A Clear Voice

S3 Ep 4: Wellbeing Part 2 with Dr Tim Anstiss

June 17, 2021 BLA Connections Season 3 Episode 4
A Clear Voice
S3 Ep 4: Wellbeing Part 2 with Dr Tim Anstiss
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In our second Wellbeing episode, we welcome Dr Tim Anstiss, health and wellbeing coach and behaviour change specialist. Tim works with NHS trusts, local authorities, health charities, sports organisations and a wide range of companies. He has been involved in several international behaviour change initiatives. 

Having studied medicine at Southampton University, Dr Anstiss became interested in health education and behaviour change and was able to carve out a somewhat niche career for himself within the NHS, focussing on behaviour change, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and occupational medicine. He trained in motivational interviewing which became the cornerstone of his coaching career, and a large part of his work has been in training clinicians and other professionals in using this approach, along with health and wellbeing coaching. He is particularly interested in promoting wellbeing, happiness, and ‘flourishing’ in those suffering from poor quality of life and burnout, using approaches such as the ‘five pillars of wellbeing’. He also practices compassion focussed therapy and compassionate mind training. 

Natalie and Tim discuss how clinicians are often already practising coaching in their professions as leaders and mentors. By actively learning about established coaching theories and approaches, clinicians can improve their interactions with patients and colleagues. We also look at how coaching can improve approaches to organisational change by promoting a guiding coalition and shared vision. 

Finally, Dr Anstiss gives his advice on what we can do to improve our wellbeing as we move through the Covid-19 pandemic, including looking at the five pillars of wellbeing, measuring wellbeing using psychopathology tools and endorsing the self-compassion approach. Dr Anstiss is passionate about making these practices accessible to as many people as possible and encourages us all to be passionate about the health and wellbeing of healthcare professionals. As such we have provided some links to the content discussed in this podcast which we hope our listeners will find helpful and inspiring.

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Q1. I wondered if you could give us a brief overview of your career and experience to date?
Q2. Your coaching approach is integrated Health and Wellbeing. Can you explain what this is and what are the steps involved?
Q3. Is there a particular point in a person's career when they turn to coaching?
Q4. You also work with teams and organisations. How difficult is it to bring change within a team and organisation's work culture?
Q5. What have you experienced with your clients this year and what can we do to safeguard our wellbeing exiting the pandemic?
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