A Clear Voice

Mr Declan Costello on Singing and Laryngology

July 13, 2023 BLA Connections Season 5 Episode 2
A Clear Voice
Mr Declan Costello on Singing and Laryngology
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Have you ever considered the connection between singing and laryngology? 
In this episode, Declan Costello, a celebrated consultant ear, nose, and throat surgeon, ENT and Audiology News editor and current President of the British Laryngological Association, explores this topic with host Natalie Watson. 
With a background as a Choral Scholar at St John's College, Cambridge, Declan's passion for singing led him to become a specialist in voice disorders. 
We also delve into the intricate world of voice disorders, particularly as they relate to singers—voice disorders in singers versus non-singers, and the evolving views on reflux and persistent throat symptoms. 
 We hope you enjoy listening to this episode. 

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Introduction: Laryngology and the Role of Singing
What is Mr Costello's singing background?
Why interests are so important outwith your medical career for your wellbeing
Was singing the biggest influence on becoming a laryngologist?
Do you think it helps being a singer and a laryngologist?
Is there a downside to being a singer and a laryngologist?
What are the common pathologies you see in singers?
Do you approach the medical assessment and treatment of singers any differently to that of a non-singers?
Final words: Don't be fearful on coming to see a laryngologist