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Missing: 94 Kids just vanish

June 29, 2022 Crime Theories Girls Episode 109
Crime Theories
Missing: 94 Kids just vanish
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94 missing kids just in Massachusetts have gone missing just in 2022. We also talk about Van  Rick Morris vanishing around 1:30-2:00 am he is a diabetic and was last seen with low blood sugar. There is a railroad track right behind him as well as mines, mountains, and fields, he could be anywhere let's bring him home.

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So summer is here, which means I need a new pair of sandals and the best place to get them is tidewater sandals. So these actually mold to the shape of your foot with this high density yoga mat material which makes them so comfortable and they focus on comfort. And style, so you can actually go to the beach and then, you know what, go to your dinner afterwards. And the sandals. And they have so many different styles. Guys, you need to go check out tidewater sandals. And you use code theories, you're gonna get 20% off your purchase. So let's code theories. That's tidewater All right. And so before I get into today's episode Real Quick, I just wanted to mention this as well. So.Earlier, we had talked about briefly about a few other missing people that went missing around the time that Gabby's disappearance happened.And not necessarily that they were connected, but that it was around the same time and they weren't getting the coverage that they deserve. But I did get an update from one of them. I have an update here from Eleanor Ethel Thompson and. But we have found out that she has actually been found and she's home and she's safe.Right now, from what we understand, we didn't we don't have a lot of information, but she was running away from an abusive home.And right now, she's in a safe place with people that care and love about her. Love her so. And that is always fantastic. That's always great. That's always what we want to hear, especially when dealing with crime podcasts like this, like being able to actually find someone and bring them home.Is absolutely incredible. OK, I also wanted to address this today. This is not my posting, I am just taking this. Someone gave me this information and I'm just reading it out as I will do an update on it and see what I can find but. Nearly 100 children have gone missing in Massachusetts in 2022. But as sink in for a minute. 94 children have gone missing in Massachusetts. This year. And then I don't know how this hasn't really been talked about and how I didn't even know about this, but. The Governor of Massachusetts has, actually.Made a missing children's day for 2022 to figure out what is going on. That was held on May 18th. Hosted by the state Senator and her name is Anne Gobi, the state Representative Tom's MOBA. They had taken part in this development and there was the Director of Forensic criminology program at the Anne Marie College.And actually the forensics criminology team at that college was actually the one that actually discovered Molly Brushko in 2023, which is kind of cool and. Melanie McLaughlin, so. The goal of their missing Children's Day event is to shine this light on these missing kids. They're missing. They're murdered. They're unidentified children throughout the state.While advocating for new technology and legislative legislatives to help law enforcement and victims families to continue their search for answers and justice.Every year. 600,000 people go missing within the United States. 600,000. And only. 4400. Bodies are recovered each year. So that. Just let that sink in. Before I get to today's story. And it says in here, it says, you know what? If almost nearly 100 kids in Ma ssachusetts can go missin g within this year and there is no media attention hardly at all, then what else can be hidden from us? Which is very, very true. Like, what else is there ? That's being hidden. Like that's absolutely mind-blowing to me, that 94 kids have gone missing in 2022 just in Massachusetts.And no one's talking about it. So here we are talking about it. I'm going to dig a little bit more information and see who these kids are and see if I can reach out to any of the families in the future. But.With that being said at.I also have a few updates.So the 1st of the month coming up, which means this listener story time. So and we have a little special treat with our listener story time. This time we have a giveaway. So if you guys send us a story.Feel free to send it to crimetheoriespodcast@gmail. com and put the tag line July story. And that's all you have to do. Just send us one of your personal stories of true crime that you might know or something that you find very interesting. And that's all you have to do to be entered. And we're doing the giveaway this time and this time it's going to be for Tidewater sandals, which you guys, if you haven't checked these out yet, they are amazing. They multi your foot. They're made of the same material as like a yoga mat. So I don't know if you guys have ever stepped on any.Yoga mat and just like Ohh, had that sensation of ohh. My gosh, this just feels wonderful. Yeah, that's what that does. So if you guys want your own tide, tide, water, sandals, that's all you have to do is send me your personal stories at.Crimetheories And then you're entered and we will announce the winner on a July 5th. Welcome. Hey guys, how's it going? Just a little quick little update. Sister had her wedding and it was indeed interesting. For starters, it was a Pagan Nordic wedding. They literally tied each other's hands together and exchanged daggers. The efficient never showed up, so they actually got married online and they have my brother-in-law actually officiate the wedding. No, he's not ordained or anything like that.Nope, nothing like that. And he was supposed to say in the script that they were running.They are going to go and run around the forest naked and also that they were going to sacrifice the lamb and he refused to say both of those which good job on his part because yeah.Just, yeah. Well, let's see. Last time I talked to you guys, we had my birthday, Chris's birthday, kind of had a fun thing with that. And we actually did end up meeting with the detective after a lot of calling and pressuring. And I feel like I know a little bit, nothing close to what these parents are having to go through. I think they know a little bit of what the.Parents of a missing person are feeling because I feel like I had pulled teeth just to get my kid an interview for sexual assault, and that's ridiculous.Absolutely ridiculous. You can't even imagine if having a kid that went missing. Anyway, that's just a little update there. I just kind of wanted to share that with you guys, so. So with that in mind, I wanted to share the case that I have not heard about before. And I feel like it. Every case deserves a voice and every case deserves to come out so. And I actually thought. A response from from someone in his family actually wrote me back, which is actually very rare. So I want to do it on a burn. Richard Morris and I don't have a ton of information on him, but he was assigned in Twila, Utah on. Almost a year ago, so June 23rd, 2021. Now he's a diabetic, so he requires his insulin.And he didn't have that when he went missing.Who's also wearing a baggy blue jeans bunched at his waist, black or Gray socks and black shoes. His right front tooth is chipped.And he has a pendant appendectomy appendectomy scar and then if it says if you see Amy you know contact the 12 Police Department. So with that in mind I didn't have like a ton of information so I reached out to was from the family on fine with Morris's Facebook page and this is what I was able to find.I just asked her. I told her I was like, first of all, I hope he doesn't come home sooner, maybe well, second, they're like it doesn't have enough media coverage, as he should, I know has been on news and such, but I have a podcast and I was going to do Rick starting help getting exposure.And besides, that doesn't mean you have any idea of where it might be or they might be with any information would be helpful for our listeners. We can only find it much, much appreciated. And I heard she wrote me back and she said he's an introvert. You know, one friend sounds like a lot like me, the family thinks.That he been, he was depressed and stuff and I think that he walked away and that he's still close to home though, but passed away in some manner. There are train tracks right near his house that he could have hopped on and to his state of mind and these train tracks are active, so technically he could have gone. There are also mines in that area. So if you guys know the story about Susan Powell and stuff, there was a lot of people that thought that she was in their minds around that area.And I actually did a video on her on my tick tock on the road that supposedly Josh Powell took the kids to go. I'm on their little camping trip in December, which was really odd anyway. Yeah, so you haven't seen that. Go ahead and check that out on our tick tock. But train tracks right near his house, you could have hopped on. So he could technically have hopped on there and he could be anywhere at this point, you know, with his state of mind, they aren't sure their minds.There's lots of open fields and mountain area and I know exactly where she was talking about. I actually when this first came out, volunteered to go search for him and I asked her her personal opinion. Do you think he just wandered off? And and I were expressed to how hard I know mental illness is and how like battling with depression and all that. It's it's a nasty battle. So I kind of, you know, let her know about that I think.The family. This is their theory. Unless they think they want to draw, don't they?They don't think though he was suffering from depression even though the media says he was. But he wonder everything when something like this happens. So I didn't know the media is going out and saying hey he had depression, his family doesn't think that. But at the same time with depression it's really hard sometimes to tell when someone does or does not have depression. I know this from experience. You can look all happy and everything on the outside and be hurting inside. You never know.And like they said, they said that they were wondering that because I mean everything goes through your mind. So I mean there's plenty of circumstances like there's. So there's a couple of theories like his family thinks that he's still close by somewhere, but he's passed, but then he's close by, but there is that train. He could have hopped on it and gone anywhere and could be anywhere. He could still technically be alive.And tried to like, start a new life. We've heard of that happening before. We've actually covered one where that 1918 nineteen year old did that. He just like, took off and then like five years later he came back to his family. So. And everyone thought that, like, he was just. They didn't know what happened. They were just gone.And I know that his sister, like, never gave up. And I think we have that. We have that on our podcast. You'll have to find out exactly which. Remember that one is. So it is possible that he is still with us somewhere. There's also mines like.He could have even wandered off. It's possible that he could have fell into a mind. It's possible too that he could have gotten hurt. It's possible because of the location where they're at that an animal could have attacked him. I mean, there's a ton of things that are possible in this scenario. So I I don't know. And I know you conspiracy theorist, are gonna also say, Oh well, he could have also been abducted by aliens.I guess that's always a possibility. That's always a possibility as well. Even even now, like they just posted on June 8th. It's very possible that Rick is on someone's property and I think they're assuming that he has passed. But they said please search your property, your buildings, your old cars, your RV, your barns, canals or ditches, everything, etc.And then after you've checked that, police throughout this form so that we can know where to focus on next. So and the items that you're searching for are. An opposite there's even a little thing that you can just scan with the QR code and everything will pop up but the genes, the black shoes, black socks, the flashlight, it looks like as far as I can tell. I don't know if he had his phone on him or not. I'm sure they probably have already done geocaching to try to find it, but they haven't not been successful at finding your location. I don't know if they know if you took a phone with them or any ID with him. I I have no idea.So, but I mean it's almost been a year and there is a chance that he, he is still here. There is that chance, there is a chance that he got on a train and is anywhere legit anywhere someone plus all this information for you guys please, please, please go to her Facebook and check find Rick Morris, I'll post it and the link in this as well and if you're local in the area. There are still doing searches, so feel free to come and look and help and see if we can bring him home. If he is in the area, which his family does believe that they they is. I mean his family just just wants some closure. I think there's a reward right now for $10,000 to find him. I don't know what you guys think. What do you think happened to Rick? And please just keep an eye out for anything like.Anything, these clothing items that flashlight remains. If you have any information or know anyone who may know any information, please contact the Police Department. I will also post a a thing on TikTok too and please share it so that we can help get him found brought home one way or another so this family can just have some peace and closure. All right guys and as always. Just keep fucking going.Hey guys. So again I just wanted to make a quick mention here that we do have that giveaway of the Tidewater sandals and all you need to do to enter is.Give us one of your stories.And we haven't done a listener story in a while, so hey, this is a great chance to.You know, tell one of your stories and when an awesome pair of sandals as well. I mean, you can't beat that. I'm so excited to get them. It says they should arrive like by tomorrow. So I'm excited to get them and I'll have to show them to you guys as well and let you know what I think about them. But with that in mind, please send us any stories that you currently do have. I would like to hear your crime stories. You are.Heck, I even like your paranormal and alien stories.Anything that you can think of please. We would love to hear it from you guys.Umm. Yeah. And if you guys have any thoughts on where? The 94 kits are. I personally am going to say I think that they've been used for human trafficking.That's just what comes to mind, but I need to do more research on this. I just barely found those. It was in my e-mail. I looked it up. I'll post where I found the e-mail from and. Yeah, that's my personal opinion. My first thought is that it's human trafficking.But if you guys have any other theories on that, feel free to let me know. I'm going to dive a little bit deeper into that as well. And if you have any theories on where Rick Morris can be, or if you think you've seen him, please, please, please reach out and contact the Twila Utah Police Department because his family just wants some closure and they do deserve some closure.So I just wanted to mark that out here one more time. That we do have that giveaway, so please feel free to send in your stories.And just to make it easier so they don't feel jumbled up, if you will send them to crimetheories and have your tagline listener story so it's easier to find you, th at would be great. I will still try to find them on Instagram, Facebook, Tik, T.O.K, all of that, but sometimes that just gets a little hard so it just makes it a little bit easier. And again guys, don't forget to follow us on . Facebook, Instagram, tick tock. Those are our main ones that we're doing. So and it's crime theories pod or crime theories podcast is where you can find us. We also do have the website that we post all these episodes onto, a crimetheoriespodcast. com.Alright guys, till next time, just keep fucking going. So it's spooky season is here and that means that you know what you guys need to get on hunt a killer. It is a great way, as temperatures are theoretically going to start cooling down to spend a little more time inside. Yeah, for sure. Well, what great way to, you know, start up this spooky season by finding out your own little mystery. It's mystery box that comes to you monthly. I'm Hunter Killer is just a great way to help pass the time and get into that spooky season. So guys use code theories and you guys can get 20% off any of your mystery boxes. I'll go ahead and link it down below. So check it out. That's hunter killer.