A Clear Voice

Exploring Chronic Cough with Prof Ahmed Geneid

July 28, 2023 BLA Connections Season 5 Episode 3
A Clear Voice
Exploring Chronic Cough with Prof Ahmed Geneid
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In this episode, host Natalie Watson is joined by Professor Ahmed Geneid,  head of the Phoniatrics Department, Helsinki University Hospital of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, to discuss chronic cough, a common issue in laryngology exploring the leading causes of chronic cough, including factors like asthma, smoking, pollutants, reflux, and ACE inhibitors. 

Professor Geneid shares his treatment approach, emphasising video endoscopy's importance in examining the larynx and trachea. He discusses his encounters with previously undiagnosed trachea cancer, adding complexity to the condition.

The second part of this episode looks into the technical aspects of managing chronic cough. Professor Geneid explains his method for administering local anaesthetic for tracheoscopy. He outlines his strategy for addressing laryngeal hypersensitivity and explores treatment options for chronic neuropathic cough. These include techniques like sipping water and deep swallowing and interventions like amitriptyline, speech and language therapy, and cortisone/lidocaine injections. 

In conclusion, this episode is a comprehensive guide on chronic cough, taking listeners from diagnosis to treatment. The insights provided by Professor Genied are invaluable for those dealing with this common ailment. While the complexities of chronic cough are vast, with the proper knowledge and treatment techniques, it can be effectively managed.

We hope you enjoy listening. 

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