Drink Like a Lady Podcast

Why am I so Hell Bent on Creating Experiences in Other Countries for my Clients?

April 11, 2023 Joya Dass
Drink Like a Lady Podcast
Why am I so Hell Bent on Creating Experiences in Other Countries for my Clients?
Show Notes

Why experiences

I’ve been bringing people together ever since I could remember.

My home, growing up, was between two little neighbor girls. I wasn’t allowed to go out to play until 6pm. My Indian mother worried about me getting too dark. So I watch them run back and forth across my yard until then. We would dream. We would create plays and perform them for our parents.  I would perform on my bike to a pretend audience of no one, doing tricks. I’d sing along to Madonna on a tape recorder. I remember the excitement I felt when I discovered the woods behind my own backyard. 

When I got to New York city, my group of friends and I would create themed wine tastings that would stretch from afternoon to night. We would photograph the progression of the day. My really good friend at the time would say,  40 bottles of sips later, 

“I don’t t know about this tv stuff, Joya but you should be an event planner.”

Then I became one. I built my business by hosting events. 

Creating experiences is one of my gifts and I truly believe that you can be of service when you start sharing them. When you come to Paris with me, first of all, you are changing contexts, which is powerful to begin with. There is no way, you have the same thoughts, the same left turn to your office, the same true and tried way of workflows when you are eating a pastry at Odette. Or gazing up at the Rodin sculptures in the Rodin Garden. You just can’t. Your perspective has to shift,. You have also created white space where there was none before. To think to strategize. So let’s write that e book. Let’s draft that TedTalk. Lets find that one thing you will be known for. 

Visit my favorite places in Paris.

Le Meurice



This moment will never replicate itself again

The people won’t come together in this denomination again

Joya is currently enrolling members for international (Europe) and domestic (NYC) strategy days. She also leads a year-long intensive mastermind of C-Suite level women, which is accepting applications for 2024.