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Missing: 12-year-old missing but is this a kidnapping or a runaway?

September 21, 2022 Crime Theories Girls Episode 112
Crime Theories
Missing: 12-year-old missing but is this a kidnapping or a runaway?
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 12 yr old Austin Arthur Lauer was last seen Sunday, July 17, 2022, around 6:00 pm. Austin left a friend’s house and is believed to have gotten into a white vehicle in the area of W/ 17th St. and Washington Avenue in the City of Lorain. Austin is autistic and does not have his medication with him. 

 Caleb Mosley wasn’t himself the last time he was seen alive, Texas officials say. Having suffered a concussion, the 20-year-old was “disoriented” and shirtless at the Dollar General in Teaselville, with “deep” scratches running along his exposed torso, according to missing person posters shared by his mother and family members. 

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The original hunt a killer subscription experience.Pour through case files full of clues.Review evidence over the course of six parts. Investigate the case one part at a time. Catch the killer.Join an exclusive community of detectives. Limited memberships now available. Use code theories to get 20% off link in bio. Hey, guys. How's it going? Thanks for joining me today. So I want to jump in to this case. This is on Austin Arthur.Laurie. And his 12 year old boy. From Lauren.Ohio and he's missing and. Police are trying to find him. He went

missing around 6:

00 PM. On July 17th, after leaving your friend 's house, according to the police department's Facebook page . OK, we got. He was last seen again July 7, 2022 at


00 PM Austin left his friend's house and in his belief, he got into a vehicle.With that was on the area of W 17th St and Washington Ave in the city of Lorraine. Austin is autistic and he doesn't have any of his medications with him.And he may be in Stan Gussey. Ohio.He is 57258.

And he weighs about 1:

45. He was last seen wearing khaki pants and either red or blue, a striped shirt or red and black striped shirt. Police believe the Austin may have gotten into this white vehicle in the area on W 17th St and Washington Ave on in Lorraine and again might be in stands dusky, so the mother is named that Sandra. And she says that Austin was actually in a residential. Umm.Community at the time and he stopped taking his medication and.That. Taylor and Tyler. Are telling Austin that his mother doesn't love him.And. This is all what Sandra is saying. She believes that he is actually in Taylor's house, and she claims that this is the third time that Taylor has tried to kidnap him. The reason why they think that he's in Taylor's house is because a. So Austin posted something on Facebook and it was actually pinged.At Taylor's house. And this is Taylor Roberts, who is female, and Tyler Liz, who is male. And.The reason from what I'm understanding is his.Mom believes that. She has been taking him and grooming him to be his like their own child.And she believes that he is in there and I'm not sure what the background is on that and I'm not sure if Taylor is one of those.Who was doing residential and took him in for a few months. I'm not exactly sure what is on that. I do know that it looks like they are somewhat neighbors. And so she's posted a few things on Facebook. And well. I don't eat. Take a look at these real quick. One of these is the video of the white car that they think that he is in. Hold on, I'll get it so I can show you guys. Let's see here. OK. We're gonna go ahead and. OK, this is hard.I don't even know if you guys can see that very well. Hey, how's it going?Hi, joker. OK, I don't know if it will let me flip you. Nope, I don't think it is OK.I'll just. To the best of my abilities here. So here is the. White car that they think that he got into. Actually, let's see if I can.Somehow get that? You guys can see this too. Hold on. OK, here we go.And I'll once again.Post all of these so you guys can kind of hear them, but I wanted you guys that are live with me to be able to view these with me and give me your comments and thoughts. OK, so she's saying that this woman Taylor has groomed him, that he has Stockholm syndrome and is telling him that.Basically, she's a bad mom and that he doesn't. She doesn't love her and stuff, OK?This is all Sandra's opinion, by the way. This is just what she's saying. What's on her Facebook, just to clarify. Alright, prior to you Guys's request. I went live with those videos.I'll post them too if you guys want to see them.The police did search Taylor's property.And said that he was not there while they were searching Taylor's property, his sister. Said that she took the dog and. Claims that she talked to someone who said that.Tyler doesn't live with Taylor. So the Tyler not living with Taylor was saying that there's another house that Austin can be at. Now. I do know too that there was an incident where Sandra and ends up getting arrested. The police were not clear in the last video if. Well. Just going to that town was going to be an issue or being on Taylor's property was an issue. They were not clear on that. So.I assume, I don't know for sure, but I'm assuming that what happened there was she still went to that area to post the Flyers and stuff.And. Ended up getting arrested. Because she was posting the Flyers around. Now, apparently there's two different counties, one that she lives in and one that she believes that her son is in. Hey.No. So with that being said. I mean at least.Splitting the kids, all right.I do know with kids on the spectrum, especially when I don't take their medication. Things can get out of control, it sounds like.He wasn't a home. Before and then he came home again. And.Then his mom was going to put him.Back in the hospital until she could find another home. Now every situation is different. But I have an issue with this. Personal issue with this. I. Let's take a quick break. Bounce to the right thumb are you curious about the lives and motivations of those not yet very well known independent music artists? Well, listen to the podcast. Bounce to the rhythm. In bounce to the rhythm. My talk with these people and I let you listen to their music. And to tell you a little secret, their music is very good. Be sure to become one of their first initial fans. Listen to bounce to the rhythm. I.Don't feel like. Just because your child. Has autism.You automatically give them to the state and another family to take care of them if another family. Can handle your autistic child, why can't you?I have a really big problem with that. I don't. I don't feel like that is the answer and like I said, I don't understand wrong situation. I don't know everyone's situation. Every everyone situation is different.That I have a personal.Experience with this.I don't think that. Having him go from home to home to home is the best thing for him. I.Do not agree with that 100% I feel like. And you're right, I have no idea how hard it is.I just know.How hard it is for me personally and dealing with. The things that I've had to deal with with my child and seeing other kids in the past with autism that I'm pretty close with.I just feel like it's more harm than good to give them to the state and place them in a home that they don't know.Knowing that they know, they feel like their family doesn't love them. Missing. That's true. No but. They've I guarantee you they feel that way.I guarantee you, if Taylor is saying your mom doesn't love you. May be true or not. I guarantee you he feels that way. I mean.If your mom just anytime that you're home.Put you in the hospital or while she's waiting for another family to take you. Yeah, see, here's the thing. And I know it's different in every state, too, but in Utah, you take an online course. To be able to. Be able to deal with these children. Quote UN quote deal with these children. And then you get paid now a lot, but some you paid, some to take these kids in. I'm sorry, but you really think there's just an Internet course is going to classify someone?That is better equipped to take care of a child than anyone else.Cause I sure don't and I have a personal issue with this and maybe he does feel. More comfortable and thinks of Taylor as his mom because maybe she's been more caring with him. I do not agree with him being off of his meds for a week. That can be terrifying, especially with a kid with mental issues. I mean, shoot, if I'm off my meds for a week, I'd be going crazy too. Some facilities Office means is very scary. I would have to agree with that. But I do not. Think they're putting them in another home? Maybe that's for him. I I really don't.Like I said, I don't know. Every situation is different, it sounds like, from what we can gather from this. Is Yassi is missing? The cops did end up searching Taylor's home after three times of being there. Dean.I know that Sandra ended up getting arrested and now she's out now.And I assume because she probably ended up putting Flyers or something around there. But. This also kind of puts some red flags if he has a friend that drove him out there. And now people are hiding him. It.It puts some red flags to me, that's all. Just saying that. Umm. I mean, but if this team and you haven't been any information, it's always good to make sure that you know what. He's doing well. And yeah, he probably really, really does need his medication. On that note too, I have another. Missing person one that was. That recently?Was pretty recent as well, and. Well, I posted this missing person on.Are Tik T.O.K a few days ago and then come to find out that? They have found his body. So I just want to give some updated details on that. OK, so yeah, like I said, I posted this on TikTok a few days ago and now we've actually found out that we've found his body. This is on Caleb Moseley. So he wasn't himself last time he was seen alive. Texas officials say that he has actually suffered from a concussion. He was 20 years old and he was acting disoriented and shortness shirtless at the Dollar General and Tesla Ville with. Deep, I mean deep. And I have not seen the pictures, but they're not out to the public yet. Scratches running along his exposed torso. According to his missing persons poster shared by his mother and friends and family. A bloody man in jeans and boots. What was witness saw before Mosley's disappearance around


00 AM on July 16th. 5 days later, deputies found Mosley dead near where they searched for him.So. Welcome. Combining the area with the drone deputies, actually. Spotted the body.So they combed out the area with this drum and then they spotted the body.You know, wooded area behind the Dollar General, so it was right where they were searching and. But apparently they just didn't see it until they saw it with the drone. So.They found him on Thursday, July 21st. And.The Cherokee County Sheriff, Brent Dixon, confirmed the body had been identified as.As mostly there. It's not clear how he suffered a concussion.Prior to his disappearance.Or where those deep scratches came from like it was deep crosses out abdomen. So, and that is all that we really have on that right now. I got my most of my information from the sun and the star that are local, they're in Texas. And I. So in the missing persons poster here, I mean it says Caleb has a concussion and his disorder. It needed medical help ASAP. His arms and back and torso are covered and so it's on his arms, his back and his torso covered in scratches in very deep. So I wonder if he bled out. But like, why? Where did these come from? I. I don't know and we don't have that information yet, but if you guys. And now what do you guys stories on that like scratches like? Deep cut, like scratches. So did someone use a knife on him? Is that what was going on there? That's kind of what it sounds like from what I'm gathering. I don't know. I mean, that just sounds weird.And that they didn't find them until they were searching with a drone. That's that's kind of odd as well. But anyways, if you guys have any theories or anything, feel free to e-mail us at crimetheories You can find us on Tik, T.O.K, Instagram, Facebook and as always, feel free to leave us a review th at always helps us and share the content always helps us as well. You can also find us on Patreon. We also have some merch as well, so feel free to check that out. And as always, jus t keep fucking going. Yeah, well, there's a lot of us homeless people trying to help each other. Someone. Alright everybody, we got them. Can I put you on here? This kind lady right here has set with Austin, while I came all the way down to Sandusky to get him. And I have the boy. Everybody. I have the boy. I'm OK. I'm alive and we're on. Or waited my dad. And where are we now? Yeah. And together, yes. And together we got big sis for the ring in here. Captions of the video captured the following. That costume? Yeah, well, there is just a lot of homeless people, you know?We're just all trying to help each other. All right, everybody, we got him.Can I put you on here? Sure, this kind lady right here is sat with Austin while I came come all the way down to Sandusky to get him. And I had the boy. Everybody. I had the boy. I'm OK. I'm alive. And I was on my way to my dad's.And where are? The original hunt at killer subscription experience.Pour through case files full of clues.Review evidence over the course of six parts. Investigate the case one part at a time. Catch the killer.Join an exclusive community of detectives. Limited memberships now available. Use code theories to get 20% off link in bio. So it's spooky season is here and that means that you know what you guys need to get on hunt a killer. It is a great way, as temperatures are theoretically going to start cooling down to spend a little more time inside. Yeah, for sure. Well, what great way to, you know, start up this spooky season by finding out your own little mystery. It's mystery box that comes to you monthly, and Hunter killer is just a great way to help pass the time and get into that spooky season. So guys use code theories and you guys can get 20% off any of your mystery boxes. I'll go ahead and link it down below. So check it out. That's hunter killer.