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Missing: Transgender woman might be victim of foul play

September 28, 2022 Crime Theories Girls Episode 113
Crime Theories
Missing: Transgender woman might be victim of foul play
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"Devon" Saycoa Cooper went missing about a year ago and her family thinks she is a victim of foul play

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 Review evidence over the course of six parts. Investigate the case one part at a time. Catch the killer. Join an exclusive community of detectives. Limited memberships now available. Use code theories to get 20% off link in bio. one year since Sequoia Cooper went missing, and now the Columbus Division of police is teaming up with the FBI and Central Ohio Crime Stoppers, offering a reward in an effort to fund. The lead detective on this case says he believes somebody in the community knows something. Now, with the FBI's help and the reward money upwards of $10,000, he believes this could lead to answers. August 31st, 2021 that's the last time anyone saw Sequoia Kayak Cooper, but her birth name is Devin. And so she's a transgender woman, obviously. But here's the thing. She just, like, is not. Getting as much attention as she should, mainly because one of the reasons is cheese. Well. Went missing around the same time as um. So she went missing right around Gabby Petito's time, so obviously she didn't get the recognition that she needed. Plus. 

Sad but true. She's a black transgender woman. So. Versus a white female. 

Sad but true. I don't. I I don't really need to say any more than that, because ohh yeah, I'm just going to call her by her name that she wanted to go by, which I thought was awesome too. And all the interviews that I watched, her brother, her mom, they all called her Sequoia. They did not call her Devon. Devon as her, you know, birth name, but they respected her. Weird people actually respecting each other. Interesting. OK, so. That was just something I'm not used to in my family, people respecting others. So she was last seen residing on the north side of Columbus, OH, so this was around 11:30 PM on August 31st, 2021. So she was just going to go to the corner store. So according to her boyfriend, who had been in relationship with her for seven years. Said she got a text. I don't know if he knows what it was or if he's not legally allowed to say because it's part of the investigation. Police are not saying as well where the tax is coming from. But apparently she got text, she got in her car and she said she was going to go get some water. And she never returned and her car also was missing for I think about four to five months. And then they actually found her car. Her car. Um. Was a black 2009 Ford Focus, which was actually recovered on the West side of Columbus. So and she. Was reported missing like almost immediately on September 1st, 

2021. When her boyfriend realized, wait, it's been a while because she left 11:30. And I think it was like an hour and all of a sudden she's not answering her phone calls. He goes out and looks for her. She's nowhere to be found. She's just gone. But when they found her card. The FBI now believes that she might be a victim of foul play. We don't know what she found they found in the car. I have no idea what they found. They are not releasing that. This is still an ongoing investigation. They don't technically have to release that information, so that information is not public, so we don't know what that is, but they found something in the car that suggests it was flow play now. So she is a about 5 feet 5 inches tall, so just like an inch taller than me, 145 pounds. She was last seen. What they have on the cameras now, these haven't been fully released, the full videos, but they do have clips of her car being near the intersection near her home on Howe Road and Wendover Ave. Her brother James talked a little bit and I'll, I'll link it in here to the interview that he had. Pure listening level link it and on the website and if you're listening afterwards listening to this podcast, I'll post it. So you guys can go view it as well as, I'll just add a little bit of his audio as well. He was just saying that all he knows is she got a text, not sure what it said. She was supposed to be going to the store and then all of a sudden her phone is shut off. Her boyfriend tries to call it about an hour later, like wondering, you know what? For you to go to the store and bag it. It shouldn't take that long. And he reported her missing, like right away. That's it. And then her vehicle was discovered 

in West Columbus with a different license plate number on it. Interesting. Yeah. And I mean, there is a chance, too, that when they found her vehicle, someone else just left it there and then someone else put a different license plate on it and was driving it around. That's a possibility. So Bree Bletcher, who's actually a friend, was just like asking people to come forward, saying friends and families have, you know, of course, endured all these sleepless nights without her and I mean, of course, I mean, this is someone's child, you know, Regina, love who actually. That implies herself, like as Cooper's birth mother actually totally broke down while she was speaking outside the police headquarters saying we miss her, we want some closure. It's been really hard for me. And then she just started bursting into tears and like, walked away. I can't even imagine. I mean, for her to even say that, it's got to be just heartbreaking and we want some kind of closure. It's been very hard this whole year has been very hard for me. She also then came back and told investigators. She knows in her heart. That she's not here with us on Earth. But she would like some closure and that someone somewhere is not telling something and all they want is just a little bit of closure. And again, I don't know what what FBI has. Or doesn't have, but. So just one more thing to like. It's just been really hard on them, of course, and her case is more and more than like 30 cases in that area that they're currently working on and her partner, Richard Harris. Said late last year. She failed to return home by the park and she just went to go buy a bottle of water near the store. He called her phone repeatedly and it just appeared to be completely turned off. And I mean, this was only an hour from when she went missing. Her social media has 

not been used. Her brother does not think that she would just get up and walk away. I mean, she has two pit bulls that she just absolutely adores, and she was living with her boyfriend that they've been going on for seven years and he's not a person of interest. This time and one of the main reasons I just I have to point this out is within it was an hour and 2 minutes of her leaving the home he called police and they have pinged her her her phone from that place to over on the other side where she was supposed to be going to. I mean, she never made it to the store. It turned off right in the middle there. I guess technically there are some theories going around saying, well, he killed her before, like earlier in the day maybe. But I I don't know. I haven't talked to like anyone from her work or anything. So I don't know like if she was like right off work. I think that one's a big stretch. I mean he contacted them like right away. So I don't know. I kinda. I'm not pointing towards him. To be honest, yeah. So there was a different plate number on that one on that car and that different plate number registered to another car that was also stolen. So it's another plate that's registered to another car that was stolen. So we, yeah, we've got that. As of right now, the FBI is actually offering the reward up $10,000 for any information that will lead to the location. Or you can actually submit all this online anonymously. All of that last thing that she was seen wearing was the black lemonade. So she had her lemonade braids, black and white sun dress, and black and white baby fat sandals. There is a go fund me page as well, and that is on our website as well. Her brother also said that, you know what? There's so 

many hate crimes out there, especially for transgender women. It's very sad. Very true. Even now, like you would think that we are moving past this and have acceptance and no, there's not, we still have a ton of issues with this. Yeah. It is kind of interesting though as she got a text and then left. I would like to know what that text says and who that text is from. As of right now, again, we don't have that public information. I wish we did, but we don't anyway, so I don't with. Getting that text, I wonder. I wonder who it was from. And I would honestly say that she probably met up with that person, and they're probably the ones behind it. I. I don't know. I mean, it could be to someone that she barely met and maybe she thought that it. I don't know, maybe it was a good job opportunity for her. Maybe it was honestly could have been anything, like something that she was. Getting off Facebook marketplace. I don't freaking know. Like it's not that she's she's just gone. Her car was found in a different location. Her car was gone for about four months too. Just random and again police have not said what's the contents of was inside the car, but they think it is foul play based on what they found. Which to me says probably blood, but I could be wrong anyway, I just. I needed I wanted to bring this case to light a little bit because it doesn't get. A whole lot of attention, and it really should. There's that little tidbit. And I know I normally update you guys on my life a little bit, so why not normally do that at the beginning? But hey, I decided to mix it up today. I'm going to Disney. On Saturday. So gay. That's a good thing. Dustin got laid off one of his jobs today. And I. Got laid off on Friday. So 

yay. Honestly, if I didn't already have everything paid for my Disney ship, I wouldn't be going. Am I stressing out? Hell yeah. Was I stressing out before, even when I knew he did have this other income coming in and he's like, we'll be fine because we'll have it. We have this extra income coming in. Yeah. Yeah. So am I still stressing myself out because I'm a logical yeah. Yeah. Are we going to be fine? Just fine off of just his one paycheck alone? Yep. Sure. Will. Am I still having a panic attack? Yeah, totally. Yeah. You can hear Rachel in the background. I don't know if you guys have told you. No, I have not. OK. Hey, guess what? I have another podcast, so I'm just gonna shamelessly plug that in here. Yeah, that's everything and nothing with me and Rachel. And the title says it all, but basically, we've been talking about our past self improvement, self love, just everything. And actually, after this, if you guys want to hop over to everything and nothing. Feel free because we're gonna do an episode together. So yeah. Ohh, also on my job because my job is an *******. Hmm. Rachel says it. But how do I say it? I signed a non compete for a reason, yeah. And then apparently they have a contract with the insurance companies that they say that the insurance companies won't allow me to switch for six months. Even though I signed a non compete with my own company, they still have a personal contract with them. So I have to have them release me and that is probably not going to happen. So my money making time, which is for our annual enrollment period for Medicare just got squashed. Like a bug. Like a bug that you don't like? Yep, and. I can't get self released to take bound 90 days. For some, I can't have UHC, 

which I just barely got anyway. Yeah, I'm sure that like half of you guys already left because you're like **** man, now she's talking about her *** **** life again. You're not. You haven't left. Well. Well, thank you. I appreciate it. Thanks for listening to my bitchfest. 

No, no, no. Thank you. 

What do you think? What do you personally think of it? You think a friend that was pretending to be a friend but was actually a LGBTQ? Basically, hater was her friend and then got next to her in the car, pulled up, that's gruesome, shot her in the face and then took her car, hit her car for four months and then purposely exposed her car. 

To throw police. Off their trail, OK. I mean. 

The lakes are drying up right now, so it's not like they could really throw it in a lake. I mean, I guess it could, but. 

That's pretty gruesome. 

But it's not anything better than I can do. I mean technically. Is there a chance that she could have been abducted by aliens? Yeah, yeah, definitely. But it's a Christian believe. If you could, could you believe it? Um, yes. Yes, that is a possibility. 

But why then, would they suspect suspect that there was foul play in her car? Like, the FBI is like, there's foul play, so there has to be enough blood in her car for them to think that it's not just like she accidentally scraped it or something. So pajamas or something there is something. 

Something big to. Have that much dance like. That much blood, technically, because she could she have been bleeding and then the aliens took taken her? Sure. But I'm not going to go that route. I don't. I don't think so. Not in this case where the FBI is like, Yep, Nope, we are we are saying it's foul play if they're saying it's foul play, guys. 

They know what they're doing. At least when it comes to that, sometimes. Sometimes they know what they're doing when it comes to identifying if it's been a murder or not. I think so, and her family has come out and said. Yeah, we're pretty sure she's not here with us. Based upon what they've been told, I know they can't say everything. 


Tap inside. 

Um, where's Bree yet? No, Bree hasn't been here for about 8 weeks. She just hasn't been recording with me. She's more than welcome to come back and record with me, but. If not, I'm going to keep it. I'm going to keep this going. I'm not going anywhere. So even if she's not here, I'm here. So. You don't like me? OK, bye. 

OK, bye then. Yes, Sir, I'm, I'm just like, OK, bye. Great. Thank you. Exactly. Why are you here? Yeah. Ohh God. You deserve life. 


Anyway, anyway, yes. So that is what's going on with me and that, and I would, I would have to say that my theory on this one is as this. I'd say that she either recently met this person or she's a very trusting person or this is someone that she's had. A relationship with in the past. Not necessarily a sexual relationship. I'm just saying like a relationship, friendship, whatever, but someone that she knew. Because if she had that text message, this is presuming the fact that she left right after that text message. So she left right after that. She apparently was meeting with someone and my guess is that someone was mad at her for something. Over there, they had a little argument. Or. It was just a hate crime. But I think something happened right then and there, right, right with her car. Obviously she never even made it to the store. I don't think her intention was to go to the store if she never made it there. 

That's just my theory, though. My theory is that she was meeting up with someone else and that she didn't want her boyfriend to know. Maybe because they've already had this conversation of like, why are you trusting this person? I don't know. I'm just throwing out theories now. Maybe she didn't trust that he didn't trust that person. Maybe he had a good reason, because now she's gone. No. Anyway. Alright, well I'll let you guys go. Thank you for listening. Thank you for taking the time to. Thanks for not liking me. I like you too. 

Alright guys, well hey. As always, um, I'll be gone next week, but I will post this for you guys. I have time on my 4 hour flight to edit, so I'll do that for you guys. Well, there'll be one up for this week and I do understand that. The one that's coming up this week because I'm already going to hear it, so. And then you guys will hear this after you've already heard that one. I do understand that the one I'm putting up this week has already been solved and but at the time that I recorded it, it hadn't been OK. Please don't come at me. I know you guys will, but and then you won't hear this one until a week after when you've already came at me, so it doesn't really matter, but. If you're hearing this now, live now. You understand? Thank you. 

You're welcome. Now I got Moana stuck in my head. 

Yeah, God, from Moana. 

Um. All right, guys. That's all. Goodnight and as always, just keep ******* going, Cooper. She's also transgender. Detective Chuck Raditch says there are no new details he can share in this case, but hopes a reward for information could help bring in new tips about her and her location. My attention since day one. Put a lot of time into this. And treated it just like any other missing case I would have. I believe there's people out there that might know information of Sequoia's whereabouts. Sequoia's friends and family say this past year has been devastating. Not knowing what happened to her. The announcement of the reward means a lot. Just let me know somebody's doing something about this situation. You know and. 

I'm glad that everybody's doing what they're doing. Police say Cooper was last seen leaving her home in North Columbus, and her car was found in West Columbus in October. The last time CBD put out a plea for tips was February. That's when detective rated shared he believed Cooper was a victim of foul play. There's been a lot of interviews and stuff that have taken place since then. Friends and families say they need closure. Could you please say something? Could you please, could you please reach out? Because this is somebody's child. This is a human. And no one deserves to go through this. 

Tips either sent in or called in to Crime Stoppers can be anonymous now, along with the FBI. Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation