Drink Like a Lady Podcast

A peak behind my event from Saturday

April 03, 2023 Joya Dass Season 5 Episode 1
Drink Like a Lady Podcast
A peak behind my event from Saturday
Show Notes

In this audio you will get, 

  • How I come up with event ideas
  • How to get high quality attendees (and low drop out rates)
  • How to add value on the spot

Over the last 10 years, I’ve built a business mastermind with an element of adventure. 

My mission is to help women build a powerful personal brand.

I help both corporate women and business owners tell better stories about themselves

I am the founder of the Women’s Leadership Lab.

My portfolio

  • I am the founder and CEO of the Women’s Leadership Lab, a 12 month business mastermind with a goal to build a powerful personal brand, culminating in a Tedx style talk on a NYC stage.
  • I work with women seeking a promotion to the C Suite
  • I work with business owners who need to tell better stories to get clients
  • I work with women to pitch to investors
  • I work with former executives launching consultancies 
  • I work with artists looking to command a higher price point in the market, by telling better stories
  • I help women land their TedTalk

My results

  • 1 Got the job with a 15% pay bump
  • 1 got the promotion to the C Suite with a 10% pay bump
  • 1 built a $50MM real estate fund
  • 1 said ‘yes’ to live television interviews
  • 1 got her first check for her startup from the community
  • 1 went from commanding $500 to $5000 for her art
  • 9K followers on LinkedIn
  • 8K followers on Instagram
  • 5K followers on Facebook

If you want to learn more about how I built this, you can download my 8 steps

Go here: https://joyadass.lpages.co/how-to-build-a-powerful-personal-brand-and-how-i-did-it/

If you want to explore 1:1 coaching or consulting, you can go to my website.


Joya is currently enrolling members for international (Europe) and domestic (NYC) strategy days. She also leads a year-long intensive mastermind of C-Suite level women, which is accepting applications for 2024.