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Update: Bryan Kohberger affidavit Idaho murders

January 06, 2023 Adriann Barrett Episode 120
Crime Theories
Update: Bryan Kohberger affidavit Idaho murders
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Update on the Bryan Kohberger affidavit shocking news the other roommate saw and faced the killer face-to-face.
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Key revelations and the Brian.Coburger affidavit news details about the murder of the the four University of Idaho students have been revealed in the affidavit supporting the arrest of the suspect, Brian Christopher Colpetzer. Brian is 28 years old. He has a criminal criminology PhD student of Washington State University. He has been charged on the 13th of November of the deaths of Ethan.Chapman, who was 20. Kaylee Goncalves, who was 21.Zayna control, 20, and Madison Morgan, who was 21. They were killed in a rental home just blocks from the UI campus in Moscow, ID, right across the state border from the WSU up Washington. Of where he was going to school. So the suspect was arrested in Pennsylvania and expedited to Idaho, where the court documents were unsealed for the first time.Before he appears to the judge in that state. So we're going to go ahead and go through. Those portions were redacted, but the remaining paging actually like these chilling details about these murderers. Among them are the surviving roommates that came face to face with this killer and cell phone records and police traffic stops indicating he.Ben chasing the home and DNA from his 9th chief was used. Forensic evidence was able to connect them with the grad students to the crime. They were actually able to find some. So here's the biggest revelations that we have found from these documentations on the surviving roommate saw the killer . OK, so one of the roommates that who lived with three of the victims on King Rd. residents told actually investigators that they spotted the Keller and overheard him telling the victims I'm going to help you before stabbing them to death. OK. The survivor Murders, identifying them as DM, told investigators that four of the victims had all come back to the King's Road home from their

night out around 2:

00 AM,

and we're in their rooms by 4:

00 AM, except for Kernodle, who got up to collect a DoorDash order around that time.So again, this person's name is marked out, so we're just calling them. DM said that she had gone to sleep in her bedroom on the 2nd floor of the three floor home and wasn't woken from what sounded like. She said that it sounded like they were playing. With her and her dog.Um. Like that she could hear on, you know, she just thought they were playing with like, their dog. Then she said that she heard someone say there's someone here.So minutes after that. She looked outside of her bedroom for the first time and she didn't see anything. And then she opened her door for a second time, but she heard. She thought, she heard crying. From I'm.The girls rooms, says the documents.And then?She heard a man's voice say it's OK, I'm going to help you. Before he ended up stabbing them to death. When she opened her door for a third time.So minutes later, because she still was like, OK, something doesn't feel right here, she saw.A figure on black clothing with the black mass that covered the persons mouth and nose. And was walking towards her.And she said she stood in a frozen shock. When she saw the man, she didn't recognize him at all and walked past her and head towards the sliding glass doors of the home.And the witnesses said that she after that she was like, heck no, and, you know, locks herself in the room, was scared for herself and she didn't call 911, nothing like that.She just locked herself in the room hours later, so you know they were found dead in single bed on the third floor. So the body of the couple were found. In the room on the 2nd floor of the property with a 20 year old woman was on the floor so. The killer left at 10 leather nice sheath so the held the the neck in there. Next Morgan's bed, next to her true body. And they took it to the lab and they were actually able to.Locate a single source of male DNA. Left on the bottom snap. Of the night sheep investigators were actually able to trace that DNA back to Britain and match the DNA on the tracks that they were able to find from his family's home in Pennsylvania. This knife, the actual murder weapon, has not been found. And then they were actually able to pinpoint Brian. Through his cellular data. In his actually white Honda. As well, and he was captured on surveillance footage driving from his home.To Washington state, to King Rd. at the time of the murders, and then back again. So the thing that you turned off your cell phone for that night of the murders to have tried to avoid detection, but because his car actually.Gave up her pain. He was unsuccessful prior to this massacre. Investigators are actually believing that he stalked that victims particular home at least 12 times before actually murdering them. Michelle Phone records shows that his phone pinged in the area of the King Rd. Home at least 12 occasions prior to the time of the murders.So the exact dates weren't released at all, but one incident in particular was identified on the 21st of August when the suspect was stopped by police just minutes away from the home where he allegedly knifed all four of the students to death a month later. And then they were able to actually get him on a. Citation. They actually were able to pull them over around


48 PM and at the intersection of West Pullman Road and Farm Rd. in Moscow, the records show he stopped for failing to wear a seat belt just 1.7 miles and five minute drive from his from the King Rd. where the victims were murdered. And Brian was actually, you know, interested in a law enforcement career. So.He was interested.He said that he wanted he had interest in accessing rule law enforcement agencies seeking to better collect and analyze technology data in the public safety operations. So it's really chilling and scary to think that this man. Could have learned more about. The law and the officers and all that potentially could have been you know like a Ted Bundy serial killer and. Get away with fixing you. How better to cover up his stuff?Brian actually ended up posting on our Reddit survey, which we found you know on Reddit, to understand how emotions and psychological traits influence decision making when it comes to committing a crime.So we want to make girl stalks was in her room. Thankfully, he was found unharmed. I mean.They did here like. Allowed Dad's dog was barking numerous times.Around like


17 AM and this has been heard by several people that lived there at the time. So that's just a little bit of. An update on that here. Yeah.If you want to see video like when it gets pulled over by police, feel free to check that out. We have that on our website and we have that. I'll link it up here for us are your Youtubers as well as God. Just keep fucking going.