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Murdered/Missing Murdered mom and missing daughter

June 08, 2022 Crime Theories Girls Episode 103
Crime Theories
Murdered/Missing Murdered mom and missing daughter
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This is the story of Arianna Fitts and Nichole fits her mom who was found murdered (Update there were two sets of babysitters she did not allow the first set to watch Arianna sorry for the confusion)

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Thanks for joining in and if you guys don't know Brie and I have been going online. If you guys want to check out the podcast live and before it actually post got her to check us out and tick tock. We do that on Mondays. Alright, so today's episode is about Ariana Fitz and Nicole alright, and it looks like it's going to be just me today, so we're going to dive right into this all right, and Rihanna fits as two year old two years old at the time and she was reporting missing from San Francisco, CA on April 5th, 2016. She was last seen in Oakland, CA. In January or February of 2016, on April 8th, 2016, Ariana's mother, Nicole Pitts, was found murdered and buried in the public park in San Francisco. It is believed that Ariana was not with her mother when she was killed. This is the belief of the FBI website. I post everything on the on our website 

You can feel free to check that out if you're curious about that. Ariana's mom, Nicole, was called to meet her babysitter Helen Martin on April 1st, 2016. She was believed to have traveled from her job at Best Buy Store in Harrison St Via multiple revi vehicle on 3rd St Corridor around 9:45 PM where I Blue Best Buy shirt because that is where she worked. That is the last time that anyone saw her was on April 1st, Nicole. Actually, you struggled financially, which I completely understand that being a single mom for a few years myself, I can definitely understand that, and she spent some time at homeless shelters. Where she was staying in a shelter she. Sent Ariana to stay with her father in Southern California while she was struggling, she kind of just her off to live with him for a little bit and then a little bit later she met straight pastor. By the name of I'm so sorry if I say this job the most sign breaks. And you offered Nicole and Ariana place to say so that you know Nicole could actually bring her home and she wouldn't have to always stay at her father's house. So she took him up on that offer and she ended up paying rent to him and Limache had a niece and I'm so sorry he's up. I say these names wrong again. I think it's so Leo Herney, who started babysitting her. Nicole's daughter, Ariana after a few months of them, staying there according to reports the mission 

was mean and abusive to Nicole. He often sent her text messages. Calling her names. Never giving her, I'd keep her home. Started to actually read her private diary. And tease Nicole about it, which that is awful. Absolutely despicable. Have someone else go through like your private diary. Nicole sister and friend help Nicole move from the Macy's in November of 2015 to Santa Cruz, staying with various friends. But she was. She kept allowing Saleo Hernandez and. Let me choose other knees. Helen Martinez to babysit Ariana. Now I'm not understand and Helen's husband, Devin Martin, who would also babysit Arianna. Now I understand that she's in a financial situation and she does not have a lot of money. But if these people are really that awful to her, why put her? In the hands of some one who she knows doesn't care about that about her daughter, that that obviously that sounds so bizarre to me. Like why would you want to keep them in your life? Seriously, if you didn't go check out my live on tick tock, you need to because meat cubox is adorable. I can't stop saying it's so much good stuff about this blog. Go check my video out and see what all what we got. But some pretty cool stuff including a Margarita set with this frozen little maker as well. And on top of that, like you are supporting so many small businesses, which is absolutely incredible. With one box and you can get a couples box or a singles box. It doesn't matter whether you're single or a couple, you guys can just have a night to 

yourselves and enjoy meat cubox, especially when you use code summer 20 and that expires on June 31st. That's meet again. That's code. Summer 20 meat worker offered Nicole Place to say. Tried to retrieve Ariana but the family refused to have Ariana back or allowed to Nicole to see her why and since then no one has seen Ariana since. The middle of February in 2016, reports state and that Nicole was very upset and urged by friends to call police. On April 1st, Nicole finisher Shift at Best Buy and Harrison St She sent text message, her family saying that she was going to San Francisco to meet a friend named Sam. Her family was confused because Nicole did not own a car and they have never heard of this. Sam. On April 2nd, Nicole posted a Facebook stating spending time with my 3 year old. Need this break like a car break. Her family doesn't believe that this is from Nicole, her daughter Arianna was two, not 3. And they used break instead of like like a car break instead of like I need a break. You know, like I need a break from. My kid, her family reported Nicole missing on April 5th, advised police that they couldn't locate Ariana either. So Ariana has been missing since February of 2016 babysitters refused to give her back to her mom. Then on April 1st was the last time that they saw Nicole and they reported her missing on the 5th on April 8th. A gardener in John McLaren. Clark discovered a large piece of wood resting behind a clump of Ivy, covered in bushes with odd silver character 

paintings on it. Underneath the wood, the body of Nicole Fitz was discovered in the fetal position in an uncovered, but previously covered by the wood shallow grave. After a body was discovered, police then focused their attention on the individuals who watched Ariana, while their mother commuted 2 hours to and from work. Please identify three people interested in the press conference who were named Helen and Devin Martin and Felino Harina. Authorities believe that Arianna safety was at rest during the investigation. Police discover Helena has served 6 prison for the murder of the father of her child, and this woman has served six years in prison for the murder of her father's child only six years. That is insane. That is absolutely Oh my gosh, she and her family gave inconsistent statements and refused to cooperate in this investigation. Ariana has never been found. How is this possible? I mean, what do you guys think about this case and everyone involved? This is absolutely insane. The sister of Nicole's that's actually told media outlet says she thinks Ariana is still alive and they wanted her for herself as like a daughter for herself, which I can totally believe that but. This is absolutely insane. I mean, first of all that that other woman would only served six years in prison for killing her kids, late father. Jesus, and now this year old Mom who is just trying to make it on her own is dead and now. Ariana has not been seen in six years. This is absolutely insane. Absolutely obviously. Obviously, she didn't expect this to happen and obviously, she felt like she had nowhere else to go and no one else. To turn to and I don't know if the babysitting was free or what, but 

when you're financially strapped like that, I understand I can under just letting anyone watch your daughter just so that you can survive. I definitely think that it was one of those three, or if not, maybe it's all three of them that did this to her. As always, keep ******* going.