A Clear Voice

S4 Ep 1: The Management of Airway Stenosis with Prof Guri Sandhu

March 01, 2022 BLA Connections Season 4 Episode 1
A Clear Voice
S4 Ep 1: The Management of Airway Stenosis with Prof Guri Sandhu
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 Welcome back to a new series of BLA Connections – A Clear Voice. In today’s episode we talk to Professor Guri Sandhu about the management of airway stenosis.

“That's what got me interested, because you could improve someone's quality of life immensely in a relatively short timeframe.”

Professor Guri Sandhu works in the national Airway Centre for Airway Reconstruction based at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust in London. Prof Sandhu is also our BLA president and having trained in airway stenosis at Great Ormond Street Hospital, and  with Prof David Howard, he is the ideal person to take us through this rare complaint. 

He explains that patient history is the first key step in diagnosis and management for a cohort of patients including those who have been ventilated in intensive care units, those with idiopathic stenosis and those with systemic conditions. We go through the various diagnostic steps, however for Prof Sandhu, the most valuable assessment of the nature of the stenosis takes place on the operating table. 

We look at the different surgical techniques employed for systemic conditions, scarring and stenosis treatment, with Prof Sandhu explaining that his aim is to do something that gives you the maximum gain for minimal injury. Postoperative treatment is also differentiated by patient history and diagnosis, from day case procedures to longer hospital stays. Finally, Prof Sandhu shares his key, take home messages. To find out more about this topic please take a look at his many published works: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Guri-Sandhu.

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Introduction to the topic and guest
What first got you interested in airway stenosis?
How do you approach the management of someone who presents with some airway stenosis?
Can you take us through the surgical technique or techniques that you would employ?
How do you manage those cases where you have bilateral impaired vocal cord function?
What are the postoperative recommendations for the patient? And how successful do you find the management?
What are your take home messages?