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A Reading From My Memoir: Chapter 6, "Mahander" (S2, E23)

September 09, 2021 Jen Gaita Siciliano Season 2 Episode 23
Not As Crazy As You Think Podcast
A Reading From My Memoir: Chapter 6, "Mahander" (S2, E23)
Show Notes

In the episode, A Reading From My Memoir: Chapter 6, "Mahander" (S2, E23), with my physical illness worsening, my new cabbie, Mahander rushes me to the Delta airline agency so I can purchase an emergency flight ticket home, then ushers me back to the Grand Western Regionale Hotel, where in fear and overwhelm I make deals with God on my knees in broken-hearted cries. Just as I’m about to lose all hope, I hear the whisper of God and his angels who say, “If we send you home, will you do God’s will?” The tender voices then give me instructions on how to get home through symbols in my environment. As Mahander drives me to the airport he encourages me: “You will make it home my friend…it is nothing what I do. I am doing my duty. You are an American.” He then delivers me into the hands of safety on time for my flight back to New York.

Book description of Not As Crazy As You Think:   

In the style of magical realism, Not As Crazy As You Think is a memoir about a free-spirited dreamer, who in 1994 travels to India to see the Taj Mahal. Instead of receiving spiritual enlightenment, Jennifer contacts a life-threatening illness, and by the grace of a compassionate auto rickshaw driver, she arrives to her emergency flight to New York on time. But in a sudden Near-Death-Experience on the airplane home, she realizes the mental realm is quantum and non-local. After falling into the hands of the psychiatric institution, however, who take over her life through forced drugging and involuntary hospitalizations, she realizes the only way to prove she is more than an unevolved genetic defect is to kill the Dead White Man Virus. With the help of her guides inside her shamanic journeys —an auditory Star-Trekkian angel squad in an alternate universe—she attacks psychiatry’s racist underpinnings with passion and satire, breaking the PC code of political correctness. But when she accidentally discovers a buried leap of faith involving the Theory of Natural Selection, the scientific error not only proves her sanity, but also reveals the most ignored missing link to systemic racism in America today. A book for social justice warriors, advocates of alternative health, geek culture, and people of color, Not As Crazy As You Think asks the hard questions and delivers the raw answers during a time when mental health, mental illness, and racism are topics in the spotlight.

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