Crime Theories

Missing: Newlywed missing or abducted?

May 25, 2022 Adriann Barrett Episode 105
Crime Theories
Missing: Newlywed missing or abducted?
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Judy Smith was born December 15, 1946 in Hyannis Massachusetts. Judy was 50 years old at the time our story takes place in 1997  when she worked as a home health nurse in a suburb outside of Boston. Judy was a Newlywed, being married for the 3rd time. Her 1st husband had run away to Sweden to avoid being drafted. 

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Welcome my beautiful people. Welcome. OK, so can I just say it's finally starting to behave like summer and that makes me really excited. That it's starting to behave. It's starting to look like summer. It is. It has been so bipolar with the weather lately, at least here, but.I got plants in the ground now and they're happy and warm and plants in the ground, plants in the ground you do. I'm trying to grow. I'm going to grow hopefully orange watermelon and I am so excited. Wait, no such thing is orange watermelon. Uh-huh. And I've heard really good things about them. But they don't sell them in stores because they don't sell most variants of fruits in stores. So you have to grow them. And I'm going to attempt to grow them this year.If I do, I will share a video of cutting an orange watermelon with everyone on Tik T.O.K. There we go, orange watermelon. Hope I succeed. Watermelon, orange, watermelon orange, watermelon. Now we have a song. Well, it's always important to have songs about orange watermelon.So there's been some news. That he was found not guilty. Ohh, it was the guy from Tara Grinstead.The guy that was against Terry Grant Grinstead.Oh God. What was his name? Ryan Duke. Never go. Ryan Duke was found not guilty.But. He was. I don't know if you saw this though.OK, he did get the maximum sentence for concealing her death. Ohh, that is interesting. So not for her murder, but knowing that. About her death and concealing it. Yeah. I don't know. That's so weird. Interesting, right? It is interesting. I just said four hours ago, but that's brand new news. So you guys are hearing it first. Oh, that's why I didn't know I was sitting here. Like I hadn't heard that. OK, yeah, four hours ago that has been released that. OK. I'm just going to read this on CNN's website here. So I'm just going to read it as it is. So Judge has sentenced Ryan Dick after a jury found him guilty.We're concealing the death of Tara Grinstead, but not for her murder.He was sentenced to maximum of 10 years on Monday. He is also, though, immediately eligible for parole. What? Yep, immediately. Based on anytime dudes already been served. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Confessed to killing her and they're finding him not guilty. Yeah, I don't understand. What? I don't know. I think I said that. All five of them said they're just convinced hands down that he's guilty of concealing her death, not actually murdering. So then who would be then? Do they think he's covering for someone? I don't know. That's what it kind of sounds like.Yeah, maybe. That's kind of what this sounds like, is that he's covering for someone, or the guilt of hiding it for so long finally came out. I would say no. I would say it's because finally her case got attention. Yeah, no kidding. Could he be covering for someone else? Absolutely. But I just find that interesting. And now he'll think he had enough to do with it. Though even if someone else was involved, he's automatically eligible for parole, so that's fine.Yeah, it's that's bullshit. Yeah, yeah, Teragram steads probably rolling over in her grave. Like, are you freaking kidding me? Yeah, it's insane. Yeah. So there's that, yeah. And not to mention that the judicial system is so fucked up, I'll put a very mildly. I'll just say someone I know.This kid got sexually assaulted and nothing 's gonna be done of it because they said they're under 12. If they were 12, then they could do something. That's not the best excuse. They said that they're not even going to have CPS go over to their house. Yeah, that's not the best excuse. What happened two years from now, then we would do something. But since happened, no, I'm really pissed off about this.No, I think you have every right to be.I mean, that's just like Dustins friend who. Their son was ten and four. Someone forced a kid on the school bus and there's video of this to give him head and nothing happened. I wonder how that kid is, like, poor thing. I was under the exception that he was actually a foster kid and that's why nothing got done. But now I know better, yeah.It's not because he was just a foster kid.Well, and regardless of the reason, even if he was a foster kid, something should have happened that even, like makes it worse. Actually, yes. No, I agree. The judicial system.Could do some work, although in my story today it's actually not a problem of the judicial system at all.But it is a weird ass story that I haven't. I don't understand. OK, let's hear it. Alright, I wanna hear. Alright, I'm going to talk about the story of Judy Smith.Judy was born December 15th of 1946 in Massachusetts.Now, Judy was 50 years old at the time. Our story takes place in 1997. She worked as a home health nurse in a suburb outside of Boston. She was a newlywed, being married for the first of the third time. Sir. Her first husband had ran away to Sweden to avoid being drafted.Hmm. Yeah, Sweden. I wonder. It makes me so many questions. So many. Why Sweden out of everywhere? Like, did he have Swedish background? Did he have family in Sweden? Why Sweden? It's kind of odd. You always hear about people like running to Canada. But Sweden? And then her and her second husband had had two kids. But, you know, in the end, things just didn't end up working out. So she dated Jeff Smith for 10 years before they got married. So she had been dating him for a long time, but they had only got ten married about five months prior to where our story takes place. OK, and I guess if you're third marriage, I can see why you take some time before you go there. Was heading to Philadelphia to attend it A to attend a conference, and they decided that she would come along and do some sightseeing while he was at his conference, you know, and then they could spend the evenings together and whatnot.So on April 9th of 1997, they were heading to the airport, and when they got to the airport, Judy realized she had forgotten her ID so she couldn't get on the flight. And so they decided that he would get on the flight and she would go home, get her ID, get on a later flight, and they would meet up at the hotel. Now, when I was first hearing of this story, I kind of assumed this is where things would take a turn.But it isn't. And it boggles my mind. Later in the story, this will come back up to me, OK? Judy goes home, gets her ID and gets on a flight, and the two meet up and everything's fine.So Judy gets on a later flight, gets to Philadelphia, and. They wake up the next morning, the morning of April 10th of 1997 and.Judy plans to go sightseeing while Jeff is at the conference. So they're going to meet up before there's a cocktail party that evening. So they're going to meet up to get ready. Now. They plan to meet up at

about 5:

00 PM to get ready to go . OK. So that evening, Jeff's running a little late, and he returns to

the hotel room about 5:

30. OK? And he's surprised to find that Judy isn't there. Now, Judy was typically the type that was on time, but, you know, she wasn't driving her own car, so he figured.Maybe there was a delay. She's out sightseeing. Maybe something happened so he didn't worry too much. 630 comes around, though, and.He still hasn't heard anything from her, and so he begins to get nervous, right? So he checks along all of the places that she was going to go sightseeing. And he has doesn't find anything.All right, he reports her missing to the police and people go out looking for her, right? Alright. He even hires private investigators, like multiple private investigators to go look for her.And nothing. No traces are ever found. No traces are found.She's just gone , OK? No word comes for five months.All right. Five months later.Hundreds of miles away in North Carolina, a father and son are out hiking in the mountains and they come across.Remains of a partially buried skeleton. Forensics would find to be Judy Smith. Hundreds like. It's like 700 miles between Philadelphia and where she was found in North Carolina. Judy had been stabbed to death.Now next to her were a blue backpack and some sunglasses that are believed to be the killers.OK, so now here's something even weirder. Judy was dressed appropriately for hiking. As though she had been prepared. To take a hike on the day that she died.Now, it isn't likely that the motive was robbery, because her wedding ring and $167 in ca sh were found on her remain s OK now. So they obviously were talking to so me people in the city nearest this trail.They had seen Judy. She had come into the stores and she seemed alert. She seemed to know who she was and where she was. She had even mentioned that her husband was at a conference, but how she ended up in North Carolina and how she ended up hiking and how she died doing so.I don't understand. So just that's a weird one. I don't know about you Brie but I'm really excited. So we are supposed to be getting in the next few days. Our meat cute boxes in the mail. I am always excited. You know how hard it is to find a good date night especially with kids and you know needing to be at home. I'm always looking for fun things to do at home. Ohh exactly. You know and then this makes date night fast and easy and on top of that they look really fun. We're actually going to do it.And box opening and the best part is this is, if you like what you see, well, we're doing a giveaway as well. So feel free to check that out on our tick tock. Yes, and we will be doing those boxes. So keep your eye out and we'll open them and you can see what they are and then make sure to join our giveaway. Jeff is not a suspect in this case. And he passed away in 2005, so he unfortunately will never know what happened to Judy.Now, Judy's daughter thought that she maybe like developed amnesia or had some sort of problem and wandered off . OK, but I don't know if that was before or after, because now we know that the the store attendant said that they had talked to her and she seemed to know who she was, know who her husband was and where he was.And it is highly suspected that she went to North Carolina on her own.And I don't understand why she would go there when she did if she planned on running away to North Carolina. Why did she go to Philadelphia after she forgot her ID? Like, it's so weird to me because wouldn't you use the ID is like an excuse like friends or family member in that room? In that area like, not that I know of.Weird once. You OK if she wanted to go to North Carolina?Why would she have gone to the airport for, gotten her ID, gone back to the house, and then still gone to Philadelphia? Like why wouldn't she have just gone to North Carolina then if this were like all her plan and her decision?Why would she have gone to Philadelphia and then the next morning gotten on a plane to North Carolina? My first thought is another lover. Like maybe when she met someone online that she was. I mean, it was 1997, so there wasn't a lot of Internet like that. She definitely could have planned to meet up with someone though, but it's still weird to me that she forgot the ID and then went to Philadelphia and met up with him.And OK, and so then, is the person she went to meet up with the person who killed her? Or is that just a weird chance?A couple of the theories we have here. Or really, there's only one.Is that some believe it was Gary Michael Hilton who is a serial killer known for killing in national forests. And he did.I mean have some known murders in the general area in the general time span. So some people think it could have been him. So their theory is that she just wanted to some time away from Jeff.Which once again is fine. But I still don't know why she would go to Philadelphia. I don't know. That part bugs me. But so she wanted some time away. She went hiking, and then a serial killer saw a woman alone.And Keller, is there any other killings around that area not at like the same time, I don't think no. Let's take a quick break. Bounce to the right thumb are you curious about the lives and motivations of those not yet very well known independent music artists? Well, listen to the podcast. Bounce to the rhythm. In bounce to the rhythm. My talk with these people and I let you listen to their music. And to tell you a little secret, their music is very good. Be sure to become one of their first initial fans. Listen to bounce to the rhythm. Well, sometimes serial killers, are they spread them out, yeah. That's why some people think it was him, because he has been known to be in that general area and it was his like go to to kill people in national forests. OK. OK. But still so weird like.Why was she going there? Why did she go to North Carolina? Why didn't she want to tell Jeff? Like, from the sounds of it, if she had been like, you know, I really don't want to go to your conference. You go and enjoy. I'm going to do some hiking. He probably would have been OK. Yeah. I just don't understand and I don't understand.Why? She went back to the house, got her ID and then went to Philadelphia. Like was that her? Like, that is why.Like, it's so weird to me if she planned this whole thing, why she would do that? Fair. So yeah, this one just is so weird to me because no one knows why she went to North Carolina. No one knows who killed her.It wasn't Jeff. He had a pretty solid alibi. Well, and I wonder too, because, OK, so other people think as to why she went there. Like I said, most people just think she wanted a separate vacation. Understandable. But once again, we don't know why she didn't tell anybody. Like even if she didn't want to tell her husband, why wouldn't you tell your daughter?Maybe it was just like a spare of the you know, moment thing. I mean, back then it was. I mean you have pagers but but like it seems like OK cause there were people who would talk to her. So I think she was in North Carolina at least a few days before she was killed. So Jeff was probably already looking for her before she was dead.I mean, that one isn't proven. That's just my theory, right? But that's kind of odd that's they can't. I mean, they can pinpoint an approximate, but they can't determine within those, like a couple of days from her body. But it sounds like she was maybe around the town for a few days, so he probably noticed before she was dead possibly. OK, that box, one of those ones.Yeah, it bothers my brain because it's like.What was she doing?Why did she do that? Did she just happen to want to take a separate vacation and then come across the serial killer? Is that really what happened? Or was she meeting someone out there for some weird love affair? So weird. It is just such strange circumstances, so strange I. I don't fully understand that. Well, if she was off having an affair, I guess it just shows you if she had stayed with her husband, she'd probably still be alive. She just stayed in Philadelphia, yeah.I guess our lesson is always let people know where you are exactly. Let as many people as you can know where you are. And if you do want to leave your partner, it's OK to tell somebody like your daughter and you know, still let somebody know where you're going.It's just so weird. Why couldn't she have called someone when she got to town? Like if she had, they had phones still. It was 1997. They still had phones from unless she didn't want her daughter to know cause. She didn't wanted to know that she was leaving him or something, or maybe she didn't think she was leaving him. Maybe she was going to have the affair and then go back and just be like.Oh, sorry, I just took a wanted to go for a hike or something. I don't. Yeah, that could be it too.So maybe she wasn't leaving him. She really just wanted to go hiking. I don't know.Still weird. Is there any other theories that people have? The only other one I saw and it was on like Reddit, so you know how it is on Reddit, but some people think that when she went back to the house to get her ID. That someone talked to her then and like forced her. So they were like, you are going to listen to me tomorrow, you're going to go do this, and that someone was like blackmailing her.So there is that theory that it was blackmail and so that happened when she went back to the house is like that's when they contacted her because then Jeff was gone so they could get to her alone. Possibly, but that's the only other one I've heard is that she was being planned. It doesn't fit. I don't know what would. No, nothing fits. It's weird just deciding to go camp, like hiking in North Carolina and not telling anybody and then randomly being killed.A relatively brutal death and not being robbed like it wasn't a motive for money. She had $167.00 ca sh on her. What was their motive of killing this woman? First of all, I think we need to go back to the question of what the crap is she doing there?Agreed. I don't understand why she went to North Carolina.Who just goes to North Carolina unplanned? And I mean, I imagine like they probably don't release this, but I imagine if she did get on a flight, they may even have like flight information and stuff. Yeah, if she boarded a flight willingly.I don't think she probably drove there, he said. You don't sing, so they don't know for sure.They might, but they haven't released it. They haven't said anything about Michael or anything. A vehicle or flights or her cards even, which makes me think that they probably could track her cards or flights or things and just they don't haven't told anybody because some things they don't tell in open cases. That's true, that's true. But I do imagine her husband probably have that information.Unless she was keeping secret cards and stuff, but once again, I would imagine that the. Like that law could still get access to this.Like I said, she was wearing her wedding ring, so it's not like she hated him enough to like take that off because it was noted she was wearing the wedding was kind of. I'm just the weirdest case. I'm very confused. Like, I don't even know where to go with this. I mean, you wouldn't tell your husband that you wanted to go sightseeing in Philadelphia and then randomly go to North Carolina by yourself? No. And chat friendly with, you know, clerks telling them that.Your husband was at a conference makes me think that she was dropped off there, but then the fact that she's wearing these hiking gloves like she had planned to go hiking. She was wearing a tire appropriate for her. I don't even know. Isn't it weird? This is one of the weirder ones I've researched. Like I kept on wanting to find something to make it make sense, but nothing.Made it make sense? It doesn't make sense at all. Like, sometimes you know how people ask and they're like, if you could have dinner with someone dead, who would you have dinner with? Would have dinner with Judy. When I ask Judy what the hell was going on? Yeah, like, what was going through your head and what was going on? Why did you go to North Carolina? Who killed you?Were your intentions to go back to Boston, where you worked and had, you know, a husband and children? Yeah.Where were you running it? Like I don't understand. I don't know.This one's weird. Right. It's weird. I don't know. Yeah, well if anyone has any thoughts or theories. On duty, please feel free to message us at crimetheories We would love to hear some theories as to wh at people think happened to Judy, because I have no idea. As always to o, you can check us out on any of our social media platforms, crime series, pawn on Tik Tok I nstagram. He spoke not of the main three that can keep up on the other ones are kind of fan made, but feel free to check them out too. And yeah, if you guys have any theories or anything like that.Feel free to send those to And and if you guys haven't been checking out our tick tocks, you guys are missing out because we've been doing some lives too and pulling up some stuff that we haven't talked about it so. If we go check on that too.Yeah, go take a look and watch for our lives. We try to each go live at least once a week. Adrian typically sometimes goes more, so I try to. But keep your eye out. Yeah, you can always ask us questions, or even tell us your theory is there. Cool. Yeah, always. And as always, guys just keep fucking going.So spooky season is here and that means that you know what you guys need to get on hunt a killer. It is a great way, as temperatures are theoretically going to start cooling down to spend a little more time inside. Yeah, for sure. Well, what great way to, you know, start up this spooky season by finding out your own little mystery. It's mystery box that comes to you monthly. I'm Hunter Killer is just a great way to help pass the time and get into that spooky season. So guys use code theories and you guys can get 20% off any of your mystery boxes. I'll go ahead and link it down below. So check it out. That's hunter killer.