racet. ..og seff snakker vi om mye mye mye mer.

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Episode Transcript

Speaker 1:0:01Yup, hot dog call Nih for time to have a hard enough dope spirit in an tool or the team as long episode that made Gould staff a skill or that or the horse, not a car, I'll skin, but about a year and a list of who has not gone shoot me. It has not gone for, even though, say this board, we all snuck on pacing. We are snuck on Lance Armstrong, simpled costs doping or do I our, like I'm a knock on my horn in the, there. It's not going to make some more common right here in India for example, or six drinks. Doesn't do yard overtake. Uh, who's uh, who's scam era. They snuck up on a store here. They all are for space, will kick off her meds. She has not gone a or the air we had to go to whichever is Kiko is not going everywhere.

Speaker 1:1:14We are. Her impulse was my topics up in planning. Also saw people play them so sky and shout out to me the shadow patriots or I'm I to say it had terrific, terrific in the patron, a quarter of all the. Throughout the whole tool sticks some at the board, a tool stick, a shout out the board board a okay. That'd be an hour. I'm so poor. Tyler Board or board or Matthew, Matthew Rubin at Emi. Fred Ramesh, Margaret Marcus year again, or to Eric. Shout out to don't get or shout out to Michael Pedrone. Show her how had a, have to respect the, each other. Auto shop in the, in the not night, uh, or I'm feeling sad after except for certain events that our whole staff, the whole lead feed on the podcast and lumped on now. And those are on our skeletal springer. A little market. So a little bit awkward moments. A man's view it spring. So a lot of poor water. Sometime

Speaker 2:2:50they'll see it was on coming on a

Speaker 3:3:01stock. Then apple comes in through the center first start a mail did not call me or I'm the to was on call the hotmail though.

Speaker 4:3:31Um, well Mark Larson or hard. I'm a total nut. So that's what I see to what someone's mother, someone's real short list. So they got annoyed Malloy. So Laura Albert out. Um, or something. Somehow they up my sister so high I got poor. Like I said, they're so schooled up or monster or 40 hours sometimes because like a lot, so it'd be in there or a pen smile in tor bio mechanic or pick a. So then talk on some stellar la and that actual model long akiles um, or lead musculature and load it up. They were talking a little bit of a men's fault. Globe for door on August said the core meaning of new school be better, uh, or we, um, we tend to fold it over or for. I'm here to say I'm a steed health. I is, is to stake out the racial men stood on at a city also that touch, let's say on their foot on the door would have new skill fee for the list with the two and name for it. Avoided a call normal. We'll miss night a lot out of me. You're geeking or the dollars on Masco possible if you get to know them and I'm sure for all sorts of stuff.

Speaker 3:5:17That's where I saw at a phobia, phobia is dark for that question to greg in particular, men's from

Speaker 4:5:28um, uh, the pool, but some are older. They're set out or donate somebody. Somebody showed up at the and I in the mail, I'll darn while the seminar. So there'll be a drop in the t. The assumptive method are lacking the tools to do that either. Okay. Also, how are we putting and customers on that? A whole Lotta. Somebody put their down in there. So my boss, I was on the city, I'll down onto leg default.

Speaker 5:5:59Uh, so yeah, I'll pull it down a also talked about a tight but we have a high foster settled credit bond asha or type it and bought also hardware it titillating. It reflects might code for our length for Omega. Said a bit baggy sir. Will you put the beer also? Poor thing and they'll put a it out. Then they give a they'll idea. Yeah, that makes sense. Dot My, my. I was a male. It's not going to buy it or there's some comment that matter of mice or are, must do seek it out. And I also did have, I've told bit Anaqua Tilapia gone into commercial. Nope. Awesome. Cheryl milestone. So this slide, a middle state charter, the siding and Clive commercial non stem, uh, uh, pointing out it was a set on this year. So I'm out somewhere like sure, go from the teeth, not they are.

Speaker 5:7:26And they're also going to see that uh, I'll do articulates to a parallel thing. You've been doing your poc in my order, the order that they were getting to the temporary so they have more, a never to death. It didn't code out here. I'm sort of a highlight in a secured creditor, a divide it into separate cut, Yada. Yeah, a photo, a master, a saw higher life men that I've got t lithium issue order toward that other than yeah, I'm ever noted Gondola. I had my through now our sex, so she would actually refute them, consult them on. Okay. Okay. So I'll highlight them for our philosophy and coding and awake and on that have lost him unloading. Be that I'm somehow pay of therefore link near Lincoln Center or there are also saw up on the album. I on my clock, I bought a dog some way. I mean that's my gay Iowa. So it's important in the old Alex, I'm pouring in them dog again. I was the coolest. The logging out saw me. That's a direct that or say out my competence. They're gonna have me. That Nigga they actually saw. He's so

Speaker 3:8:58sick of it. The hardest part of that I've really had the occipital. Yeah. Ambush, uh, how to give them a call them all standing or also massively brush model. So they'll look the off the boat Edmodo. Oh, how don't we go and see the dome. A context is all to be sit there. You still do policing. I had a studio era era, but also they'll say to him, uh, Sharpton boardroom at the Vegan Mac and poured water that are already referred and recording pretty already submitted this. Direct men at that. Good about it at all. We don't show up thing for Blah Blah Blah for Dev. Hard market, but water or cough a, your brokenness. A the country and their leads. So make them look old. Stupid border that took. It's not, I'm not in the deans, my shoulder blade, that's my feature, a fake girlfriend Amina sometimes to break out a semester on today. Llamas, uh, let, let me get that one out. Um, and so sold pulsar hang on the soldier or how tape it can pull them harder again, uh, or the Hartford get for making awesome. And the lead is still offered

Speaker 4:10:36out. A short note. The landscape also encourage me to go outside the school. Organized. Yeah.

Speaker 3:10:45Yeah. So there Super Yammer, Yammer, I implant also be hard and indenting Edie died first a going the holiday and the light, but then for them throughout their intimate, the pet, that pet, there's thrown a humble facebook, um, pet home and then going right into the compass. Alma in really on the formula from 11 until four on. It must've medium up this also a month on the back. And he had an idea a little bit on that man on the offer to get a lot of Colorado, either himself or home heart wisdom does a theory or for or drowns out the rooms, the skirts for the songs out there. See if they'll got a mock store your bathroom to show off the shit or um, or they go through started or something. So if you're listening or groups that are also now they don't hold the fearless down on that center.

Speaker 3:12:16They've also made the race finish on the VP at risk for log on. Get that all through how my short flat is not sell that Home Office when you don't have dates patrolling or sometime tomorrow record a little tips or tricks for motor racing there. Wrestle on the way or drums or score is set. After the honor, they were like, we don't get a push or a teapot on hot. They just smack on the road and the number of Metallica and Oman they clot. How's it going? He's not on there. It drains your dorm. But then for them or drop them and they'll drop the thought that I'm happier. Champa cashflow podcast about tea lattes a go to hello Vietnam. Not a lot of convicts testing or it's on your bat. Speed. Same. Ron Brown. These piecing all. Then the broad name was marcus or cold hearted horror norm specifically. That's all I do. I didn't know that shit.

Speaker 3:13:44Most of the third most. I'm sort of my sister for sure. Get the good or for formal notice will follow up on automotive and mobile vista up Mr. Affidavit. So that bought a mall? No, for sure. For sure. Lou complexity. That's not farm. And some of your log. Oh, hold on. I'm pretty sure a lot of the police showed up and did it. This is the audience still water bar and you don't know the law. There'll be another rapper on. They were champions is on students. I don't know. So I'm not adding or also on coming out of the density. That's. I get it. Thank you. And Scott, but we're nodding there. We hit throwing it. You just for downtime. What tank people did. These are North Korea. That's what they were down somewhere. So for us.

Speaker 5:14:58No, I am a. The old logging those files there other for the first sore. It was good. Now Mommy Years Guy Blazer. So I'll live with growing up at all. Do they do it? I know a lot staff at. Are Tom say commercial? Yeah, I. Roadside, I'll talk at the hot seat. I'm fucking brand now. The hideaway upon snuck on my nightingale, although it's not. Get on Balsamiq. Deferred over Eagle. So yeah. So crm, uh, are like the threatening, sorry or very livic they are possible now you're poor of all the speeds are for that. If they're not adding stuff or old time associate our district and they ask us about it and the title. It's a different girl. So

Speaker 3:15:52Holy Shit. How did they get on the. But we would often get this

Speaker 5:16:00APP, a back story to that. So

Speaker 3:16:09it was honestly more law. Nobody event that was swapped from on square chlorophyll. So this issue on a property here. So come on, let's deal with a kid that gets pushed more to do. Can't be a group project for men. A canvas for example. I don't know how the core store for monster going on with them.

Speaker 5:16:35There we go. Not the regular vista visitor. Visa junk. I've locked that couldn't hold the space and they've got a bit of a northern thing here. We've got there earlier. So to our door. Shit man, I'm gone. Gone, gone. Skimming junk food and selling it for or for further. All of the big word thing and I'll show so a thought of the or our marketing all for it. I'm not covering it up so already. Good it ECO minimums on low carb diets, carbs. I mean,

Speaker 3:17:22tell me a I it hurt and podcast male. Bert Kreischer. Nice down the call we get on. I'm home hot on sec or something on that second record. Put method flopped around football. My three also compost. Not a fan. The blasio, western states or Amazon's monitor for them putting their on. Huh?

Speaker 2:17:56Scott. Was that

Speaker 3:18:04achievements? The second bidder and Dotcom Sec. Victor. Occupational Path? No, this goes out world championships. 100 gates. Oh yeah. You a sex from day to night. How New Hampshire low carb death. Also on Quito that men Homrich a carbs, so a are fewer erased. It's almost not an extra boost APP. Then I think at our core themes that I've not heard of, that ad is going from tilt. That must've been getting triple a, so it was through it. Dot Richter is on everywhere in a bit. Pull through and get a shot in the volleyball is just so for McDonald's, Mazzoni, Yarborough and sharp men. They've lived Rocher ball. So we're gonna do a and goalscape sheep effect on them plus more plus used. Do all that. Get it through the whole Mcdonald's. So out there and go that or not. I do think that. So is that better

Speaker 4:19:30through what you know? Uh, you know,

Speaker 3:19:32oh well that, that sort of stuff had been gone. Now for the blizzard I shampooed right up. Pretty obvious. But that makes that smarter. Well there for engagement process where you see Waterford for nearly race.

Speaker 4:19:48None, none of that. I was on the other on some mad you could call them the night at Monique, almost vitamin shoppe and plus a small mouth on the liquor too with little things on homeowners from outside or the and get the kid I saw placedo disk.

Speaker 3:20:18Let's go down the hall at tangible local Hook on top on the udl. So it's more solvent. He pulled the cost. Me What I saw the best there on the elements off school? Yeah. The full focus of what are the tape, the a unique deal or what is that? Oh

Speaker 4:20:43hmm. Oh they look at what the fuck this let him in with a smile.

Speaker 1:20:49So my drugs and yet also. So the going to a scar on the table. I'm pretty good. I'll put up for airport road or being denied and we are pulled to northern cal Rudolph as soon as length. Marisol. I'm very, very liberal being level and the outline. So, but then some that director of it, I'd throw it out again. Often nails broke the opposite of. Thank you on that a coming back here. But uh, the home for an event inside US dollar spike get out. I'm on the way on that. But that was a hump start. Video Chat. Nice. Do that. I had to come home and call the elite for elite early store them and like oh I'll get hello hack on the studio. And I had a corner on the setting again, but a need for that it's on the weekend for. Just didn't make is to make also. So you're under in post production. So the hotel and what they say, that's not good. I don't get frustrated. It could get off. The buster got a dominant men the recorder, uh, Gordon a ios expense, less bleach do back

Speaker 6:23:47in first. Oprah is going to speak for that. So then it's a sign

Speaker 1:23:58they don't have to log in. There

Speaker 6:24:02will as I'm being a little bit misbehaving. If a lot of Bach who separate photograph that makes you so hey, but I'm Finna go. But I did touch with photoshop. Yeah. Might also then that I was fortunate to say that for me, they don't try. They, they were champions

Speaker 1:24:36lifted on the involved in the IEP at or could a fundamental discoveries.

Speaker 6:24:46I spent a small number that's on there so you have to login or academic depth that's on proceeding. But there was a football for the big deal, a elder or chic or consciously bought under your care or at least better football, the aspect of it to wash it, but inside nor a conditioning long or your bore also faded off. Telling me a tee. I spent a full bottle of Brixton Tel so bad about it. So I'm also speaking of a phone call me on matching or mirroring their boss what did on civilian foot evie. So I've been to reinforce the leaked out or fell on hard or to have, I forget or get on the lift things off on some biological and bucket both. We'll put a bomb that last thought or compensated well. So was something somebody had sky race of other core, uh, or into your role and really pushed for Russia. So me, it's also scurries yeah. That will be living in Vancouver. Champions or. Well, it's a whole thing based on Kentucky doesn't tip, so I'll throw it out as a skier is uh, also uh, that's in front of the box or at least a dry race. This gap for many things on football. And Jill Konrath defeated usually tap.

Speaker 6:27:03So I'm a fourth layer yet though, that's fun. Inspiring it's drawn on is bad or shampoo standing or a four. She means that she more had that small group or Debbie's feeling. That's the issue a lot of other minutes. I thought that that was a obviously cushman's course, a, a little column. And then we'll also just can't get more of that or a fraud scheme theorems. Firstly, they were fortunate for being a bus five foot and how that, she, that she doesn't want to be putting their shedding. So one of those things

Speaker 1:28:15you have to talk to you. Yeah, absolutely. Am, am pull for, don't expect. Uh, so also at foot and I expect my matt has a Bro Science experiment so uh, they will perfect spot map. Put them on. Yeah. Um, thank you. Last year a mother on top of that paper upset a Bra. Nice. And got it. Got It. Okay. You, that trump scores are caught up in.

Speaker 6:29:41So the WHO's got a tip a then his wants to your spinning yet then it's almost certainly red jackets and snow to die as well. This than a well probably saved. It's really a totally that method of the event. When they asked you to France I've been to or been taught you stared. Not The guy on that sprung. Yeah. So this was fun. And that wouldn't be after it's being, to so far from sales and they hadn't bothered to get for that length, really jude other or saw a four shot and all that you can be for longer than she was on floor medical economy for the other more normal. First of all, you. I was on board and this massive or a human manet. It's also viral. Uh, then the historians, a soft Emr must remain a member or friend on law that's been stumped yet. So I had a talk she lived, was kiss, she walked for a sheep, saw Africa as a missionary, broken. Saw me a fairly new in. This is unfortunately the bottom of that. Along to it I was being, yeah, speeding for also the more year, but, or songs that I'd been there. She ended up being the, uh, it gets. I'm hoping that if he had not for portfolio now or bet those are booked the. And that's, they're all on their dogs or did it kind of lends to through a tool one hog Jima,

Speaker 6:31:44uh, Columbia sex method or song, Huh?

Speaker 5:31:53A little boy with it. It today on 30 some odd million the Ohio adopted under behind it. It's going to sound something like input today out on their own. So this is this smell through skyline. The Alberta.

Speaker 6:32:23Turn that off. Tap the exact setup in there as well. I also got, what about a highlight or said a sale for the day that the year, that sort of stuff will be off the street or whatever. Doctors. They had mistaken it, so I'll deal. I'll amend my anecdote with me. It's the muscles gotten mouse being out or go plan two to four were in the or the furthest left in this deck or the love of the fruits of that for a law and they were white. I get

Speaker 5:33:25I'm a bit off the dog saw a vehicle of Amanda do put something else there too. She horrible one the loper

Speaker 6:33:40because almost unconscious hard fought mess or something like that as well.

Speaker 5:33:57Going running guy and we'll be good.

Speaker 6:34:03That was up against the or a bit go off. I start scrolling. It will be at that bottle. So they guy walk all the gold, the MTU male yoga that left will be a little bit later.

Speaker 5:34:31They'll gotta keep her cool. He started so already some referrals flowing out of norm. So no one wanted to thank you gift. I'm the controller.

Speaker 6:34:59Well the message that I, this is going to be financial showed us to get. But uh, last night was it a or I suppose I've been to one idea that car shit after that Gel that goes through it, fluff the yoga it. But I'm in the woods for me, literally the Ama or something eight times, put my way to the roof that talked to him. I think that we should, it's wonderfully except the amount that men. Because I thought this guy was a counterpoint on the south side at Asia and conquered unsafety or cell. So, so, so, uh,

Speaker 5:35:59concept

Speaker 6:36:02when the to show saw the tesla a little hard with the on math club. So there's almost a Muesli bars or hold them to it or anything that we're looking into. Snake, just deputies.

Speaker 1:36:32Super a super. Uh, I'm originally bars. They, of course is about student is debt a race mass Nikisha they endorse the smarter. Isha said, hold it, hold it. She also did chopper on the sheet.

Speaker 6:36:56Is there. Might have missed there for at least the of

Speaker 5:37:06I, I a foot. I'm a planners. They'll do it. I'm not writing that stuff. I would have no bob with media making dot Matos government by those. Some hormones on ballpark. Oolong tea again.

Speaker 6:37:34Sure. So as I see it everyday

Speaker 5:37:38I like, uh, to Williamsburg or they are normally, I'm a big deal for her. So that's all good. Uh, well da Da da Da. Those little marks. Full Mark Kiddo. Clyde. It'll talk. Those are also good female. Uh, although the Paul Mcgee King, I mean for that maximum. Walter and Komatsu cold. They're out there. Look it up. So that pride Athena.

Speaker 6:38:10Okay,

Speaker 5:38:11I'll do it. Now. Becomes ill.

Speaker 6:38:19The, the sort of system.

Speaker 5:38:22So this x. So the sex. So I don't need, need the ankle motto for our lives. So Nikki am out there. I'm mocks though it up. And then we'll talk.

Speaker 4:38:38So this the 30, but it sounds like on the tip bravado, hide emotionally. Then with cardboard they're out there. It might also tied to mather somehow to hardtail Nigga I was achy and if they get on board and then they dig it quite a boy. They're out there for it all to my mat under the four cubic to onset that by the director come in there so that I'm thinking. Oh thank you.

Speaker 1:39:16Awesome. Doing for this personally. Medicines there.

Speaker 4:39:24The threw it. I through it. Three. I do. I have you been sort of from there? I can't see it. So I don't know. Something that literally held with a mountain. I'm back on a fake fuck. This was just not good on them and making them laugh. Doesn't advocate. Champion Brian spittle philanthropists. Some. Some faded. So school to map a gourd. Some salt. We stood for lead out to the acidic. They will hide. I'm mad at them off and the on Monday. Thema. So todd had little or no, some. Some ecab orders. Okay. Let fat or a protein thing, uh, for their remote. Grew up. Another remark. So geared against other, although a contra as I was shooting, so lifecare eckler on Mr starbuck vista raise certain money. I out there, would it be the whole time? And if you get on with him and Sophia,

Speaker 1:40:33can I pet the boy and the dog? Do you have for your bad habits? Both the, what's, he called me over to the area and I call them and uh, uh, then uh, could certainly put a lot of it starting as a coder. Could certainly the people from fema isn't a traditional cold open or the some negatives in the ordinary launched either. Probably raise that at the end, the album and uh, for example, lot Bhutan bear. So my son, they share them at least not that really well known, some tune level Jedis or for which you were met or throughout the theme on metals and also my levy some or whatever. Poor kitten foster for others, for example, provided me all about. Yeah, I'm pretty the. So the, the

Speaker 6:41:43Osceola school to sell a deal.

Speaker 1:41:48They will, they will. The penis don't.

Speaker 6:41:58Yeah, a sorta

Speaker 1:42:02smoke smoke, uh, for, for the practice from telus. So telus a murder, thank God. So there's a pull up strong and the underdog and foot drop. This kid dog wait model. Not a race brief mountain Kilano Yangon, but with Allah not school. Do to accommodate or for commercial? Not a normal you. Thank you for

Speaker 6:42:31all happened.

Speaker 1:42:34Oh Shit. Yo. Phone number to the format also.

Speaker 6:42:39Yeah. Well just go log it. Ms Dot our login it proportionate. Put that also.

Speaker 1:42:47Now it's in front of them and I thank you for this gift from showroom and they're going to get fat score to kill you. I'm stalled out of paypal Carter or we'll see. It'd be a bit careful here. You can die. Never, never effect three. Also bragging on there. Then could talk you through it that I can skip that.

Speaker 6:43:14No, let's go right. Let's get one shot.

Speaker 1:43:18Let's hold on a mall.

Speaker 4:43:24They're not also puzzling isn't fantasy mode. So I do think that it did the do we're spirits in line for finding lemon. Uh Oh. Someone's on top of the thing. That ag a lot to it and I would rather walk in scholar logging on.

Speaker 1:43:44No, did not connect. Aco is not um, key. Hey shogun.

Speaker 6:43:59Some thought about all the shit out of that. No, I go or

Speaker 1:44:13you to go through hard as a family. But at some scope

Speaker 6:44:21it's that to less stay on task without test

Speaker 1:44:31and, and threw up on parochial.

Speaker 6:44:34So the, that history, who's around now? It's just that I'm always talking about the secret after that, Shayla

Speaker 1:44:52them are now except the no limits both photograph or Frankincense for platoon fleet. So no secret. Blessed. I'm not Ian corless. So may I met Scott, run the full ticket off and also after the order med student last year, she didn't tell me on the phone, that's my thumb ball throwing stars for keely on popup and the maintenance for the mess in Norway, the Netherlands bought again. So Fema also bought a snap. Gotten out from cash or are you having fun? So I think I'll get there. That's my fifth or the drums. Discoveries to the over overhead. And again, the aim is to look for with online support, your support or race director, fuel oil, mud. So technical, politico out pretty rooms don't stay in all of them, see if they use mainly for terms. So it's a normal looking at the data basically. Amanda, thank you. Alex came and uh, we stay a racist and they're racist as the dude who's always got to ask her.

Speaker 6:46:32Yeah,

Speaker 1:46:35I'm for our liquid Taylor at the second coat man. Um, and the prediction so deep but are comment, poor dope, dope, dope or a bring in for theater, Martina.

Speaker 6:46:55Okay.

Speaker 1:47:00You for prediction. What's it going to come out to me in a minute? I'll ask a broad release that they have so much. Fortune murder, fraud score is also a, a, this be a ton of gambling. Something.

Speaker 6:47:37A feature that production costs should be written and thought, well, we'll hold me. Outstanding students. See subarus for the. Dylan didn't insult a merchant in the, of that feature or via to all. Somehow that guy's dead. I'm a victim. Doesn't mean to say what goes on that or time.

Speaker 1:48:22I ain't gone a little some or a thesis theory now we've done up there. But uh, uh, so, so proud of the men. They're moderate. Its own quarter, quarter coming out or come and say on that know. No, no awkward for so long. The local.

Speaker 6:48:46That was awesome.

Speaker 1:48:48All right. When the CVA. A whole lot about. But that also unfortunately bought a box. Not Be like per team on

Speaker 6:48:58Mr Costa Rica. Yeah. Hold on.

Speaker 1:49:22Shampooed designs a better ball. Throwing that. Good. Thank you. Matt. On the box that I saw their prediction. So that's what I'm. I'll call it that next time

Speaker 4:49:42I could recommend to them. So this Guy Ray. So

Speaker 1:49:46a promotora smoking

Speaker 4:49:50by the time?

Speaker 1:49:52Yeah. Or

Speaker 4:49:54Oh gosh. Or lift the established after war. They also have been used to divide up on the. You do her show her the that that's all night. Oh okay.

Speaker 1:50:04Some of the circuit board me in youtube have tickets a friend than a tall shop near views or associated with Raisa. So then I got scared. They'll put four police stopped.

Speaker 4:50:21Get that in there. If you're a mom, mommy, I,

Speaker 1:50:27yeah. Ever passed

Speaker 5:50:30the buck and I asked him. I get out there a year at Hyde. I'm not a hands on making the gum and the go without the absence of a fish tank that I'm thinking or comfortable for the photo in Malta. Yeah.

Speaker 3:50:46Are they a fixed egg instead? Pull at heart but is format. It's but a lot of focus puller. Uh, so at a sudden we knew each other for the and Dayton metallic. So editing some dollar to come with mental for real. Um, so you're currently still do comedy. She's still at there. It's Andres, couldn't, didn't more for it

Speaker 5:51:15putting it on. I'm telling Ya.

Speaker 3:51:17Uh, it's different to route a new coming out of a goal or feces at the race. Man. Him and todd postmarked on so gorgeous. She brought out so that it's not a good role model or mentor that move outta the bed. The bed and thesis. Strengthy rollups tomorrow.

Speaker 5:51:42Although the overall list on Monday.

Speaker 3:51:47Yeah. Yeah. And do it, do it a day, bro. Science and thank you that. Oh, we should do that after

Speaker 5:51:54my analytic. A student, um, uh, either secretly or mental set and I'll be listening and thinking, oh man. Bosch on that mean role science. I'm most set for real science now. The height I had all the dailies and the mix of shine, Merlot, thrilled science. Fair, good. Adopting or something. Oh, mom and the son saw me. If for example, my little girl up with the idea that a smart no, some of them will buy them. Yeah. So yeah, I followed them best. The mental ending up at a young do Shannon and mark and I've pulled it out and then they're also live at our accepted. Although I the best mental occupancy on our list and go um, uh, the best time that I smacked her, uh, the ide or a leg you might get to that. Oh my Shannon Miller or accepted. I'll smack for dark matter and unfold this ca oil. The skimmer? Yeah. Maybe for killing it on smart or they are or horizontal like suck though. Counsel for Sephora? Yeah, the

Speaker 3:53:06hoses. The show. Did that hurt them? I let them know the order that you put Tonka coma or. But a lot of them say that either how much yet now or later. I just sat on them on a monitor initiative, Israel them indirectly order, pull them off. Um, no. My Dad would sued. So that's where I'll hold on to this. Russia going. So a turnip. You all set? Just the show and say I had a, an old address. Fortunately that it's going to be, get nitty gritty. It a science going on in the studio or do you want me to adopt the machine? Secret Missouri Flood?

Speaker 5:54:00Aka A up. I'm gonna get off, get off either the early, some. I'm a free diet or something like that. Just more on my laptop or the word there. And I think for the, in the eye it go normally older male is on logan again. Uh, or to the fleet to. Sorry or a boy. I had small partial and we were supposed to open my Monday. I won again. The Mama died. Come on with some stick figures on that. Oh, stick it on the lies. So, or a special. A special alarm?

Speaker 3:54:54Yeah. A pretty successful to the whole indoor. Yeah. Uh, so they found a found time. I got a hold on a the clock here. So we in the morning, our daughter's got me sprung Solomon for pool August. Yep. Wherever Steve starks digital trend is down, what is the sport that I shopped guided the main takeaways, but one of the welcome. They all see that.

Speaker 5:55:32Yeah. Yeah. Or there are very lily, the contrast in Skopje taking liberties. So and killed some of the flora. Do molar mustard, yellow legal. But I must say that. Oh, the on something. So you mad as to that or how are you mad? I go out into the hallway or something wrong to me. I since I stamped the a google buses for the three and do Kamiyah Urso and gift, the thing eating and things like that. The thing economic bachelor master get out there and the whole thing and get out with Scott, the breathable Bono. So those, some of the other or a possible sale just got Michigan method of method. The material culture goyer

Speaker 4:56:24who they are. They're not mandatory yet. And gold out here. That Manga, although the it angled. Okay. The methow bother photo of referring the light bulb. Go off for him and also photo Nadia. Yeah. Uh, some art argument for a lot, but the dude, or you can put it out in order for Africa now though,

Speaker 5:56:49uh,

Speaker 4:56:49also rfe sweatshop labor intensive. That data we showed them after it or mustard or reactivate none. The old, the Haida, the tall. Now in laying the all day thing, I. there's very little in the roadmap method. Method. Yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 3:57:09I am also a kilt. Then they actually on the fee feed and the intensity that added on to the spring, the theater and the thumb. A hot, the tumors hard dive team that thought a lot bought into the concept on them. For example, feeding of the sex, sex, some epic concept on the planet and lots of to, in the forester tripler for the, they, they go see a spring loaded for drafting. So we a secret goal, a main takeaway. All the there for a month or so after the sister.

Speaker 4:57:57Although my fresh cunning said I think or or on it, some other, somebody said a man type thing so far threatening, especially as it will either go for a complete give me you now or show that somebody called from not to rent the violations and results.

Speaker 3:58:20They're fairly. This tar. I assume that passport. Schumer, yeah.

Speaker 4:58:26As a thing. But on the discussion mold to be on market ever sort of in the morning though. So we'll fall asleep on me in a social norm for our, a born in the old fuel wood or right.

Speaker 5:58:36Uh, if you will, a white got foreign. Uh, yes.

Speaker 4:58:43Object told Tay medcomp and the plus virtual to ventilate with it. Also a or a first

Speaker 3:58:52a hell on that. Uh, that the vital was not smart. Mommy, although forget that kind of gave your show notes. The demo for a bit and stayed on for them. Physician of Girona. So you're a pretty dominant. It would suit me and rob's gifts or holiday gift socket. Yeah, go on.

Speaker 4:59:15I, there's either a photo policy, some cannabis

Speaker 5:59:23if you would. So you would get some cannabis, uh, or that model in a bar, obviously good have been off the vine. So they order via. I'll allied highly emotional or I think the mop bucket. So download that. US Holton opti three long. Yeah. There were Ayuda media pass folding up to three. One or two word maximal Toronto. The math, all the would go for an eye or to tutors or are they in foil Tila or uh, or the, the, it doesn't get over sort of in that

Speaker 1:59:57either. It'll be in them. And fortunate in South Africa. So there was this one, but I'll plan on this scope instead. It sort of in that law

Speaker 5:60:08to the story there for sure. I'm wide a Ui or stephen process only phenomenon time in the next company. Now we're fairly odd portfolio now. Although allowance a on that effort for a or thrown up by my mom. But you go right there are the frustrated with the process. Yeah. Yarra valley leaky windows and all that. They are calling a digital in that all don't actually shoot. No, I'm at home. I'll shout out to tail stuff from a multivariate Wella logo and pretty bad though.

Speaker 3:60:50Yeah.

Speaker 5:60:51So their, who we all turned up the muscles. I'm on a live at stanwood. He should have also talked about the height on my treat. Mostly devoted to, uh, for me to stefan progress, Lama t dog yet, or you're a long get a simpler thing or their ios Fisa solver also a avoid but other for Schwab almost sort of gone then whatever you would. Not the dog or dialogue or we're frustrated. So logo, little family matter. Some contract actually except a little bit to snipe. Although I got older, the auto been that arc Europe and the polar. So Ellie will too. It's not a matter throughout the and give to, are taller.

Speaker 1:61:46They need to. It's not. I mean there were a puppy dog at

Speaker 3:61:52Oh, um,

Speaker 1:61:55you can say other tablets or a, our mentality, she bought it for a lot of Muslim with her that night.

Speaker 3:62:00Uh,

Speaker 1:62:01so for the adobe, one scholar, they sent me a photo a bit, for example, in Novato yard rather than get into it.

Speaker 3:62:12Um,

Speaker 1:62:13and they will listen. Accounted for by hell or the harder to knock the hell out of the lake. I was really less that. Also

Speaker 5:62:20somebody be in the door when the more, almost all they're doing like, Oh, poor. Roughly the, the I lever throw it that my circling. Are they the girl for the job on the long comprehensive did. Yeah. Uh, although I didn't mentor really smooth that architects are really hard. I didn't get no. Oh, I at that apple plus either some gap or plus the other muscular ladder that I'm look for. Ms Dot [inaudible] my hounding, hounding or A. or they're also the academic year that are circling or socialize with the rest of them down. But there no other than I do with nobody scholar. They're gone. So then for the season for La, la, la, La and posted our Gonski. Thankfully thankfully a shot. I'll do it. She will not last this layer. Say hamlet on it. Uh, we'll get it done. And they bought a tanker there. Has done issue.

Speaker 5:63:32It's done fresh. Uh, give them a 10 or for a dog walk or the system authors. Because a lot of things. Now my ears here, here, uh, so many ibm on yellow or something. Also really are the medalist at the dorms by Ivy League or hands on New York. The objects don't. We'd get that. I a shocking development or something that would still already. You don't want to stay in these books on the Congo dorm. I will say it or something like that. We're modeling it. Okay. You're an unfortunate there. I'll do by the week and my dog, uh, when our dog nest and lie down so long and are hired on some roughly blom it all. Yeah. Now that you've got that out, sounds little different docs, forester or set the mind clear toward more for them. For the new girl, they, I, I'm not with my Medicare.

Speaker 5:64:28I'm sorry. I hope not. Yeah. Also for theater and just get it and they're all highly or shallow. The I am method or feed founders and like nothing else. So do a happy a gap in there that have a method or theater. There was nothing that they, that happened. I'll never know. Some of our, a, uh, was. So it gives that I'd rather lift bucket, another murder list the doctor saw also to our. So although this guy come out, arlene there, I'm a friendlier than idol. That was on some in. So they act out the acronym maples. A monkey couldn't get an answer or song song for example, or a or some body to go on and what it's been to it.

Speaker 3:65:19Yeah. If everyone in all I know I'm voiding me a heart at the top of, to the height or something. Oh yeah. I can see heat for a IEP.

Speaker 5:65:31Some of the garland informed shark. No. Or those gap orthotics. Are they all home called business on stuff? I'm on twitter, but for the household they were lucky to a hair salon. Scamp and local server. Yeah. So, so I try to give. We've got quite a bit and do iron man. I'm a total failure. Also have I asked and I, he's pretty early get or, or for a lot that I kind of want to. Well, when I was going through our stuff, so we're good.

Speaker 3:65:58I should do over that scar or it might be interested. I said, good night, man, that, that was q four for them through our harvest eraser, a speaker. Now I own a humble. I Value Oscar nominated with the fiscal year with our chemists are scared or they're going to sit on the artistic lists. Uh, this isn't like, oh, the work around it. It's not a home when you get on our back yard.

Speaker 5:66:31It's not gone for an hour or was a 40 or shallower. Larger excited by him. I'll be the norm.

Speaker 3:66:46Got there. They've got to and the heart and really not liberal coordinator. Insane out there. It's also you're homeless in for social and theater. I remember picking cool. They'll start out with us. Knock on their front. Smu Men, that's shut down with the theater. There were, there were mcgee. No.

Speaker 5:67:11Uh, the bigger or found some other tomato lift in the middle of that as when they got here, I started soccer or something.

Speaker 3:67:23Do those for Tuck your ego. But I, Samantha Mateo for Pedro Sharlto. Tayla Mateo. Mateo at the adrenal. Support visitable at. I mean, I'd get into position. Turns term he trashed fear of being too focused for ag and get the upper shown their projector or erase the whole thorough testers are settling. My air gets projected for altered or a mom in the ethical day in order to go garden. Not a that I finished and they're on their contract for their um, their company was not going as soon as I've got I, I've been asked is there a race?

Speaker 4:68:17Oh, so cute. Do Concept Andre small also in northern for the gaps that right

Speaker 3:68:27on to, for example, ask, I was bringing her a Vietnamese guy running. He's got blonde September or grandma or eat or showing off of there. So it'd be a Hindu scholar feel. So Scott, I thought and I forgot to promote them in sister longterm Wollongong or convert or theory or their, their feeder team now for the nation. Shoot Super Jet. And then they are now they, they, um, they don't want to get. I get to see that you're in a different color. And then there's Michelle. I've got til come. You can put a set dude though, you know, do they shed storage? Good. Ms Dot Dorian, and so trying to shield you had enough men, although I did race but walk through step to start. So somebody wearing a uh, email me a withdrawal trade. Men stood there there what? A lot more diverse dinner. So um, so they're meaningful as well. It's on the recording.

Speaker 4:69:46We started a nine through 12 for me and the guy from long island, my mom, mom con, muscle threatening or a monologue with them on their item on three, on the contrary to their. And then they also pick your top them. They have a socket on the auto or are magical to on top for a man. Like I'm putting silicone and they would give her something unethical to started night. Adam is a medication. The first sneaker it opened up a lot bigger. Yeah.

Speaker 3:70:15Yeah. So that's something that they'll talk before Mandela had gone off. Subject who sale for temporary Monga Monga. Norman them have already amassed on either at the long run, although it often takes on the world or, or someone to do the message God. But then it's not comforting topic. I didn't want to throw off this year, so I'm a chic getting crap for the work that we've got at the out. So dreadful. Also a blast. So they're uh, they're not, uh, a, it can be a heftier poor. Um, he adopted that. So was my better. This was a drug discoveries, a lot more busy then stored and maintenance and that go forward and super compositional from top. I'll drink a bottle or they've got the product or, and Yoga to God on my laptop. Yeah. So that will allow me to rant on that. It's not gone for it. I've got there.

Speaker 5:71:25No, the special supposed to be on. I don't remember. I could ever sort of in the morning they'll hear through one of our 12. Well, some good evidence for my app or there the, uh, something. Don't get it at all. So now throw it. I'm a born in the US. Might have up. Must've loved monster. A motto or love muscle

Speaker 3:71:54hold. That is Miller. I have to get them on the here and now I'm going to call them that Honda, which she had further out of the story though. Homeless break three years or meant on bubble queue. Strip, cute stairmaster, illustrative dropped. The poor kid was cheaper. I hope the other murder or you get on Islam or stilted this dark by race or bought a new staff so they're in Malta in the race, bought a cruise ship. If, uh, I'd also heard before someone's beating you with some, seeing other things on there and then get all pissy if that are. They're not offering it again, a spitting distance racer who would get to them. Some of them other. Hmm.

Speaker 5:72:55Oh, I'm a as well. If he keeps on there, I'd normally. I'm young. I'm for them this Thompson and at Max my validic there for the art angle on this or this or you heard and saw long irked some. All sorts of public good on tonight. Sort of scarlet is equal in the way of the night. I'll do a month or so or they'll account for. I wasn't due for it. The best of the dynamics affecting for to Allen Tall, tall, uh, allows alone until tyler mane. And then my shield method, the method. Some of the two, you know from Claudia. Claudio, Yoda, the high conquers lives on here. Man. I am on this dog or referred to shoot there. You already all the way for show some of the other broad there are there some shared more. There's something that unfortunate little continuity of causing the death. He thinks so, so, so at that mall on the. Normally they'll know how the method or, or for a fascicle intensive if saw siren media for shelby for immersion come from killer cdl. Oh,

Speaker 1:74:12that thing. I think it's our culture. Our little sister. This is the hot or that my heart. A harder pillow. So all scare with Ron experience. So I'd also stopped it. The tomb through God or they are all on this one issue for you. Dogons have given to all familiar their share. Cisco for like Bach or they're called northern Africa. So we still have some, a la. I'm a horrible escapes. They get done. It's put on for example, a hard. It's not legal over the track gum. Some intentional. What's it going to go and get a four for you in the middle of the sheer scope table before bed, race, and this girl, Jada, for they are more or threaten them will be great.

Speaker 5:75:09Absolutely. I am a bit special alarm. Um, I'm a lot better bullet provided fuck or who goes out on by. I hadn't seen them, uh, this to their attempt statement. So what do you do? Matter, focus up of all those Coda, avoided for the aura or the fall for my mum moved over. They out there and also some freedom animal devana or they are there specific. My mandate in Scotland or something or commercial. They're only developed big ultimate link and going within Scotland system. Or then can we source landscape commcare bar further down running till all the Athena model. Six and nine. So see they didn't have to have it do your that for good or not.

Speaker 1:75:59He's out of there. This argument of I have for near solar coronary store for some according to out so that they're also a getaway for the negative spring. I always incorporate regarding Marketo, so an it out. They added some more or like. Yeah, peculate bunker and paycheck. Like you say, I then called the top and the racer I have, I have no, and that's the topic called could to do night 18. That's the great. Let's do it. And they do operate, although I've been on a, one of them have been dinner at the Binger so I saw the video, the avoid something or should I be, at least around me, aren't the split lip look hockey or in the spirit of the volleyball beach? All Levels. The more. I'm trying to think out loud either.

Speaker 5:77:11Um, I, let me start here. One, you always do it? Yeah. Uh, yeah, that'd be a clinic doctor level. So they will today. I told them I took it down a little bit more social guy. So they'll think about sloping. I go pretty large wedding gift a. well they'll be there or three. Mom will call them out on a hold on while I'm at fidelity. Sahil, monotone. Monotone. So t shit, I'm out. Their whole amount. Dullness. Fault you would I hold onto it or sore for better are passionate men. Uh, and then also something that I also really ally, so it's not a game or they argued a I've met are leaking or to a solo thing or a gay man, not the [inaudible] fault. So, but uh, a and plan or switch a lot for a fork shuttle home. We'll do a shawl or for the hide medalists that don't. Or they have also bought a bottle of the posts on my limiter. Uh, this song said 40. I might've got promoted there. The foot often mung on in this one there is your product it will take. Or was it further? This is divided gay? Yeah. Yeah. They know if there's anything that I react logo that I a or after the lift matters on texting this girl bird or the telling me a little bit of a hard school that the friend, unfortunately if you're up stupid or goodbye and so on. The [inaudible] langer was here at the end caps for some, for example.

Speaker 7:79:03Um, yes,

Speaker 5:79:08strict, but mom and uncle gung some sore bomber. It got a little button that's all Chris Snuck and also Sam, do I? Yeah, I've lived that. I eat or for that. So our lives though, I really do think for myself. So I'm gonna compromise. They, they call it on the floor. He didn't tell them the one on compass glen, but I really, I'm not sure. Shneidman lung you could argue by Sanger, Tasha, personal sort of thing. A debaca. Taylor, Taylor for Deloitte but are obviously out. Um, yeah, I invite you and they're mad and the, some Ivy English meant laboy more buckner. So you

Speaker 3:80:08don't have that hands on poster roper. And if back to the hey they'll or they'll demarks a or do I heard about democracy sigma a disgrace. You so many men. I'm a rector. They cover like a soap opera throughout a quarter. The Hamilton and what they found out, oh, I'll do it. I wanted to or like sexy sex and I thought man it's on

Speaker 4:80:39or somewhere in circling. Also thought on Vista. All the stuff the healers are gone through. Thank you brother. Shit. I was at a do the high coming on board. Still do more than they are here or a um, a year. Are you planning or something also through the horn in the. I'm also the method or I've had the software like for my or mad the sudden onset and we're sending stuff. Uh, so that among other things, some stability. Then. So those go after it happened.

Speaker 3:81:17I have a pretty the diving, then they'll alternate. I'm open to that. I'm not. So for a lot of reading it's on all the fork is poor. I'm poor. They'll democ. So vet or metrics for how pretty they arrived at mountain bike races before police on stag or founder or a talk and through dead the are more available to a shack. Henry will be in the mode button for exponent. Tara for facilities. And of course united from there to portray though, uh, uh, art world effects men that all the focus in poor metrics for. But a athlete overhaul for data set to Bhakti Buller spill. And as a disciplinarian, the developing his thinking mad men mostly. But again, somebody had immense was putting them into the dark data in social and foot rock bag, pristine harder if get getting gear a second north south and there's a that will all night and getting me, they'll say, Gideon, the Crohn's flare ought to be able to mock the family. Sounds offer also the on Air France all day in and day and about. I'll never met a man as monotone lobbying so hard. Harvey or the media bought more far kept drawing or the Alex on their fins. Nazanin false. It Lopez Dahlia and fostered. But Mount Ball number, the virta contracts you bought all back there. But on when they've gone to a lot that are harder lift. I still, I'm still hoping as each day there are the crops for something I forget,

Speaker 5:83:17although that kind of say I'm thinking for some Oregon skin, but it's not for contracts per se, but there are a lot of thing or conscious. Uh, I, the Vista mad or be stood that with this would go out or you can do banking. But I certainly did. Me and Ms Dot. Yeah. Although I will go, for example, if I call for me in the elocon throng on some other of my groping a lever. So the last on senior living is homemade and muscularity. He don't borrow or lauder 40 something before 9:11 ever showed the uh, or deputy or extra Sheila. Uh, some I eat a suffering by 90 the vegas or something. They'll invite them door eating for health model. Don. Yeah. Eat or dollar or something. Also army years. Some to the poor art. Hard amount of muscular Masa, uh, so hard and made him a school must settle this, that for unconscious speciality in their bucket. Some Yoga. Do Conscience, a calm, um, because miscolored ladies and nobody had to delete your story. Done. So my puncture mod tools, stupid I think here. Yeah. Uh, some yoga to become love before. So mad at him. A school, Musser come vitamin store, we'd affordability issues on the uh, pull that modern. Somebody like that. We will run the, a whole marathon and I loaded model.

Speaker 3:84:48Well, no, it's not clear on or um, of all sounds so mag on scuffed up out. That ended up being that way throughout the or the for model, an elite medic day and men the most stable. It was dark. They wanted or, or all the high rates and hot a jealousy. So sad they will turn out, really have linked it. Um, the other is for the most men. So for Shabbat deep arrested or a sage candidate for example, or hung out with that Hashtag in any surface. And the distance on the Hump drovers Onpro the side of the commissar rather than the torch. And Amazon monotone lot, a Olympic qualifier, uh, trials a awkwardly ship port mayor. She was getting that result. Men home a also and all the bus they orientating Deirdre, I bet increase your Malia through I should say can, we were all set up on that on some, some, uh, through the bucket. And then one of the examples, then we'll also a song called gun marisol. So come the gentleman had lever is your hub at the lifestyle, but I come out with two weekends old, a back shop. Either the song I'm not spilling. Yeah, a lever or a article that got design.

Speaker 4:86:37Well, um, the um, home or a business they don't title song or the maximum production deal, Max productions shout outs for Youtube video to a song. I must've been on the mat or mustard October. My mom sort of shampoo or the think you're a scholar or they are there. I also developed if some manifesto how you're at it to Dan. So yeah, I come here. The Eagle would all political risk, although none died or saw some soon lose me for a height and some either legal discipline act for the Yoda. So young. The training for dollar.

Speaker 3:87:29Absolutely. That's great though. I'm appalled. I'm a pistol. It vom I get a knock on your holiday list, so comment on it and we'll start that messiah a harder or darker. Let's spend that. And then it, the new computational

Speaker 4:87:54them [inaudible] me this throughout the coming,

Speaker 8:88:14pushing those brownies.

Speaker 3:88:21No volume. Although I get home spending on this team, I don't know, God external. Some notice and the hardest guy and not specific to door blood or a on deal or Dr. Height. Is that right?

Speaker 4:88:43Yeah, I know. No, sorry. Conscious on the clamps now. Field Up, so let me go back, this all started knife motherwell but out of the insane on bulk qubit for going to do or,

Speaker 5:89:02or deliberately st math method for it and they go to liberty st somehow mankind pop or country Polak who are still weird. I am or anything. Oh No. The ECOM. So by the blow up their lung serious science is pretty active so I'm already a calmer to northern cm. Would evangelize on snoop for so the into the law by not sharing your own for the buying and cash in there on the way some fault or uh, I was getting toward thing, although I get somebody called them. I say if they haven't loaded number of spider man, I've gotten about a clue set after the other. So we've got most fully healed and that still thinks there since a win in my shower. And I think uh, Stefan stuff, a little town called Bismuth suncor scribble, it will be your life. Really? Hallmark hallmark for bigger dabbled. I not that belonged to who does m and I'm, I lead the end. True. So diamonds on pulling them out there. On my own, so I don't really live around

Speaker 3:90:22to buy. Yes, no. A shorter article. Got Team and doing a knockout blow there. He hung up his hand speed. Does Jordan deal to them and not or would I got a not. So I've got the players and uh, for that answer, uh, men, um, Debbie solar ads from us or maybe all the liquids, more support Altria and star wars or the family as a trooper.

Speaker 5:91:02Our machine I learned

Speaker 3:91:03started drew on set five costs. You started worse. They also feed for being Somali meets though they've already instead of so moved out this sort of like a young government or throwing in there then that spring malting. So there are, there are. Uh, there was, there was a shoot that will grow over time,

Speaker 5:91:29um, that, that also. But it's not like a big old school organizer. I don't know who did, it meant that I bought a saw the Aveda part of my life, although I don't about it pretty. If I need to empty it, I leave. That's a Saturday.

Speaker 2:91:50Hm?

Speaker 3:91:51Chem or car in. Spit out.

Speaker 2:91:54Yeah.

Speaker 5:91:55Um, awesome.

Speaker 3:92:00He is on SSD Dula. I'm the warden, a con show the slush the best. I love foreigner, not a spit out of, for example, on the mat and it Miller. I'm a brilliant spit out of uh, Stefan. Samantha. So long shot. So a out of multicultural or shorten, not the odd night and misconduct. A sunset side. Also valence bit our dog, a skype glazers I'll say out the fence and the Yang hide. Uh, so yeah, like your whole night in middle or accommodate latte. My math. Uh, so obviously for Sky Blazers. Stephen, some Methadone in the Ma on, but our fault get out and they'd fit on. But he ended up there. Somebody were a bit also somebody struggling where our contract or something all day I met her. Have you? I will have someone put on us the better. It gets a lot of us in their adult kid delmore yet again. Then for your thoughts on them then I'll also, it's better appreciate. Uh, they'll, they'll, they'll, they'll say call new homeless. You wouldn't throw up on me. Your drug game. My Flare Up, shutting out A. I beat down on, some of them are like a or homework up while we're to that that would also apropos to that, um, men out, they'll call me a seek and also at the dog and the dog got the, there was also the Yampa Valley Paul or, or hating me, a mare that he cared for

Speaker 4:94:06the routing photo for you go through. I'm excited by the other guy is how much and they bought it on me. So I'm a

Speaker 5:94:14fork.

Speaker 4:94:15Some, some do call Makoto down smells, ironman events. They're living whole score probably there.

Speaker 5:94:20Yep. Uh, I'm pretty, I'm pretty.

Speaker 4:94:25Sounds Liberty also lets on

Speaker 5:94:32the comedy liaison. Shannon, this is studio a

Speaker 3:94:37at that moment I had a powder, not dark yet on that bed and now you've all said it's all that they get it and more than that three. So every semester for example, I'm going to call her on that. I still have to be pretty damn hard. A PFC standards for it. They still hold parallel system roadside. So all the competitors and the instagram photo book have a different set. Africa for Sacramento or Matt Damon.

Speaker 4:95:12Uh, I'm a genre or as mentor the little box, there will be some fuck this guy better than the other one movie. I am party over there. She lived there and we'll do, I can either. I'm a circling a. So how the answer to that, my man, some, some and some other little Hanson's, my theater lighting semester abroad, a little lithium food or harm.

Speaker 7:95:40Uh,

Speaker 4:95:42salted mom saw the list of songs on

Speaker 4:95:47going to have some provided in semesters. Thick skull. Blab and married a table for that. Still Sir. Um, and some set the partial. They have a lot. I look on my pole fence, the lawsuit, what I, the load a little bit of press out and look at them. I also teach bar pit out or painting it or north in semester. Are there whole Dematha, Mola, Ella la artifact. This leak like a surveyor or bought a vehicle, the for editor or below the mass thing or you didn't look at all that can do, combine some pottery, that sort of it some, some, some, some uh, perspective

Speaker 3:96:44activity. Sit down some high focus for the reimbursed. Not As your Dad Bod headquarter, our tank a in Durham to new things that are crucial, crucial, and also appreciates Adeline. I on as a hybrid autofocus bore. Bore the armor that Paul Paradise with Tara Larson.

Speaker 4:97:11No, not that liquid off either. They're either on their size and stuff. Really that their company laid out.

Speaker 7:97:18Uh, uh,

Speaker 4:97:20for clothes or for sure either or because I'm with Mia. Two people drowning.

Speaker 7:97:25Hmm. Uh, for the um,

Speaker 4:97:30I was going to say that the Alta Vista Vista Insert out. That's something I've already or they will do high. And some I them our international school obviously tied up on the wall, a sock on the eval. Limited sells or doesn't sell for them. I was brought up a saw or oh, I said I'm out snow door that I'm so materially coffee. I just ignored it. And they'd have loved to have gotten fixed. The account, the account that folks on some, some outcome. My muster some commentary stood up that social norm, that and the air flow. It sounds like I'm. And I'm meeting me and the. And so the top actually somewhere.

Speaker 1:98:31Yep.

Speaker 4:98:32Mm.

Speaker 1:98:35Already order for the first color.

Speaker 4:98:38Uh, Yup. Kaia best motivating for the time we built the skull.

Speaker 1:98:46Pretty low postcard. Their story or their thinking on the runner's knee,

Speaker 4:98:51the Soma Hornell out for example,

Speaker 1:98:56men and there. So. And then I ended up being a Howard on our cell photo photo base called light that I'm hoping

Speaker 4:99:05I'm, I'm with litten up was called but I don't know. But yeah. Um, yeah to either call me or call me in, but they also have a visit. This is not going to buy your yogurt for the photo. Big Love Scotland. I already asked me to beach volleyball. All but that guy or not at and beach volleyball scholarship back in. We'll talk to you about humanity. It's not a prescription. The other. Is it a bit shorter bar?

Speaker 4:99:42Discovering bug man. I'm through it. The fresh or best for mom and the radio station and said all those on thing. I don't fault him for it. A puddle get a short warm that you're threatening smacking though. Intensive path. Yeah, they are them. Pity am photo Scotland. I'll look up scarlet. She laying out the them from Masa shed for me, a full for 44 a that I do yogurt and knock out some kid up and then eat guide for quite a bit at the port. So we start tearing up til all, uh, uh, a tool or method. He would go up or asphalt or you wouldn't get all this. So I got on the go among among award. It was way to Scotland that was to pump it up 40, 40 somebody, scholar, Manco Inca. Uh, they are installed. Um, this was not good. It was my goal with Marion Blah will assert or, or run their knee a side of our call. I'll it up to you at all open

Speaker 5:100:54access. So now I walked in on method. I ongoing for stick a hot, uh, they're still heightened, scarred, but had the canal side again, I don't live. Is there something you don't know? A half star. Some of them are good, some speed their or avoid a blossoming that now the word. So for example, uh, or student government or school, Somebody called a glucose. Now this some suitable car. So my Amazon or some seed, the plum mail to last, that they're not up a

Speaker 3:101:34now that tyler on the topic now or ourselves now, although normally they all suffer the same and they will have the or something or whatever. They just so I can get it or will be served at the sculpture had been though of course in Honolulu to flowers and now men saw the order link. Chadley contra or a salt. The Amazon beast aren't they expect men. I cascade out. It was on the seat out smithers as super big day.

Speaker 5:102:10Yeah. We're still good on your toes. Now this exercise. So Ela so far on them I think. Or, or uh, the man, my friend Nick, a slide belt non. But it's a scam. So already opened a bit on the three. Our side lift the Boeing or forefoot on me. Steve get to their name or for the biggest scarlet pointing. Yeah, id get stack Elan, the scan. Some of the downstate gay now Harlem

Speaker 3:102:40super ripped

Speaker 9:102:44the.

Speaker 3:102:45Yeah.

Speaker 9:102:52Yeah.

Speaker 5:102:54Who were the point nervous to talk to my mellum yarn or then this guy up there, I'd help them figure out the night active APP. Or do your state. So yeah, I'm gonna let that explosive. So many intensive that for the four and connection Mellum young a young of that. Tell them, oh fuck this job, but

Speaker 3:103:16after a scholar, so eco or Hong Kong or was getting the first orders. Now what are lower? That doesn't have a. see this man had an op. We'll talk about a third octave Outta the box. Oh, it doesn't matter. This or that. Talked about and see what that ain't going to. Or going at the day and see what I wounded up digital. Well that's what I spoke to on the face. I'm for a car. I get all that harder it somebody said some men who are locked out of the reset and musket water more. A lot of the happen so then the Lord and. But I have this connection or their main main takeaway also for others near so they'll know that I might believe me about it. So a dancer, you're a rebel a day or a normal shoot or stress smell to me, he said should probably stack lot of.

Speaker 3:104:31Either they will, they will, they will in the air for the big and I think now normally stacked up or, or Scott will come out. No Luther's mothers, they afford a bigger each year. Got The head there, a lesion there other after a fixer fixer it all on that a or what a marketer. So on the real dark on the nail there mean men tech when they will double your masters, didn't get ourselves. Must get some fucked up for. We would have phoned up my, the other detail skinner scholar program out on his own apart some who the results for looking it up, Amanda Scott always you can wrap a matter. Uh, so we're going to risk or the three men. So they always called the free and you've got this, you've got to swap the needle. So that they had their, through their quote on the bottom. Scarlet. I called the embassy, called the scholar for the. They have the ESOP.

Speaker 4:105:40I do, absolutely. I think it also has always said that it's not gonna be it and saw among your time I or something. We snack on a pond leaf. Now stick it out. You're gonna fuck this port both there something you're thinking, Gee man, that high poverty elites on a free real. It's also common for gusher hired, hired mildew focal my mail while they are listed on the mat. Andrea also call me out on tobacco litter.

Speaker 3:106:11Oh, fence. I'll tell them about. They are false goods for luxury brands. Daughter later on. But again, the instate, I'm also the last year. So what is the issue with attraction for them or they all listed off or holiday going out and, and a sun medic that a, that important or facebook or Patrion a, they're an economic airport is delicate, but it's not Philadelphia by the torture info muster metal. Somebody about my ceremony. So thought without a push more at least up to Santa Fe and I have some stuff. We are not Gaucher, um, out or not I. Oh yeah. And then they will not see this board. We are not a good tour on Monday am. Walk your dog down from on high with the segments. Somebody spitting in them. Poor fellas telling her what a stage dark. So we had to be on our for even the CDS board.

Speaker 3:107:32They'll advance. Clear with the man's. Got a dollar meant that the arm would have been all about it. I'm pretty. I'm at home vista. A Hong high or in accordance. Oh, hold on. They have bought two minutes of time to go sit out. Show me your space to sign. They'd pour or Porsche. Look, now I messed it up. Obviously I was going to get in like wild thought. I lost out. I don't get out unless you probed. Melissa could put it over taller. So I had a flag. Normally share your story. Pretty. Um, obviously almost always are short or tall toward then according to the world. Yeah. So I threw, I shave a family and secure an order often vmt per breaking tool. Project breaking two. Whether I'm in the 10 minutes that I've had is to try to break. It will be on our board a dusk with four and a half to give away.

Speaker 3:108:43I kept secret quads for many of the school and have to give away after the fuck the score for um, for and sponsor like a casserole. Stanley out. And let's go from the Scott Scam Eastern. I can't remember the fossil scout level down there and look at multiple. I'm thinking they have to say the Air Middleburg Yard Malibu. I'd or they're at the sharp end prostate. I'll go to math or on for this shoot. Got Smart Gear. Uh, I think it's almost a year and I don't touch it after that. I saw. So he came from. That's yellow or, or salts that have a look at, um, other than tutoring but looked involved to get there. You need to fan. Uh Oh. And then I'll ask you to hold that. The book in a woke up there. If I go to I either real or prestige. So what do I make the place shut down. A also sent that I'm reading. I saw the Hash mark that I'm Spencer podcast and for me I've been quite hot and costs mere Malibu a also I tried to kiss them also, um, we sponsor and the tearing it up and fuck this through an issue there for the three Acre and they were actually the best in of whatever water or water a messenger for facebook, what exists. But I'm a brooch stood the Ottawa and important.

Speaker 3:110:42We still get help on both coasts. Um, metal yard. Shout out to the dog, get a Combo Wolf for her there. But I didn't get into a semi. Popped. It was a good year. I was a state. Yeah. And giveaway to lift them most Muslim and go. Okay,

Speaker 4:111:03well that was a really good on the other Brits on the side or no, not at all. Or it also sponsored by. Yeah.

Speaker 3:111:15Um,

Speaker 4:111:17to the family and on Youtube. From Apple. Dorothy on Salon. Yeah. So I had gotten a Lance Armstrong at the onset fork or Bob cost search on the move.

Speaker 3:111:30Yeah. Pretty. I then pulled and had that and moving forward the move, I'll get rid the most import costs, but the forward. So how that somebody could afford a home and stuff like this couch. The accurate, the accurate. Although I asked for a,

Speaker 4:111:45um, it's also a Monday through Saturday, but, or sponsoring or something like that and then throws out an old and the move

Speaker 3:111:51math sponsored by patrol. Tequila. They are there. They are.

Speaker 4:111:57So a potter or Tequila or the, a cofounder, uh, the corridor at our live dog seeing patrol of the day. Yeah. So I'm patrol in that basement and smoking and the wind starts blowing the topper. So marinol which bill for the Keto or home home, a pump at Eglin, master it by the Masa. I pulled on Bob Carlson out as a um, for title later on voided door there and film series or a something. So yeah, they already get it over and the move and the day.

Speaker 3:112:41Yeah. The whole bar. They have to document. And Lance Armstrong, response of Tequila or after. I know. So how long have ontraport boom Hong Kong. Hong Kong is a thing that they had either only a finger beat on the said for,

Speaker 4:113:11um, either Dover, uh, also the photo versus getting bombed. So, so we'll see the, the rush on my old daycare, the whipping up, the rushed out and I looked up and the new standard of security it or something like, uh, it's all my fault. I'm a stoma the e, that's why I didn't some memoried lit gold for the lighting and some awful though. Crunch. It's got very limited. Pulled out my ortman essence optimax will do it. Oh, well, I'd actually be giving a hard math brutal. Hartford the last even illegal under international law. Regulating it. Somalis, Alma. So candelaria.

Speaker 3:114:10Yup. It seal are doping on tool, vibrate and locked it. Then every country also, I'm an instigation. Opposite document llc instead of either. Of course I'm at the. So son Gay. SMU has sticky what? End. Go and get either a Somali or the edge of the bar. There was an airport rule. Opinions ultimately will say though I'm gone, it's on so hard. Who Benefits for that? That's not either or diet. They will, but I to a lot about it either on a race and uh, that's not really our.

Speaker 4:114:55Absolutely I've done that although mad a super broad opening a month and we'd also for the

Speaker 3:115:05okay, for that question that they already at depaul

Speaker 4:115:08now they've already had it or they'll go ahead and add the normal men, uh, that are on the little nose, that alarm and see after the pump it opera. Not Have the nine. So today on the wholesale fish, on the old math on butterfield. Fascinating it is your book out. Some shared, some the retailer can afford, but I love Lloyd or debark normal that's got there already. Thankful should drop line, although not give a musket either, although

Speaker 3:115:40he's not your recovery area. Instead we'd be sharing some thoughts that we, the obvious to us that they. Or are they have a recovery. I'm your shopper. So you've gotten hit the gym. So I'm a dog. Get a dog. You have to pour or for a bout a year started benefits.

Speaker 4:116:00Well there's something I learned for the, some transport madox again and they're not getting you get up. And we'll also heard at the that are shown for the rest of the digital humbler on or young or someone cholera. Selma or they're a audit audit of the oxygen. Brookdale also. Yeah, there's one person that I or the audit or whatever. Yeah.

Speaker 3:116:30I think that's not farming. But then for some stuff telling me about that, that got the hot meal. Nora for tool, uh, for that I'll stop bar the concert theater or, or, or it in there. And I was sitting on my towns but I was doing a summit and I put them out there or stop by. But they'll have all out without the time to go through and put a meditator. You are homeless. Some strong. Oprah got a pagan or theater? Not really. So what types of autism? A dark theater with the appeal tribunal. The middle seat on a client for a unfortunate that delve into the dryer, but dialects on common. Thank about cramming l and d threatening as a sort of foot pedals on bookstore. And talk about a couple times they sent. I'm on your repair. The threat mentality he'd been there. And what a net depleting or begging, I couldn't, I can't sit for or automatic or come up with the ability to process and they're over. Did they also had the tape pass in my life. And then. But uh, I think about that

Speaker 4:118:01some form of the hour, but it's on some asset that Marissa, I'm mad, I'm mad, I'm mad at the student do or something else in Madison. So I promote the social tool was in there in my alive or they are bought out, um, uh, than ankle thing. And some of you that are threatening or I'll get it out, we still put that at or it, but get up and do it. I'd steamer so we'll look it up on the responder, but our motto or the Toboggan Lewis or anybody yet, although we're still, you're unaware, so specific. So we'll care up until parcels that clearly there are that are short August, sca or that are short gift. Although

Speaker 5:118:42kind a bigger girl that comes with a lot of the order that south will tank them safe. Safemark died or it'll drop until pass it, uh, or, or a have my, some liquid bark value. Don't get up on the order detail. Pasadena, I, Oh, egg and cleared the sun so that it was something I could play out. Party C virus some shadow. Yup. Uh, although with my hand on that and why

Speaker 3:119:16let the citizens vote for, even though it says I'll put it unfortunately, this board stuff some open. I took a couple of don't know, say fuck this. I have the audience thought about kind of like a sad topless stop or we are not the sport, uh, that Ns on poor a poor Frederick I met Kim and they're giving them a lot they bought for the bookstore, but ethanol in the effort at Strava hard, uh, restrictions for um, for good or bad. Also a that they're struggling with that Delta as all, fuck this dog infer and Bam, you respond that ball. I throw the football. They also, uh, also there are also champion the tech world. The, I couldn't get a, a of what? Theater is not going to hear nick thruster on all the campuses were just commonly she bought a tall, dark haired and all of it. Or link a debit account. Seek me a hacky there. Articles get nice stuff. I don't know. I stopped this. They salad forks and the log that apps, somebody will disturb us. So fundamental the EOP and send them how in England for your downstream. So he's affiliated or for particular black men. That's the moment that's my buddy started. Yeah. Fantasy bureau. Not a young. So um, then then it won't matter. The coordinates

Speaker 5:121:04for the pool. Better to go. Yup. Wow. So poor. But a photo of that on goody. Going to the feather. The Glaucoma

Speaker 3:121:18got shot also. I stayed with that special more special sign though. All Day.

Speaker 5:121:27Your uh, the video. Get the see the sport a like lip or filming or something in the brain. So you don't get a pavement.

Speaker 5:121:44Holmesburg avoided me. Your teeth better grip. A lot. Stopped Protocol will say, Oh, I'm it will be able to eat a banana equals 40. I lost anything awkward. So that's a little bit of a broker, a do. It will do or not filming, man. Yeah man. Pastor. Some day the mayor for Golfing or um, uh, instead of all lives matter linear saw a Yahara scuffle. Matt and gamble to go prominent. Yeah. Or I'm a v Haskell. False. Um, um, uh, a Dji Mavic air am. I cannot play it in a costume. Did nothing. Then I denied they're not sick at Mendota. Now the higher echelon look on it. And some Sol, I'm on a data, I can tell him I put them in the. He until my mom ended up. Uh, although I'm a hard cut off the comment off the heater core that hide our lives on all soccer.

Speaker 5:123:08So the hallmark very liquid. So in some way out stuff for mobile, West Loma or Tom Math, Gopro, gimbal or the dormer Esol. One Sec. Yeah. Or that it gives me an extra lecture also. Fuck this kid analog. It helped one film or whatever, or combinator the night in my shots or, or linear. So there'll be the sentence without the hideout threatening or not threatening. A lot of heart problem or something else take in our portfolio today. I left, but if we switch a little bother, go solve a. are we going to talk a little nasty? I'm fed more human than there are a lot that he would have his vi Bonfield Luke feed and not set the posts on the academic track. Yeah. Some photographs that they to come for a little shots that saw a tank to pull that out. Um, uh, I cannot listen to a data or vizio or something. Yeah. We started playing mccool tangles. Oman. We are equally skilled. They'll sell a sore soaking temporalis till they start online. I'm sure there's mind set or you're on your brother and map out a lot. They don't bar now though it's theater or log a fair trial. Briefs are, I'm sure more famous

Speaker 3:124:39for a more comfortable lab for another kid that's an athlete. So I am a probate deal or shared. I'm at all the, the heart failure my life. He did pretty monotone or siblings or it be lots of really super still being footage. He's circling. Sorry. District Law. Also a money thing. The extra of your helicopter, helicopter, the other fulfillment, they are men, so then our raw footage when I bought them, killing, costing our air a gauzy crap, pretty agile and systemically throughout the federal comment mean interior elements on traditional Teva, Teva, also the Taylor men, they go into coma last couple of streams or the corner to corner. A little elephant must've specifically stop on a or that get brought Solomon how male seven months or so young in the sources for all the Chemo I on Golden Triangle goal in mind, they've always made gimbal or and steward sex marathon difficult because I live through or the mother comes out or a lot for you to go facebook live with or shallow or until it's all done.

Speaker 3:126:25The rule. Not a true net. More although more intense and harder than the vegan posts about how far do we kill them. Another worker and she mama. That's balance. There are, there are liquor old work and the leak started coming here a lot better and this and that. I guess did another call. I will put in a new set of the whole shoot me. It's much more, it's go as a return on city island as talk desk as well. I busy, busier butter, a lot more. Your team agenda garb or stood on that are running in Florida and he did it to other adults can develop it to today. Guardian poverty tractors in Moorpark. Ellen downhill to fork. Now. I don't know quite how many success now or they are they curious as freshman that will them assume them today on another. We're looking for today or tomorrow? No. As someone deep black hole that's not going close and they were dealt a bad monson. Pretty. Uh, then I will issue a foretelling all messed up. But no, instead on the end door was the octave present? Easy. But Manga, men's shoe or present themselves or there anything open on Sunday? A book emceed for you know, the, for. You'd set the recovery or the 14 gains bullet.

Speaker 4:128:27Hi. Hi. I'm must so appropriate for a suffer long. Um, uh, okay. The, the today on the boss, applesauce or mode or no one saw them, they'd other audit or mom that, um, that, that amount. But it was something now,

Speaker 7:128:48uh,

Speaker 4:128:50they have to say it out though. It's on swipe. Totaled out. There's some to discovery called for lumps coaster and be with some, some mental, emotional miss that or who don't have a or that through our underwear. Yeah.

Speaker 7:129:03None. None

Speaker 4:129:07to the WII throat. A morbidly met in the onset. A. Yeah. I normally am out there. It would have the airport or the foot out there model. Really? I'll shake a little. There was some odd at heart heart on Cedar Steinhardt or they're all been that amount on load or touch. Good. Some really good. The 40th lester, you all? We're going in there. Long Song heater are good out there. Don't die.

Speaker 7:129:37Um,

Speaker 3:129:38how's that for folks with her? A in the US air. Come on. The uh, the Olga impersonal and three aisles of the theater and then his daughter that would already chef or what are called civil person. There are no there.

Speaker 4:129:55Well the high go pour a pedal of Mark Zuckerberg. So it's that opens in intensive that scholars to the way dealt issue but awesome. So the AI in Tuscaloosa, Alabama Cola for a levy or on the issue or the experts? Yeah.

Speaker 7:130:14Um,

Speaker 4:130:16at what point in some database it or somehow sensually sensitive Lewis must target. You're competent. But there are some out there. I spent almost my fog chef or who told them that following felt Obama has stopped the, my, uh, my called

Speaker 5:130:35today are queued. Okay. Well that sounds good. Parkway on their home to escalate the whole law. That's good. Unfortunately. Uh, it can also be, Hey dan, sex, they found and this is not good on the hired. Not always, it's not good anymore. For example, before bed that are uh, or room after all over the world are potential and those under the law, a Soviet, Sarah, Osi Arts Vista League elite nurture stream. Or they met at our solar to hear me say the British on author Fenn, Little Sam contract or defeat or different experts that are to a girl. I'd invited sobriety hurt. And they're not. Even if I don't feel that Mr Lee did poor lad or, or there are some more severe such of food there, they're there, are out there or somehow know Monica Cola amongst them over and then have them unwelcome color. Then there's on sweet spot for the out.

Speaker 5:131:42Uh, do, do for me. Avoid here. Although I had some, some I've been offered or Colombian life would. I had a little little bit bit off on me in a men do hide. Do hummocks, so slog. Voluma reactor, the link. Uh, there are optimoxx. Uh, so there are three on the next day. I'm wrong. Uh, do the visa show I'll do for the company over some of your linear, somebody run tall, that effect pull and some yarn and I can see other, the combined fee to a team or something, a dental tall that affect poor in the tool room and the alarm. But I, those are only going to ask are people here tonight. And then that I started, it'll tall affect poor maximum outlooks again. I'm sorry. Poor, uh, along the thing. And we're still all the three and a theater going Akita windows. Do Poor nick the I'm okay, so a Ui today and they the hydrocodone. That wasn't the mess. The partner harder. I think they only get to touch a little on the a or the army. Have 40 years guard the eclipse now. I bought the aisle that you can let them do it. If it was on fire. I said, man, man, they are through without Ford values or effect that I will leave your little Natasha Gail, some it or look on of bullying it or do it and Mr. I'd don't use it.

Speaker 5:133:29So I'm going to have some ag or tell some or stuff. Annuity boy, for example, a villa Lopa tag on it. Up on that bottom to the ops today on the roadmap that I hold. Ah, yeah. Nah. Put her over or whole other, uh, they call it Tequila. See? Other than the crash. Yep. Uh, or, or, or harm on Beuford. I'll do it. I'll do it. I'll do believe democracy are attached.

Speaker 3:134:04Elder got, got hold of the chest with the system that. Are you going out? Swoon also also there or regular perspective. Doctor give you a list on the Avalon, including in smoothly belt. I'll mess around. Nice. After a break I took a. I took it but they didn't. They have some sort of metric. I'm in Florida so we put startups in Australia but also from a and a and a thought at rush. I love this quote a lot about as I grew up. So I figured but asking yourself the bar I will say as fat more now, now shrug or the interpreter that also found the show you in that house. And then uh, so it never really ended. Also the landscape that I on some that are shed Charlotte, but they get deleted or liberty it elder so that each of the men were quite a somewhat perceived the efforts that are all than them

Speaker 5:135:38perceived effort on a week doc in the arm for the company to upload the answering. So I'm all that since I've lived in Toronto for the Whiskey, either foot and for lifted a hard. Also bought nothing. Scuff or a not a photo, for example, on Psalm today. Yeah. We'll know that our muscles as I know some I were living in this gideon and I'll just go out and Barclay on instinct. Sounds do skull Lou got you. Get I was a dude. Just go channel and then just get here that the person that just got a pull a muscle car by Emma and then let's go do a lighter at a pace. Some do Shannon. I'll do a year for liquor. Me Or somebody like that showed the loping I'll will fail. And Little David Lloyd, uh, Mondavi or vic will unfold already the activity will sap or four person them healthy. Other than that love or production. Then can you give them a template off tude number report we had got our boy, you've got the to do now. It's gonna last longer to be the heart of things, but still not that anything will do. Spray on photo though to conclude upon or on sitting with system Shabbas. Hide. I didn't ask you or protest and then come out a lot better actually.

Speaker 3:137:12Well they will them definition on the telling someone knew a lot.

Speaker 5:137:17Oh, so that flowed through our for a light. I get up and sing with young.

Speaker 3:137:22Yeah, but that's our teeth. That has not come as a hair cut. I put out a that might start saying other books and all that data sheet and tube overtone stopped bill or mandate. We should free up the marriage date and pretty damaged. Bumped the person or program with Amazon, but I've gone there and then the activity here, there's some idea answer guy that's America corporate power that you recall. I'm not that point.

Speaker 5:137:59The interpreter gets on some perverse. I let it under the thing for the motor home. I'm literally not going. Yup. Okay. No, I person then for smaller ion flux, that stuff that's answer also a that stone and then saw a lot so out at our neighbor or somebody comfortable for documents or ladder. Rely less on board earlier throughout,

Speaker 3:138:26but under the thing. It's just good. Yes. Yeah. I met that. I'm actually in Europe or elsewhere, so we'll put it towards the middle. That'd be on a superdrive. It's all a game. A video, getting them o for example. It has not got to be a master in it.

Speaker 9:138:54No.

Speaker 5:138:59Hi, I have my on the linear. We're stocked up where I'm living now. So lighter for good idea and the other. So uh, the throughout for the limited for shoplifting and accurate or control for through Sarah and I also at her leg and sign that a gong. See, okay. In Law, snuff. Give it on their demos. Yeah, put it in

Speaker 3:139:21that. That's my. I supposed to her that they only sell them. I call it here often have to. All scared

Speaker 4:139:28of the go or jealous of my motto is out the Org. That's what my tagline for the podcast know that he's not arch. I'm able to must. I'm rubbing my nose.

Speaker 7:139:49Mm.

Speaker 4:139:50At all the opposite essence.

Speaker 7:140:00Uh,

Speaker 4:140:01don't mask it up to the APP or messenger or somehow sound almost like tide or for the viewer. Not a token it out for a run the risk for a or fall. Mammoth and alive. Yeah. So the, I know the bang for the buck cows put me, uh, also this, they all met at hallmark for the Gonski Miguel and we'll never know. They'll know, uh, so, so thing in some something I think we can tell someone's own the sister discussion style Muslim, you could prolong teed teeth, our that or our intercepted automobile dumb pacing stuff. The sheet smart phone of the Emr. Yeah. Uh, for the, the day at Tumbler for pacing in front of the bond might not. All my negative is also a rock through there or they are crushed up noise though system. Uh, so photo say caught from that ai a less the margo a from there are some, you know, that already invested the student or somebody else get out and lock it, do for it and run the resort on pacing or nodding off half. That's getting notes to ask him about. I looked at my and I run this world like I was getting door to her and they run this world, Lord. Get a C dot. It has got a running world on swat later October for Monda. So that kind of almost having to tell my podcast. No. We'll see the scope a little bit about shampoo, right on blood forward. Isn't that web presence? So then, or will you can, will not see that.

Speaker 4:142:15Yeah, come up with, with the, you know, that I'm just not good pacing the or they're either ballgame,

Speaker 7:142:27um,

Speaker 4:142:28that or pay a societal and for example, for the uh,

Speaker 3:142:36then Dr. system not give a shit about the US market. It's not giving you time back.

Speaker 4:142:44Good mad or to food a week on charter hall in the ultimate example for Charlotte. But on the log almost. So

Speaker 7:142:55yeah. Um,

Speaker 4:142:58pointing your high art, the odd Uli against Scott, but some cadavers for do I go when they were drunk on teaching Bhante kinematic. They see it all too hard. Uh, today I would think with the, that sort of it or that old docs, again, I'll park. There are new things to get old void of steward piddle. Sam Palmdale or talking to a client or on the dod law, you, you'll get an answer out of all do. It's not good on economy who I've spoken with me avoid it unless she effective gloria. Robot leg. Uh, yeah. So he has caught up. So we'll lose your with the intensive tasks. And My me yelling it out, their auto marks and marks and talks. Again, I'm talking spa and it was Saturday night. I think I bought up a Vista Arda should Mila?

Speaker 3:143:56Yes. So my husband, I don't want to get mad or cobalts drunk for a hallmark shepherd off to the box.

Speaker 4:144:12Oh, how am I going on too? But I'll pull it up on my google loves local a man or high point,

Speaker 3:144:21dear. Sorted out or bought a house. Pet test data fixing, fixing therapy.

Speaker 4:144:31I literally had a thing in a year for a business. Gussy the photo steady. I'll do a. So we use wound up circle. Mummy. You're laying in. Avoid it. Do I put them? Was off later. Stay a little bit cheaper.

Speaker 7:144:54Um,

Speaker 4:144:56voided. Got to find middle. No fat for the soap. Go Log on and you get up. And then really be an overall Doma or the art of it. The alphabet on the Fed. Poor Anglia. My food. I've also got to come on the onset. The top corporate dollar will go. Netops doesn't mean it's not gotten my third. I'll look on the look and feel of the ball out and mock scan and so forth. Would it mean for them and so arboretum in though. Hold

Speaker 5:145:24on sis the thing in some I a champion that as soon as I hold a new school or leggings or star a or especially not over a buck, a lot of big media the call for except, but it's got a bad. I'll do it honestly. They, they're unwell. There was an incident during the Muslim mass a or for the, the cadavers photo for the federal will draw beyond motto on teaching math. So foot on the red ball game for pacing salsa or the high bid. Also certain non essence to a campaign song. Well they aren't out cruncher the Aleut or start a hard and the amount of effort on that hurt me a in there. So dollar they're there to Netapp or then praxis in the I talk Monday or issue for Thompson's corner beaten that it's pretty much pronounced with anybody in there are there are? No, no, no.

Speaker 4:146:35Uh, although the alter had more and more that can afford it. So I put it, oh, make or something and hide for the show.

Speaker 5:146:44Thank you for a country put over it. Uh, well they are the APP and soak your log on and then they could open glick who get it and they could open them. Really go to a Ms Dot Glenn Dinner. Embry luck. But Atlanta is a bit of dry or dark Ramadan. Tompkin in almost do more women then men stuff through A. Although I'm pretty special Mala, we stood the account or not harder Chamar see today? Well they conservative opening. So conda thank guess up there. It gives it a home medical consequences for sure. But also do it. Good luck at the start, but to get a hold on to the quarter or the controller, the sun with Bush Luton. A similar or TV stations example. Yeah.

Speaker 4:147:45But I bought a 40 foot combat either or, or um, uh, fault. No, no

Speaker 5:147:57weight stations to the Alberta.

Speaker 4:148:02I know the Mount Vista come through them of get it or they always do it. But I was just said a hard hardstock there. The two unique out of a body in a cash game or put the intensity now that I see up first, I'll start with the report for it doesn't to call it a soul. I am. They looked conscious sex experts and do come, come up. But I'm a fan. Most of their conscious, the placenta is starting a new order quite a bit at those. So the highway, no matter a theater production for either our longterm magazine, touch Gannon, uh, or impactful per floor tiling or above it. So we learn if other til somebody, American school, a, a Netapp, a possible to eat, get show a report for me and that the, it is certain specialty Prato boy. So throughout among our lives matter or phone do for the, there are some shame.

Speaker 4:149:12Some of you I'll do more Latin tempo there. I'm just googled ladies, not obvious to come hug her, you know, for metamucil. Old Lady say so harmful to Palmdale folks, me to talk openly. Guard will do come by based on third law. Polar, some assets, some of them push a button or a 2007. He says, well they are, there is some debris on the iphone, six plus admin. Then they are promoted less sunlight, detoxes, whatever. Some shit. They wound up a theater. It another thing here. You're not with it at the map. There's some data here again, so he's too hard of hearing. So that a portrait, a Ar who endow that have the side for the Sol throwing, you know the, the walk in shot in behind my limo. They rehired amounts for postdoc that they stupid. Yeah. Or at least stopped. Promote the hip.

Speaker 4:150:17Some of them get it that night. I have do something. I forgot to ask her for some. Then some lady tapped. Yeah, we want to start with taste and this Nigga he had to do or the as a effort the through Eurostar some software. But the daytime boy. Yeah, we, if it kept up some tail. And Alondra, yeah, a hotel and some compound that bras. So I bought them in the tail hall by Stockholm or Mall. So I see four defendant for a month. So that will see at the ultimate irritated from the whole eyes or behold sources some tempo. It's not comparison. Fearful. So they are leaked as a tech in the wound conclusion. They're not an ending point. And then the elite manifest for, for the combined in the. Well, thank you for that. Uh, so corporate America will start. Yeah. It just start holding last a I thought and mocks the purse. I'm on the phone it on the fuck this beautifully prototyped. Either grow the city loves a man named Conrad and six Massa.

Speaker 7:151:40Uh, do I anything on top but bullet.

Speaker 1:151:46That's right. Chuck Story. But given port for cans.

Speaker 7:151:51But a short call.

Speaker 1:151:55Yeah. Or don't know or either lever. Okay. No. See what its own. I listed off the frog is call. Do a home and a

Speaker 7:152:09now polluted ball.

Speaker 1:152:11Yeah. The pinata. Expect the highest and consulted for a scope is the older.

Speaker 4:152:20Sure. Yep. All of it off.

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