A Clear Voice

S5 Ep1: Handover of the BLA Presidency from Prof Guri Sandhu and Mr Declan Costello

June 29, 2023 BLA Connections Season 5 Episode 1
A Clear Voice
S5 Ep1: Handover of the BLA Presidency from Prof Guri Sandhu and Mr Declan Costello
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Welcome to the first episode of series 5 of BLA Connections; A Clear Voice. In this episode, Natalie chats with the current President and Immediate President of the BLA, Mr Declan Costello and Prof Guri Sandhu.

Prof Sandhu  is  a founding member of the BLA and immediate past President of the Laryngology & Rhinology section at the RSM. He is a Consultant Otolaryngologist and Head & Neck Surgeon at Imperial College and The Royal Brompton Hospitals in London and an Honorary Senior Lecturer at Imperial College and University College London. He is a pioneering laryngologist with a special interest in laryngotracheal stenosis. In 2016 he received the Isshiki Award for his outstanding contribution to laryngology. Under his leadership, Prof  Sandhu has increased educational events both in-person and remotely, bringing the BLA community together again in person whilst keeping the accessibility online learning offers. Most notably, with a new venture as the BLA and the UEP will join forces to present a one-day meeting on voice-related topics. This inaugural meeting will occur on the 14th of September at the RSM London.

Mr Costello is also a founding member of the BLA. He is a consultant ear, nose and throat surgeon specialising in voice disorders. He studied music at St. John's College, Cambridge, where he was a choral scholar and went on to study medicine at Imperial College. As a singer himself, he has a particular interest in treating voice disorders in performers. He has published a number of books and has written many chapters, including the chapter on Larynx for the 42nd edition of Grey's Anatomy. Declan is on the Presidential Council of the European Laryngological Society and the editor of ENT and Audiology News.

The panellists also look to the future of the BLA, including the upcoming joint meeting with the UEP fostering further international links for the association and further accessibility for all with an interest in laryngology with plans of further study days, workshops, podcasts and webinars.


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Welcome and introduction
Prof Sandhu, what will you remember most about your term as BLA President?
Prof Sandhu, do you have any tips for Mr Costello?
Mr Costello, what do you hope to achieve during the two year term?
How do you see the future of the BLA? And also what are the biggest challenges of the field of laryngology? So how can the BLA support with those?
Final words from our panellists
Episode Outro