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Caregivers' Grief

July 13, 2021 Kathy Gleason, Stephanie Kendrick - CoHosts
As I Live and Grieve
Caregivers' Grief
Show Notes

Caregivers are unique in that they give everything they have to care for someone in need. Some provide care for loved ones, some provide care as a career and yet others provide care out of a passion to serve. They are all subject to overloading their lives and burning out so the rest of us need to be aware of this and how we might help them to help us. Join us as Nancy Light shares her experience both as a caregiver and as an employer of caregivers.

Episode Notes:
We discuss why some people are inclined to be caregivers as well as the risks of becoming overwhelmed. Caregivers grieve, but frequently find themselves unable to fully grieve one loss before being faced with the very next patient and family in need of their services. This can intensify to a point Nancy calls the "boiling frog" point.  Nancy Light , BSN, RN, MPS has worked in the healthcare field for over 45 years. She was the Chief Nursing Officer for Crouse Hospital in Syracuse, NY until joining Francis House as the Resident Care Coordinator. Nancy served as Chief Operating Officer and then as Executive
 Director until her retirement in December 2020. During her tenure, she mentored many individuals and developing homes in the area of the social model of hospice care. Nancy serves on the professional advisory committees for Nascentia Healthcare and Hospice of Central New York as well as volunteering for Francis House. 

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