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Murdered/Missing: killer kids and a venmo plea for help

October 05, 2022 Crime Theories Girls Episode 114
Crime Theories
Murdered/Missing: killer kids and a venmo plea for help
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Two Texas twelve-year Olds make a pact to murder their families and to run away together. And Debbie Collier case. A 59-year-old woman goes missing after a chilling message and then is found naked burned and holding on to a small tree.

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Yeah, people are stupid because, like, I just, like, I haven't been posting on our crime theories page or whatever, and I just kind of started doing that just like this week, right? We've had one, but I really haven't posted like hardly anything out there, right? Yeah, so someone was like, well, this would explain why you will only have 6 subscribers. I'm like because I started this YouTube like a week ago, but explain to me the 13,000 listeners we get a week on a podcast episode. Yeah, no kidding. Like what the hell, dude? Like? OK, I swear people are. They're, they're easy to say negative **** but I'm like, OK. All right, so. I got to get into these two before too long, but then we'll do an update because we haven't done an update on our lives in a bit and it's just been a bumpy Rd, so that is true. OK, so First off, there's not a whole lot of information on this particular. There's two by the way, this little one. So I'm just running through this one real quick, OK. And this just happened today a. 12 year old, so 212 year old Texas girls. Were involved in this girls 12 year old. 

Apparently they made a murder pact. Oh, no, yeah. To kill their families and run away together that OK? That's intense, yeah. So did they follow through with this, or did it get found out before anyone died? One girl followed through with it. Oh my gosh, yeah. They actually planned like, where they were gonna bury all of their family's bodies and everything. Just, just how now their names haven't been released or anything because it is under investigation in their minors. OK, yeah, but this is what we have. That has been. Allowed publicly, it just said for weeks the girls have been planning to bury their families, murder everyone. In their families, even their pets, before driving off together to Georgia. Why the pets? I don't know. That's so harsh. There are. Um, now there is one that says one of the girl there is part of the article in here says too that one of the 12 year old girls was part of the mass shooting that happened. OK, it said one. It didn't say both. It didn't name names. It didn't name if it was the one that actually killed her whole family or not, but. Wow. I sure hope the other ones like in some therapy to not kill the family so she never went through with it or anything. The other one didn't, but. So they, you know they received a reporting of a of a shooting nearby where they found the 12 year old girl in the streets beside a handgun with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Oh, Oh no. Wow. She has killed her sister, her mother, and the girl's father was inside with a gunshot wound to the abdomen. He 

was taken to the hospital and it's unclear what his condition is. The girl with the gunshot room was also taken to the hospital it their condition says it's unknown as well, but I mean, I think we can assume that. She killed herself. I mean, do we know their motive? Like, why did they hate their family so much? No, because they're all minors and so, like, this is very limited information. Yeah, I guess that makes sense. So she was, they said, according to investigators, they're saying that the plan was after killing all their family members, the other girl was planning to drive to pick up her female friend. Which? And then run away together and and the other 12 year old girl she's been charged with criminal conspiracy to murder. As of right now, she's in juvenile detention. As of right now, they're motives remain unclear, and I mean. There's not going to be a lot of information that will be released on this because they're all minors, yeah, so. And they all have not been identified because of their age. And they're not going to identify any of the adults to protect the children that that it's just not going to be. Public knowledge so well I definitely understand. Not like getting to know their names, but I do kind of wish. We had some sort of background, like where they abusive homes were they the kids just really crazy like well. And one of them though they said one, if not both, had been at that school that got shot at in Texas. Some sort of effect. So did that have, like some crazy PTSD thing? And the fact that, I mean, I know that they were going to a new school now, but like, come on, same area, same everything. You just watch your friends probably die, probably 

watched your teachers die. Like, yeah, that definitely would be intense. So I wonder if that had some. I mean, obviously I had some mental effects there. So yeah. Anyway, that was just one thing that showed up today. I got that information from the New York Times, by the way. So. Yeah, by the way, I just wanted to tell people because I've been getting so much like, well, obviously you don't really know. And I'm like, OK, I'm getting all my public this is all public information. I get my stuff from news websites, I get it from pacer, I get it from doing my own personal background checks on people. It's all public knowledge. The stuff that I post is public. It's all public, like it's statements from. From people. That's it. That I always try to go after the families and ask them for their opinions and what they think on this matter. And most of the time I don't get a response, so I'm just throwing this out there, OK? So. Because I've already gotten a lot of hate on this next one and and it is relatively new as well, like, it just happened in September, but I've been following the case thoroughly that I feel like I have enough on this to do a full episode. Now. I've got a few different parts, so I imagine you also list your sources on the blog. I sure do. Yeah. So there's sources there if you. Well, I think that they're just seeing my shorts, like on Tik T.O.K and and. 

Instagram and YouTube is where most of them get the comments, but yes they are all listed right there like everything is public knowledge. I haven't had one person say like. Well, that information is incorrect, and that is my sister. So then. I tried to message them and I couldn't message them and so I responded like, hey OK then please like enlighten me what do you. What do you know? I would. I'm more than happy to talk to you and I would love to get, you know, a side of the victims side, like family side. I would love to be able to talk to you and figure out what you think happened and what allegations you would like to. Squash because all this information I'm just getting is all public information. It's not anything like. It's all public so I would love to hear stuff like that and then I don't get a response and but I just get comments like that and I'm like but. OK, talk to me then. Like, well, yeah. Because honestly, if there's something on our podcast that you know is incorrect, that means other media sources also have it incorrect. So if you want to give us the information, we would love to fix it because we're getting it from a source, so obviously someone else has it wrong too, right? Correct that. Yeah. And most of the stuff, I'm not taking it from sources, I mean. I will look on Reddit for theories, but from sources. I don't get my sources from there. Look, I get them from actual like news websites pay through. I'm getting it from. I've actually gotten a few documents from like police records. Like I am getting information like I actually have documentation on this particular one from the Police Department. I had to pay to get those. I paid them from pacer like to go and and get these public information. That they decided to release. So like for you to come out and say, well, that's not that obviously didn't happen. I'm like, dude, I'm. With this case in particular, I have gone out. I have reached out to. The actual coroner's office. I've gotten their report and I'll it's posted 

on the website for one and two. What is said is directly from the corner, what they believe happened to her. It's not my. I mean, I'm just quoting them so, so that. Yeah. Just say it on that cause. Yeah, cause I've gotten already a lot of hate for this. Um, and I've got this in a few different parts here because I've just. I've been going with this one. OK, OK, so let's see where to start off with this one. I'm going to start off at the beginning of what my first post was and then I'm going to go through them and some of them I might anyway. OK, let's do this. So this is on Debbie Colaner and if you're on my tick Tock, Facebook, YouTube now. You might have seen it. OK, so. This is a missing mom. She was in Georgia and she was missing at the time. She has now been found and declared deceased, but she just had a chilling message that she sent to her daughter, Amanda Brennan. Through Venmo, which was. Sending also $2385 message that said they're not going to let me go. Love you. Oh, OK, that's all that they had when they first like, got this. They. So with that information, they hadn't found her body at that time. Investigators were treating the death as a homicide, not as a suicide. So. Because, I mean, and her daughter, as soon as she wrote that, she did report it. Just so you know too, I do have a timeline on this one as well because there's just a lot. So yeah, so I do have a time limit if you guys want to check that out as well. OK. So that and that happened. 

She was reported missing on September 10th and that's kind of when I started this and now it's September 26th and this is what we have so far, OK? She was found. Dead. On September 11th. Get this, she was discovered partly burned, Strauss naked and grasping a tree. So, OK, I don't get the grasping tree I was going to say. So where someone burning her, like trying to cover up some evidence? That's what they that's what police thinks. Yeah, but then why would they put her by a tree? She was like, holding on to the tree. Crazy, OK, OK. And by the way, she did have a rental car and this people like why she have a rental car and I've explained this several times. Here we go again. Her car was actually in the shop at the time, so she had a rental car because of that. Oh, that's relatively common. Um. But Amanda also said, which is her daughter, that she was only carrying her license and debit card at the time. But at the scene, they actually found a red bag, which is her purse. So they actually did find some like. So obviously she did take it. But again, like, I mean that was a statement that Amanda may, maybe she didn't fully know and was just like, I don't know, I think she was carrying her license and debit card. Like maybe she just didn't know. I don't know, you know? Well, yeah, you never know if she went back and changed her mind really quick. And I mean, and one thing I do want to note is. They they do live in the same house. OK. OK, so they actually found this rental car? And they were actually able to track it because of the serious XM radio. So they were able tracking around 12:30 September 11th and they found it unlocked and unoccupied off of Georgia State Route 15. So and 

then they had the canine unit out there and they found the road, the red tote bag, it was about 1/4 mile from the vehicle was and then. Also, um, the remains of that tote bag had been burned. It's all like on fire. Like have been burned. All right, so someone's definitely covering some stuff up, but they're kind of doing a ****** job of it. Yeah, well, and down the hill from the scene of where she was found to, they also found a blue tarp with burn marks on it as well. 

OK, so she was found nude laying on her bag. Grab student small tree with her right hand. 

And she had been burned, with apparently had been charring to her abdomen. This is the strangest crime scene I know. I know. 

So. Thought yeah, they also said that there had been, like, various possible evidence items, but it's all been burned. But, you know, just like random stuff that you would find in her purse, like lipstick and stuff like that. OK, I do have the instant incident report and this is 5 pages long. Like I said guys, I'm finding all this. This is all public knowledge, but this is stuff. I mean, I had to pay to get this public record so I'm like legit. Like this is all on the website. You guys can check that out as well. OK, So what it says on here? You know it just says person down OK it has the time full 

This is a public copy, so. And it has a list of witnesses as well. Here on here. And then it has was this incident drug related? It says yes, but unknown. Like they don't know what kind of drugs were maybe in our system. That's kind of interesting. Yeah. Yeah. Let's see if I can share my screen. Ohh there. Yes, yes, yes, I see it. OK, so here's all of the witnesses. By the way. On this witness list is none of her neighbors and her neighbors ended up telling New York Times don't come at me. I've already had people come at me being like what? Why wouldn't they interview their neighbors? I don't know. But this list right here is not any of their neighbors. And they told the neighbors, told you New York Times, that the police has never interviewed any of the neighbors. So I don't know. Just, I mean, I'm sure they have their reasons. Like maybe there was some reason they believed the neighbors wouldn't have seen anything. I don't know. I don't know. But I mean, they're comes to. I'll tell you later on, but yeah, OK, let's um, OK, so see, it says that Sergeant Ethan Neil was notified the missing persons called from the SiriusXM basically, and gives her location here. Backup officer. And here's the Venmo. 

So. And again, if you guys want to read all this, you can. Just go on there, but basically saying like grasping small tree with her right hand. Yeah, socially diseased, like burning, charring. So this is the actual, I'm telling you, like right now, people. She wasn't burned. I'm like, dude. It's on the police report. So. Wow. So I missed did it say the actual cause of death? Remind me the cause of death? Because I'm seeing all of the scene in the descriptions of that. But this is just the the police report right now from when they when they found it, so they haven't released like the whole autopsy yet. I requested it. I haven't gotten it back yet. All I've gotten was a statement from the coroner from I he ended up having a phone call with me and told me what he personally thinks happened. Oh, OK. And he requested to not have his voice. But I am. I took notes and will. Read those. OK guys. So so that yeah, this is just everything that's on there that is public record. I mean obviously they have scratched and stuff out, but. So that is the public record right there. Some people are not me fine, but I'm just telling you it's all on on the the record there, so. So yeah, her last communication was through that memo, the $2300 and say and they won't let me go. There's a key under. There's the house. Get underneath the flower pot like that was it. 

Yeah. So. I mean, before her remains were discovered because they did end up, you know, finding her vehicle, they did tell. Her daughter like, hey, you know, we found your mom. And she told investigators her mother did not suffer from any known mental health history or suicidal tendencies. 

OK, OK. 

Now. Do is based off of that information? I have more information, but what do you? It is interesting like how she says they won't let me go and the fact that there you said there has been listed it might be drug related. It does make me wonder if she was working with some sort of like either buying or selling of drugs and so somehow maybe. That is related and that's why they took her and wouldn't let her go. It's kind of strange that they let her send a text, but. They didn't send their text. I mean, she just sent money. Oh, the Venmo, but still that they let her contacts daughter. Weird, right? Because you would think also if it was drug related and they wanted money that they wouldn't want her to be Venmo owing her daughter money because they would want it like you would think so. Right. So that's kind of strange. So my brain goes to drugs, but also it doesn't all fit together. So I'm not sure. So let me go ahead real quick. I'm going to go ahead and tell you what the coroner. Because that's OK, please do OK. She said there were signs of a possible repeat sex offender and a budding serial killer. Ohh, budding serial killer is OK where there's two or more people helping out? Yeah, OK oh, let me real quick back up. So the thing with the the neighbors, the neighbors did come forward and say, hey, police have not asked us any questions, but. We did at that time that she went missing. Um noticed that a female came in and there was a lot of yelling and screaming. And the husband is claiming so apparently they sleep in different rooms because he snores, which is totally possible. But people doing that before like couples doing that, right? And he's like the last time I saw her wasn't I didn't even see her, but I saw her car at 9:00 PM and then he claims he went to sleep, which I don't know if he's taken any like sleeping medications or anything, but technically if he is, maybe he didn't hear anything. But apparently that happened at 11:00 PM, so if you're in the same house. You're not taking any sleeping medication and you're hearing yelling and screaming. But there's a chance that he could have been taking medication. Oh, yeah, because I mean, if some of those sleeping drugs you can sleep through a lot. Yeah, I know. I I I know. Like, 

I I'm a deep sleeper anyway, but like, and depending on if it's upstairs, like maybe she's upstairs and downstairs, I'm not exactly sure on that. Again, it is still like a newer case, so but he's like I saw her car at 9:00 PM, like the the car was there, the rental car and that's the last time he claims he saw her. It's also he does. Does he work like a really early morning job or something? He went to bed kind of early I. I'm not sure I don't have again like this is. You know, just observation. Yeah. Yeah. No, so I'm. I'm not sure. I mean, that's. He really hasn't spoken up a lot. Which is understandable. I mean, grieving, I wouldn't probably want to talk about it a whole lot either at this point, right? And I'm going to be honest, a lot of people pointing fingers at him and I don't think it's him. So cool. We got 10 minutes to figure out. Let's see if I can do this in 10 minutes. All right, so investigators have found no evidence of suicide or kidnapping, but they found they have served several search warrants and they're looking to identify a person's interest at this time. So, according to a criminal profiler and psychotherapist and Cordner. They are experiencing signs of the budding serial killers as signs of sexual attack, violent rage. And they also think that they were trying to cover up their DNA and that's why they were burning stuff. This he also noted this type of work is not normally done by woman. Not saying that it could not have been, but unless there was like a hefty insurance policy or something, why wouldn't you just kill her? Why would you? According to the coroner, she was sexually assaulted. And so, like, why? Would you do that? Like, why wouldn't you just kill her? I 

don't know. She was assaulted by a man or an item. I don't have that information yet. Alright, so. And why would you go ahead and burn her? So he thinks it's like a personal signature and maybe we would see more of that. Yeah. I'm really curious if there's other of these that haven't been made as public yet or if there will be. There is one. OK, so he actually pointed one out to me. He says that it's someone, he thinks that it's someone who had prior sexual offenses and they're trying to cover up their DNA. And they they were just after her money. Like, why did she have to be naked and all that? He also told me that there was another case and I need to look this up. I haven't done that yet, but Vanessa Marquis in Massachusetts. In 2016, she was also discovered in the woods with sexual assault and burns on the body, just like her. So if it is the start of a serial killer, I mean, because obviously they all have different timelines. So, I mean, it could be, you know, another couple years before they strike again too, even if it is a serial killer. Here's the thing, that guy that is being accused for that crime purse for Vanessa is: orski and he's currently in jail and he's waiting trial on December 8th of this year. OK, so it could be like a copycat or something, but I don't know. Or maybe a partner, I don't know. So it's I mean every two of where like the attack took place, if it was began in her home, if it was a grudge for financial motive. But I mean this could happen also while she was out. Possible carjacking or random attack, which I now that I know more information on this, I don't think so. But. We'll see. So. There 

is a person that I think is interesting. OK, who is? Name is Andrew Gerich and I'm not gonna play you the. I'll send the YouTube to you, but I'm not going to play it to you right now just because we don't have a lot of time left. So he's a former MMA fighter who is also Amanda Brendan's ex-boyfriend or current boyfriend. I'm not sure because they've been seen together. Amanda actually has a protective order on Andrew at the time that that video was taken and Amanda is also claiming that Andrew hit her and. Left for marks on her. Show you this. And if he was a fighter, oh wow. Then he, I mean, obviously has the strength to do something like this, right? So he also allegedly wrote this note that says with green marker and have a nice life, you lying *******. Don't ever contact me again. If you and your family come near me, I will hurt them. Yes, I'm not stupid. Here's your ******* toy. Oh, OK. So. Here's here's Debbie and apparently that same day that this. Her daughter's Bruce happened. She apparently, allegedly fell. Debbie allegedly fell. Oh wow. Allegedly. So sorry, just got home. I'm sending it to go have a fruit side. Are you guys OK? Yeah, I'd allegedly she posted on Facebook that she fell the same day that. This happened to her daughter, remember? They all lived. They were all living together. That's quite the coincidence that she felt that day. 

What are the odds of that realistically if anyone reading this note like if anyone out there is this like statistics person, find the statistics for us. 

Seriously, right on the odds of that happening the same day, yeah. And like so, he was jailed six days later. And then. And he's on probation. A violation order. So yeah, here's the thing. So she has a protective order on him, right? Yeah. And also in that same month, he was arrested for a DUI, having marijuana, not wearing a seat belt, not having, I mean, reckless driving, blah, blah, blah. 

So. Yeah, I mean, there there's a rap sheet on this guy, so. The same week that Debbie goes missing. 

Apparently they have a protective order against each other. OK, here they are being seen together driving up to the house. Your daughter and him. OK, that's interesting. They are now apparently living together. Ohh, so like, now is in since the mother's murder? Yeah, and here's the YouTube. Also, I'll have to send this off. So that means now if he's involved in something, does that mean the daughter is also somewhat involved? So. Also, here is just a quick timeline. I just want to go through this real quick because we've only got like 3 minutes on here and then I mean, we can talk about this another time too. Yeah, we have to have a Part 2, yeah, so in, in 2008. She called and said that like he was beating her up. And had scratched like 6 scratches on her face and then she was being up and then a few days after that she went ahead and told I know. I can. I've got a few more minutes. So she went ahead and told them that. Told police. No, it wasn't him, it was me. OK, that's interesting. I wonder if. She's being a victim of being like manipulated by him and being like this is your fault, not my fault. Like I had the same thing with Frank where I legit felt that way, you know? Yeah, I mean. That is very interesting, like. What kind of hold he may have there? And then, allegedly, she apparently in 2012. Beat up a different boyfriend and she was charged with criminal trespassing because she that ex-boyfriend had a 

protective order against her. So both of them have criminal history of having abuse and protective orders against them. So, I mean, not that it means a whole lot, but technically they both have shown they're capable of some sort of violence. Yeah, we're definitely going to have to do a Part 2 on this. Yeah, because we're running out of time here anyway. Yeah, we'll do it Part 2, we'll do a Part 2 later. But guys, we appreciate you. And as always, just keep ******* going. 

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