A Clear Voice

Introducing Series 4 of BLA Connections: A Clear Voice

February 14, 2022 BLA Connections Season 4
A Clear Voice
Introducing Series 4 of BLA Connections: A Clear Voice
Show Notes

As we embark on Series 4, host Natalie Watson invites Heather Pownall, the producer of 'A Clear Voice', onto the show to discuss the original vision for the podcast and what to expect from the new series.
Natalie looks back on her guiding aims for the podcast, to educate, build a community and to give a voice to all those associated with laryngology – surgeons, allied health professionals, patients and clinicians from across the globe.

Heather and Natalie share their memories of launching the podcast at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and their pride and enjoyment in seeing it grow and evolve.

We hope you enjoy listening to Series 4, as we continue to spread the word and spread the love of laryngology.

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Email: enquiries@britishlaryngological.org for any questions or topic suggestions you may have for future episodes.

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