A Clear Voice

S3 Ep 1: A UK perspective on the neurolaryngology MDT

May 14, 2021 BLA Connections Season 3 Episode 1
A Clear Voice
S3 Ep 1: A UK perspective on the neurolaryngology MDT
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“Our best times are when a patient comes to us and says ‘for a bit, I forgot I had dystonia’, and then we really know we’ve got it right.”

In this episode we speak with two phenomenal neurolaryngology duos and explore their decades of experience working together to improve patients' lives.

Marie-Hélène Marion is a neurologist with over 30 years' experience working in France and the UK, specialising in movement development. Since 2007 she has worked at St. Georges Hospital in London with laryngologist Lucy Hicklin. In their clinic they mainly treat patients with cranio cervical dystonia and have developed a small specialty in anterocollis. From a laryngologist's point of view, Lucy also discusses the advantages of neurolaryngology MDTs in early diagnosis of conditions such as Parkinson's disease and multiple system atrophy (MSA).

Our second dynamic duo comprises Miles Humberstone, a neurologist in Nottingham and previous BLA Council member, laryngologist and head and neck surgeon, Julian McGlashan. They discuss how their clinic is uniquely positioned to help patients with complex diagnoses and treatment approaches, and explain how the MDT approach is invaluable in managing these patients.

Our panelists' also share their top tips for setting up a neurolaryngology clinic.

All interviewees today are members of the British Neurotoxin Network Chaired by Dr Marion. Find out more about the BNN, including workshops and their annual Autumn meeting, on their website: www.neurotoxinnetwork.org

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Q1. For those listeners who may not have any experience of a neurolaryngology MDT clinic, can you explain what it is?
Q2. What conditions do you normally see?
Q3. A lot of ENT doctors see patients with spasmodic dysphonia and may even treat with botulinum toxin, but what are the benefits of a neurolaryngology MDT?
Q4. You have explained how your service is set up and how it is beneficial to patients. If people around the country or internationally are keen to a neurolayngology clinic up what are your top tips?
Q5. Finally, I wanted to find out how people can find out more about being an injector in the head and neck. I also wanted to highlight the BNN, which is open for professionals who use botuilinum toxin to inject. For anyone interested – how do they join?