A Clear Voice

S3 Ep 3: Wellbeing with Dr Fiona Day

June 01, 2021 BLA Connections Season 3 Episode 3
A Clear Voice
S3 Ep 3: Wellbeing with Dr Fiona Day
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“Radical self-care it is the foundation that the rest of your life and your career is based on.”

In the first of our Wellbeing episodes, Natalie speaks with master practitioner, coach and mentor, Dr Fiona Day MBChB, FFPH, Dip Occ Med about her experience of coaching over 200 doctors and healthcare professionals. Fiona shares the most common career challenges her clients face and how to overcome these, along with promoting and nurturing overall wellbeing. Fiona also gives her insights into the changing nature of leadership and how doctors can develop their leadership skills.

Fiona Day is a qualified doctor and Consultant in Public Health Medicine with over 25 years of experience in corporate and NHS Public Health environments. For the last 5 years she has focussed her passion for guiding and improving the complex careers of doctors, medical and public health professionals into her independent coaching practice, Fiona Day Consultancy. Fiona describes her interest in human behaviour change and emotional wellbeing  as the 'golden thread' through her career and she now specialises in using evidence-based ‘third wave’ approaches to behaviour change to develop compassionate, value-led professionals and enable them to take sustained, committed action to progress their goals. Read more from Fiona here, Blog - Fiona Day Consulting and visit here to sign up to Dr Day's bimonthly newsletter and receive a free career planning workbook. 

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Q1. Can you tell us a little bit more about what you do?
Q2. In your experience of coaching 200 doctors and healthcare professionals over the last five years what career challenges do your clients commonly face?
Q3. What advice can you give to our listeners about how to manage their own careers?
Q4. What can our listeners do to promote their own wellbeing at present, and into the future?
Q5. How do you see leadership changing in the future, and what can our listeners do to develop their leadership skills?
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